Those of us who regularly consume neomasculine content are familiar with the notion that there’s no such thing as a quality woman in this part of the world. Any reasonable person knows this isn’t the really the case. Even the darkest of crimson capsule males understand there are exceptions to the rule, however rare they may be.

The truth is, hyperbole is a tool that myself and other ROK contributors use to drive home the AWALT doctrine. While every single solitary woman in the western hemisphere isn’t “like that” men, being the logical sex, know it’s better to be prepared for the type of woman you’ll encounter 99% of the time than to wait for your 1 percenter—at least if you want to get your dick wet on the regular.

Don’t hold your breath

There are, however, a precious few females a man comes across during his life that passes the smell test in terms what we in the ‘sphere consider to be a “snowflake.” As stated above, encounters with these rare birds are sparse indeed but they do happen.

Here are the stories of the only two women I’ve met in my 37+ years who I consider to be quality women who were born and raised in America.


As a 21-year-old junior in college I had a few friends that attended a church in town. It was the typical non-denominational, new age organization that wanted to appeal to a younger audience with all sorts of cool technology, casual dress, and what looked like a laid back approach to religion. They kept inviting me so eventually I decided “what the hell, it’s not football season may as well go check it out.”

As a college guy in his early twenties, I naturally gravitated toward the youth group. There were other college guys there who were preparing to be pastors or missionaries or whatever other religious profession that God had “spoken” to them about.

Like most youth church youth groups, this one was rife with scandal, rumors, sex, and just about everything they sing, talk and pray about not doing…no surprise there. Other than that it was good way to occupy my time on my otherwise boring Sunday evenings and get a youth group trip or three out of the deal so it wasn’t all bad.

During my time at this church, I met large family that was nicknamed “The Partridge Family” because of the sheer size of it. At the head of the family was an alpha provider in every sense of the word who was assisted by a dutiful wife who seemed to enjoy just about every aspect of raising their 7 (or 8) children.

One of their children was 16-year-old Heather who had to be one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen in my life. Her long brown hair, large brown eyes, and perfect nubile body made her the object of every male’s desire at that church…young and old.

She was a pleasant young woman but had a bitchy side to her that came out in certain situations. I didn’t quite understand it at first until one of my friends summed it up to me in two sentences:

“She’s a bitch when she needs to be. Her parents taught her to be that way to keep the assholes away.”

Now one might think “Meh….that’s just a shit-test mechanism she was honing for when she arrives on campus to screen the frat boys she’ll let run a train on her in a couple years” and most of the time you’d be right. But Heather was an exception. Her parents (most notably her father) had drilled it into her mind that dating, boys, sex, etc. was not an option until marriage and she followed their teachings to the letter.

Most every guy in this youth group tried to get at her at some point in time or another and none of them even came close. She was friendly with everyone so long as they didn’t make a play to get intimate, but when they did they were stonewalled immediately. Heather was the very definition of the Holy Grail.

I remember one instance when I had gone to the Partridge Family home to pick up a few of her brothers to go and play (American) football one afternoon. Their parents were good-natured people and were very nice to me. But when I entered the room where three of their daughters were (one of which included Heather), they politely asked me to wait in the other room because they did not allow males who were not their brothers to be in the same room with them.

“Jeez! I’m not going to try to fuck her right in front of you guys!” I thought to myself as I obliged and walked into the den to wait on the boys. As crazy and ridiculous as I thought it was at the time, I now realize how necessary that mindset was to preserve the chastity of their daughters.

I stopped attending the church when the NFL season started but I still hung out with the youth group crew from time to time. The Partridge Parents and the draconian style edicts they imposed on their children were often the subject of conversation. We used to sit around and make fun of how they didn’t have freedom to do much of anything or enjoy their teen years.

The Partridge children were homeschooled

A couple years later I decided to drop in on the youth group to see how everyone had been. Heather was now 18 and even more stunning than I had remembered. To my surprise she now had a boyfriend…someone we knew.

“Adam” was a division 1 football player at a state university studying for his business degree who was three years Heather’s senior. He was a year away from graduating and had somehow managed to gain Mr. Partridge’s approval and subsequent blessing to date his oldest daughter. To this day we have no idea how this happened but we all knew he was one lucky son of a bitch if he could marry her.

From what I understand Adam dated Heather for three years before they finally tied the knot and you can bet your ass he didn’t so much as attempt to pierce that hymen of hers. Mr. and Mrs. Partridge made damn sure that Heather was going to be a virgin bride at all costs.

Today, Heather is a happy stay at home mother of five and has been married to Adam for 12 years. Her Facebook feeds include pictures of her kids (which are the vast majority of what she posts), her husband, coupons for deals at the local supermarket, alerts for this yard sale or that, and recipes galore.


