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Hey man,

It’s Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts. And in this short article I want to show you something that most attractive women would find disgusting… In fact, you might be stuck with it right now. And not only is it holding you back from having the ripped abs that you want and that women love… it could also be doing some major damage to your body.

So this is a replica of what 5 pounds of fat looks like… Crazy right? But did you know that the average guy is about 17 pounds over his ideal body weight? THIS is what you’re carrying around on your belly all day!


Most guys just accept that they have belly fat because they don’t know what it looks like inside their bodies. However, once you can see what it looks like, you’ll immediately realize how excess belly fat is slowly destroying you from the inside out!


Here is one way to think about it… Carrying around an extra 17 pounds of belly fat is equivalent to holding onto 60 sticks of butter! I mean, you’re carrying this on your stomach… and I know that you’re smart enough to know that this just can’t be healthy.

Now, most guys out there are trying to burn off their belly fat with crunches and situps… and perhaps you are trying to do the same thing.

But did you know how many crunches you would need to do just to burn off one pound of that fat?

100? 200? A thousand… Nope!

Men’s Health magazine reported that it actually takes 22,000 crunches to burn off one single pound of belly fat!

Twenty two THOUSAND! Whoa!…  What a waste of time and energy!

That means that if you did 30 crunches a day, it would take you exactly 2 years just to burn off 1 pound of fat. And since the average guy has about 17 lbs. of fat to lose… at 30 crunches a day, it would take about 34 years!

Screw that… you’ll be an old dude by then!

The Bottom Line is, you can do as many crunches as you want, but it’ll never help you get the body you want. The truth is, the only way to get Ripped Six Pack Abs is to get rid of the layer of belly fat that’s covering them up.

So what do we need to do to get rid of belly fat as soon as possible? Well it basically comes down to three things. The first two you probably already know about… it’s working out and eating right.

However, what you probably didn’t know is that you also need to… Control your hormones. In fact, doing this is even more important than the first two combined.

Here’s why…

You see, the reason why we workout and eat right is to get our body to do one simple thing… which is produce the fat burning hormones we need.

With that said, if you were able to take a shortcut and control your hormones… the fat burning results you want would happen way faster!

Now there are a few different hormones for different functions, but when it comes to fat loss there is one specific hormone that you will need to focus on — Leptin.

Leptin is considered by many medical researchers as the king of all fat burning hormones. It literally controls and commands all your other fat burning hormones to do their jobs and optimizes fat burning.

However if your body doesn’t have enough Leptin, not only will burning even one ounce of fat seem impossible… it could actually cause your body to store additional belly fat – making you look even fatter.


And you definitely don’t want that. However this is actually what’s happening to most guys who have belly fat right now, and maybe you can relate to gaining fat in this way.

Now, the reason why guys just like you have belly fat caused by low leptin levels is because they unintentionally damaged their body’s hormone production…

You see, low calorie diets and doing the wrong types of workouts… such as long sessions of cardio and crunches, can shut down the production of your body’s leptin.

So what do you need to do to fix this? Well here are three instant tips you can do today to start increasing your leptin levels.

1. Avoid dieting.


Low calorie diets or starving yourself can cause long term damage to your body’s leptin production. This means your leptin levels will be forced to stay low even when you go back to eating normally. The most shocking part about this is that leptin damage may start happening after just one day of dieting.

2. Eat foods that increase your leptin production.

Vegetable-Juice (1)

Now, by regularly eating high amounts of the specific foods I’ve listed below, you’ll quickly be able to get your leptin levels back up and finally get the ripped body you want.

  • Fatty fish
  • Spinach
  • Beef liver

Now my final tip is actually what me and my team personally do to boost our leptin levels. First off, following tip 1 is fine… I hate dieting anyways. However tip 2 is a bit more difficult for me. The truth is I’m not the biggest fan of fatty fish, spinach, or the suggested – raw beef liver. Now eating pounds of fish and raw liver is definitely out of the question for me. But if you like them… go for it.

However, for those who are like me and would rather eat something else… I suggest using ingredients that contain the same type of leptin boosting nutrients that you’d find in those 3 leptin boosting food.

Now, to get those specific ingredients can be difficult and expensive. And most importantly it could be dangerous getting these ingredients from unregulated clinics in foreign countries.

So before you look up the leptin boosting ingredients for beef liver or fish head soup… I’ve actually had a regulated supplement factory in the United States put together a small batch of these ingredients for me and my team to take.

This way I can keep my leptin levels high, stay ripped year round, and not worry about eating foods I don’t like.

Now don’t worry I’m willing to share…

So if you’re looking to get ripped six pack abs, simply try these Leptin Boosting Ingredients I’ve put together.

Now I’m not sure how much is left because I’ve only made a very limited supply for me, my team, and a select few clients.

So go get the body you want by increasing your leptin levels right now.

Train Hard,

Mike Chang

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