Leftists are insane. You know that already. But what exact mechanisms are at play here? If you know what makes them tick, you are one step closer to prescribing them a dose of sanity… or at the very least not falling for these tricks yourself.

All quotes are taken from David Mamet’s book, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, unless otherwise noted.

1. Nazi salute syndrome

nazi salute

As we have seen, all under the sway of the Nazi regime had to greet each other with the Nazi Salute. Many found this, as it was an avowal of subjugation, intolerable. The id said, “I will not give this retched salute.” The Ego replied, “What does it mean? You don’t actually have to believe in the Nazis; it’s just a simple gesture, and performing it will save your life.”

But this interchange, unfortunately, caused the individual to enter into a painful negotiation scores of times a day. To wit: “I do it, but I don’t believe it.”

How can one eliminate the pain of the continual repetition of a distressing and seemingly insoluble negotiation?

Here comes the Superego with a brilliant solution: let the gesture be consigned to the realm of the unconscious – it turns the continual nature of the repetition from a reiterated pain to a selling point. “Look here,” says the Superego, “there is just not enough time in the day to worry about it – we will let the dialogue lapse from consciousness, and replace it with unthinking habit.

What was the effect… of the now unconscious habitual repetition of a gesture of subjugation? The individual became a Nazi. How could he not? Was he not now pledging, unthinkingly, his loyalty scores of times a day?

Leftists do the same thing through the repetition of herd-like speech and behavior. Patriarchy, cisgender, toxic masculinity, womanpower, you go girl. Their salutes are continuous and require the superego to bury the notion that these words are nonsense deep down into the depths of the psyche. Thus they become unthinking soldiers of a culturally destructive regime.

2. The confidence man

con man

(T)he individual is appealed to as one of noted repute and standing in the community, as someone who can be trusted with the confidence man’s improbable claim.

The mark is flattered. He understands why he has been chosen. He has been chosen because of his excellence. How could one (the confidence man) who was that perceptive then be other than honorable? The question does not arise.

…The Liberal is flattered that he, in contradistinction to his benighted countrymates, has been chosen to advance the policies and doctrines of liberalism. He, in endorsing them, is part of the Elite, one of those empowered to eradicate those historical evils entailed upon humanity because of the unfortunate delay of his advent. (“We are the people we have been waiting for,” Obama campaign, 2008.)

…His problem resides in this: that the doctrines, policies, and programs presented for his endorsement are senseless and destructive, and can be so-proved by any slight referral of them to the impartial verdicts of history.

What will the Superego do? It will ensure that the referral will never occur. How will it do this? By ensuring that the referral would occur only at the cost of relinquishing membership of the herd.

The Superego cannot increase the benefit of compliance… but will increase the cost of noncompliance. Questioning = excommunication.

The leftist, knowing he is wrong, creates a feedback loop that forces himself and others to remain in the herd at proverbial gunpoint. It explains why they scream racist, sexist, misogynist, needle-dick, neckbeard, etc. They know their ideas are nonsense. So it must be your fault for pointing it out.


You are destroying their carefully cultivated Stockholm Syndrome by making them uncomfortable. They can’t handle it. The programming is too strong. They’ll be kicked out of the herd if anything sinks too deep. You are literally threatening their existence, so you must be evil.

3. Creating a new culture

molotov cocktail

These idiots are so far gone that they need to create a new culture to house their madness. It’s the only way to protect the herd from outside ideological threats.

The Left has abandoned the country, come out against capitalism, exploitation of resources, the free market, and work, and announces its refusal to defend our borders. All this as a matter of principle.

…President Obama announces every day… that the West is finished: with capitalism, with Democracy, with self-defense, and anyone who wants it can have it.

…Deviations from the Law, which is to say the Constitution, to accommodate specifically alleged identity-group injustices will all inevitably be expanded, universalized, and exploited until there remains no law, but only constant petition of Government.

…It is not the absence of government, but the rejection of culture which leads to anarchy.

So the left’s new culture will be a government-controlled culture without any culture, just endless petitions by victim groups, no means of production, with everyone as poor as the other. The party line will be enforced by repeating nonsense, pushing all conscious doubts deep into the subconscious mind, not out an expectation of reward, but out of fear of rejection from the herd. And we will be at peace with it because there is no thinking going on, just adherence to The Party.

4. But wait, it gets weirder

Prison of the mind

In her new introduction to The Manipulated Man, Esther Vilar says:

The more sovereignty [men] are losing in their professional lives… the more that increasing unemployment forces them to adopt obsequious behavior towards customers and superiors – then the more they have to be afraid of a recognition of their predicament. And the more essential it becomes to maintain their illusion that it is not they who are the slaves, but those on whose behalf they subject themselves to such an existence.

As absurd as it may sound: today’s men need feminists more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless, and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their animalistic instincts. Therefore… Women’s Libbers find themselves in the strange predicament of doing more to maintain the status quo than anyone else. Without their arrogant accusations the macho man would no longer exist, except perhaps in the movies. If the press didn’t stylize men as rapacious wolves, the actual sacrificial lambs of this ‘men’s society’, men themselves, would no longer flock to the factories so obediently.

Leftists, men especially, can’t question their predicament because to do so would be to recognize themselves as slaves, and risk being ejected from the herd. So they push their doubts into their subconscious minds, even as they salute the cause with gibberish, to avoid the pain of constant subjugation.

They see themselves as the salvation of mankind, ignoring the nonsense of an agenda that seeks to create a new culture of uniformity in the name of diversity. And feminists are stuck in the odd position of maintaining a veil of masculinity because there is no masculinity left.

I rest my case. Leftists are clinically insane.

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