Heather is living the dream

A few things that are noticeably absent from her posts are cleavage-laden selfies and memes talking about who she wants the world to think she is or how she thinks. Her feed is devoid of attention whoring…completely.

Another thing her parents prevented her from doing is going to college which would have most-assuredly turned her into a raging slut and effectively undid all of the work they had put in raising their daughter to be a quality woman.

Like I said before, Heather was indeed the Holy Grail and she continues to prove it each and every day. Adam is a very lucky man to have snagged a girl like her.


Not long after I arrived on the west coast I started a job at a new company in the area. My second week I was offered cupcakes by good looking woman in her late forties. I playfully shooed her away because of my low-carb diet but we became fast friends soon after.

Over the course of the next six months or so I learned a lot about her, and found that she definitely didn’t fit the mold of today’s “empowered woman.” Though she’d been divorced for quite a while, I never heard her talk about or brag about romps in the sack with random men. It was quite the opposite actually.

As a young preacher’s wife she had everything a woman could ask for: status and security. Hell, she even had a young son to boot. But we all know that preachers aren’t exactly the most moral gentlemen out there and Leigh’s husband was no exception.

We all remember this fiasco……

His indiscretions eventually led to their divorce and at that point Leigh had a choice to make: Either take the typical selfish route divorcées take and whore herself out for self-gratification and reassurance, or she could put male validation on the back burner and be the best mother to her son that she could be.

She chose the latter.

“Oh please Donovan. How do you know she wasn’t the one who cheated? How do you know she didn’t sleep around after her divorce? How do you know she’s not lying to you about this stuff?”

I don’t. She may very well be leaving out details about herself to make herself look better. Wouldn’t be the first time a female has lowered her notch count by 30 because “they didn’t count” for some reason or another.

Didn’t hear any of these stories

But I fashion myself a pretty accurate judge of female character. The fact that she’s absolutely clueless about dating in 2015, offers refreshments to house guests upon arrival, doesn’t have a bad word to say about her ex-husband, and has what seems to be a well-adjusted son who loves her and positively loathes his father says to me the odds are pretty good that Leigh’s the genuine article.

Leigh often complains about how overbearing her parents were. They didn’t allow her to date, monitored her every move, and kept her away from anything that could potentially derail her life or end up a spinster like a lot of women seemed to be doing in her day. They kept a close eye on her and ensured that she and her twin sister weren’t lead astray.

Even now when they call to check up on her to see how she’s been, they still seem to want to tell her what to and what not to do. Sure, that may sound like a hassle and it probably is. But it’s because of them she’s not embracing the gross fallacy of “cougardom” and she’s much better for it whether she knows it or not.

The man she is dating now recognized these qualities in her and wasted absolutely no time locking her down. He’s a good looking, financially stable, high-value male who treats her like solid gold. He’s always taking her to dinner or other places, buys her things, spoils her rotten, and is always expressing how much he cares about her.

He exhibits just about every beta behavior under the sun but does she take it for granted or punish him because he isn’t negging her or running asshole game to keep her interested?

Not a chance. 

Unlike most western women, she doesn’t punish him for gestures like these

She cooks for him, takes care of his every need, and does it all without reservation or hesitation. She doesn’t shit test him, she doesn’t play stupid mind games, she doesn’t disrespect him, and she doesn’t engage in the ridiculous power struggles or complain about his idiosyncracies to preempt any hamstering for when she cheats on him like most women do. She rewards him for being a gentlemen who treats her well and that’s how I know she’s a quality female.


While I’ll be the first to acknowledge that these women aren’t perfect, they’re the only two females I’ve ever met who were born and raised U.S. soil who have a good understanding of the true definition of womanhood. Both women are all about making their men and children happy rather than adopting the “what’s in it for me” mindset of today’s American female.

Sure, Leigh has her issues with her boyfriend from time to time—who doesn’t? And I’m sure Heather and Adam don’t live in marital bliss 24 hours a day on account of their 5 children and making ends meet on a single income.

Yes, they have both have siblings who didn’t quite turn out like they did. Heather’s younger sister was rumored to have slept with a few dudes in the youth group. She ended up marrying a bad boy, had a couple of kids with him and, surprise surprise, she’s now divorced from him and every other week she either loves him or hates him. And Leigh’s twin sister has all but embraced spinsterhood by all accounts.

In the end, I’m sure there are details about Leigh and Heather’s situations I’m not aware of. But as a man with game, I’m adept at recognizing when a woman warrants being recognized as a quality female. Even though most women in the West aren’t worth committing to long term, these two certainly are and it should come as no surprise they are both spoken for by men with options.

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