While this story came out recently, it was late 2014 when Julie Lalonde, a self-proclaimed sexual harassment expert, gave a presentation to cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in Kingston, Ontario. RMCC is the Canadian version of West Point.

RRMC Cadets on parade

RRMC Cadets on parade

It was hard to find what Ms. Lalonde’s credentials actually are, but they can be found on this website. As expected, her expertise doesn’t come from psychology, sociology, or anything that could be called a scientific field.

You guessed it—she has an undergrad degree in Women Studies. In any case, her Twitter account indicates quite clearly what she really is all about: a hysterical and narcissistic social justice warrior. She even has a “Zorro” like mask on her Twitter photo – that explains a lot.

And she likes to tweet. So much so that she probably wrote two tweets since you started reading these lines. With a score of 29,800 tweets (as of today) since she joined the popular site in February of 2011, she averages 20 tweets per diem. One wonders where she finds the time to write and read peer-reviewed literature which is the burden of all those “experts” out there.

Ms. Lalonde’s twitter photo.  Where is Sergeant Garcia?

Ms. Lalonde’s twitter photo. Where is Sergeant Garcia?

She claims she was harassed during and after the presentation she gave at RMCC – perfect proof of the very bad culture within RMCC and the Canadian military in general, she says. It seems people in the crowd started to object when she said that “men” are the problem.

Hell seems to have particularly broken loose when she added that when a woman is intoxicated she cannot give consent (similar to teenagers under 16 years-old in Canada; whether they give consent or not is irrelevant, the law says they can’t) claiming that this was Canadian law – which of course it is not.

While it is true that being completely drunk could render you incapable of consenting under the law, intoxication, per se, is completely irrelevant unless you are loaded to the point of passing out. Even more insulting, she added that in such a case, even if the male counterpart is as drunk as his partner, he remains responsible for his actions and could be prosecuted.


Reality Check

Now, imagine yourself in front of a group of young, intelligent, resilient, and energetic cadets whose institution maxim is: ”Truth, Duty, Valour.” What is the audience’s reaction to such stupid and wrong comments? As one cadet put it: “At this point, all respect for the presenter was lost and she struggled to carry on with the presentation in the face of people ignoring her.”

Don’t get me wrong, it is very possible that some cadets were impolite with her and they should learn to behave, even when presented with idiocies. This is, however, certainly not harassment and it should instead be considered as a reality check for those ideologues who repeat their stupid mantras left and right and claim any opposition to their views equals harassment. She even started tweeting about how bad the audience was during the presentation breaks! And guess what, cadets were reading her Twitter feed.

She complained to the RMCC. Initially the Commandant wished to meet with her. She refused. Presumably because he is a male, hence, he is a potential rapist. She finally agreed to meet with him, but in the presence of many specific people.

When these people were all made available after a few weeks, RMCC reached out to Ms. Lalonde to book an appointment. Surprise. She wanted Brigadier-General Meinzinger, the Commandant, and the specially assembled entourage to come to her and not the other way around.

When a victim, make sure it is known.  It is good for business.

When a victim, make sure it is known. It is good for business.

Needless to say, there was no meeting and a simple letter was sent. A letter that Ms. Lalonde now uses as proof of her horrible experience and to self-victimize in a perfect publicity stunt (see her tweet).

The responds from RRMC Commandant

The response from RRMC Commandant

I imagine she will become a miniature version of Anita Sarkeesian and will use this victimhood to promote herself and earn more money. Should the self-perceived harassment cease at one point, she will find other sources of oppression to keep the business going.

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