‘Twelve Step’ programs have become famous in the United States as a set of guiding principles which outline a course of action to recover from an addiction, compulsion, or detrimental personality problem. The first twelve step program was AA or ‘Alcoholics Anonymous‘, which was set up in the 1930’s as a method of recovery from alcoholism.

Since that time, many other programs have sprung up which deal with other afflictions, such as gambling or methamphetamine addiction. However, now that we are getting deep into the 2010’s, doesn’t it seem obvious that there should be a recovery program for social justice warriors as well?

Here is a new set of guidelines which will help address their addictions to cultural Marxism, profanity, white male hatred, civilization-destroying egalitarianism, and excessive “tumblring” among other things. Hopefully, coming to terms with their expensive Starbucks coffee habit can also be addressed as an added bonus.


1. Admit You Have A Problem

The first step to take in any twelve step program is publicly admitting that you have a problem. You simply cannot progress to step number two if you continue to live in denial. Your addiction is detrimentally impacting your life and the people around you.

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol social justice, and that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Understand That “Social Justice” Is Complete Poppycock

Now that you have taken the vital first step, it is imperative for you to know what “social justice” actually represents.

Be prepared to be shocked, appalled, and utterly humiliated as Prager University gives you the correct spiel on what this cancerous buzzword actually means. Fortunately, in less than six minutes you will be given a true education, and hopefully emerge a much greater and level-headed human being as a result.

3. Believe That Rational Thinking And Factual Data Can Restore Your Sanity

Assuming that Buzzfeed, Gawker, Upworthy, Alternet, MSNBC, and a host of other far-left media outlets are the only places where you get your news and opinion, they are unfortunately drilling your brains with non-stop lies and general SJW cry-me-a-river nonsense.

Expanding your reading and viewing horizons (LewRockwell.com, Return Of Kings, Zero Hedge, Prager University, Liberty Pen, Taki’s MagazinePaul Joseph Watson, etc.) will set you on the path to discovering the real truth about what is going on in the world.

Among other things, these portals will address and debunk such controversial make-believe issues like the “gender wage gap” and “rape culture“. If you uncover the raw intelligence, the truth shall set you free.

4. Cut All Association With Active SJW’s

Similar to how completely severing contact with your ex-girlfriend is a major part of moving on from a broken relationship, it is absolutely imperative that you do the same with your former SJW brethren.

For instance, if you are in the process of recovering from chemotherapy because of your SJD (social justice disease), you must staunchly confront any active SJW’s who wish to turn you back to your old ways.

Be strong, be firm, be confident, and be really, really, in your face with your powerfully negative response.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive Support

Form stronger bonds with your (remaining) friends who do not possess any SJW habits and personalities, and express gratitude for those who will support and comfort you on the road to recovery. Make sure your visitors are calm and caring individuals who will not say anything which could “trigger” a relapse of overly emotional SJW butthurt.

6. Clean Up Your Language And Your Attitude

SJW’s are notorious for regurgitating R-rated sludge from both their mouths and their typing fingers at an alarming frequency. In order to successfully assimilate with civil society, you are going to have to tone down your love affair with profanity by at least 90%, and stop acting like a hot pepper has been perpetually lodged where the sun don’t shine.

This is absolutely vital if you ever intend on obtaining (or holding down) a real job. Because unfortunately, being an “activist” or a “community organizer” won’t pay your rent, let alone your gas bill.

7. Get Out Of Major ‘Social Justice’ Cities

Canadian ex-SJW’s need to get out of Toronto yesterday, and relocating out of Montreal and Vancouver are highly recommended as well. As for Australians, taking an extended break from SJW strongholds Sydney and Melbourne definitely wouldn’t hurt your recovery efforts.


Thankfully, U.S. citizens have plenty of places to go. The southern states in particular (minus Austin, Texas and Asheville, North Carolina) are probably among the best areas in the western world where you can avoid excessive social justice mentalities and not have to sacrifice by living among extreme weather variations and/or economically destitute regions (Eastern Europe, etc).

However, you must avoid the San Francisco bay area at all costs. The U.S. capital of degenerate lifestyles, attitudes, fashion statements, and virtue signaling tech companies is where you need to pack up and depart. And I mean now.

8. Make A Searching And Fearless Moral Inventory Of Yourself

It helps to rationally and philosophically address your past motives and behaviors as part of your recovery process. Here are several great questions which reforming SJW’s should ask themselves, and they are encouraged to answer many more.

“Why can I not accept that people can have dissenting opinions on gay marriage or other social issues, and why do I feel they must be severely ridiculed, ostracized, or even removed from their chief source of income as punishment?”

“Why do I specifically lament white males so much, even though wartime atrocities, slavery, environmental destruction, and other forms of oppression have been committed by all races and ethnic groups over the course of history?”

“Why am I such a party-pooper who has to ruin any kind of event which does not meet our tyrannical leftist demands?”

9. Make A List Of All Persons You Have Harmed, And Be Willing To Make Amends With Them

It is important to recognize that your past as an SJW has undoubtedly made other people suffer as a result of your actions and transgressions. Making a list of the people you have harmed will serve as a solemn reminder that you do not wish to return to that destructive manner of living.

No list is created equal (like most things in life as you will also learn), but a common example of an SJW shit list goes a little something like this.

  • Straight White Male A

  • Straight White Male B

  • Straight White Male C

  • Straight White Male D

  • Straight White Male E

    sad man

    SJW’s love white male tears. Any minute now…

10. Make Direct Amends To Such People Wherever Possible

If both proximity and time are no major hurdles, set up an in-person meeting with your past (presumably straight white male) adversaries and kindly apologize to them. Put particular emphasis on seeking out those you have doxed in the past, and thus potentially rendered destitute and unemployable for the “crime” of having a dissenting opinion to progressive dogma.

Imagine his surprise, when he thinks he’s about to yet again have his ass chewed for being a heterosexual Caucasian male residing in an overly-feminist western country, and he’s actually set to receive a long overdue apology!

11. Accept That The World Is Not Fair

You are almost there, but there are many bitter red pills that you are going to have to swallow before carrying on with life. For instance, there is always going to be poverty. There is always going to be income inequality. The man who studied electrical engineering is almost always going to have greater earning potential than the feminist who took women’s studies etc.

Additionally, you must accept that western countries cannot continue to act as ‘moral superpowers’ and be overwhelmed with “refugees” (economic migrants) from non-assimilating cultures without disastrous consequences for the long-term health of western civilization. Mindless egalitarianism will ultimately destroy your nation and your neighborhood. Maybe even your relationship (via cuckoldry).

12. Join The Fight Against SJW’s And Cultural Marxism

Embrace all the good things that feminists and SJW’s hate, like masculinity, logic, free speech, Austrian economics, capitalism, game, sharp clothes, tattoo-free skin, natural hair colors, clean language, the gym, making white men and their ancestors feel appreciated for a change (for all the amazing infrastructure, medicine, technology, stable and prosperous countries, ending slavery etc), harmonious male-female relationships, and traditional two-parent homes among other things.

Try and bring others over to the light if you can, but unfortunately a great deal of SJW’s are going to continue to support false narrative movements like “Black Lives Matter” no matter how much you try to cram logic, factual data, and reason into their skulls. Leave them be, but keep an eye on them and always stay at least one step ahead of the curve.

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