I recently received the fantastic news that my first child, to be born this September, is going to be a boy.

While I would have loved the child no matter it’s gender, the knowledge that it is a boy got me thinking a lot more about what kind of an example I should be to my boy and what I should teach him in life. You see, I want to raise a red pill son, strong and true, so that he can go out into the world and take it on prepared.

I’ve boiled it down to these essential lessons. I believe if I can instill these values in him, he’ll be equipped to deal with life as a successful, strong and decent man. It won’t all be within my control, but I have the responsibility to at least try to mold him into the kind of man society desperately needs more of.

Life Is Hard, Nobody Owes You Shit

I want my boy to know that life is no walk in the park. He’ll learn it eventually, so I might as well give him a head start by teaching him early on. He won’t be lifted and laid, he’ll learn to do things for himself, and he’ll learn that his actions have irreversible consequences.

He’ll be taught that when you screw up you fix it, and when you want something you work to get it, no exceptions.

That being said, I’ll also let him know that when he hits the hard times in life his family will be there for him. No matter what, he should never give up and when going through hell, all he has to do is keep walking. As a man, he will have the responsibility to be a strong leader in tough times.

The Importance Of Physical Strength


Life is physical, pure and simple.

The next time you get ridiculous notions that you might be living in a hologram or that the physical world is some sort of physical manifestation of your spiritual vibration, I suggest you rack up 300lbs on the squat bar and do a set of ten. This will return the objectivity to your life, fast.

Life is physical. A physically strong, well built, and athletic man will have both self respect and the respect of others. I plan to have my boy doing 10 reps of handstand pushups before he enters high school and working the heavy bag from a young age.

This will keep the bullies, predators, and big mouths at bay. It will also teach him the discipline needed to succeed in life.

What Is His, Is His, And He Has The Right To Take It

lake windermere

I’m sick and tired of listening to socialist morons and SJWs talk about the redistribution of wealth and entitlements and social reparations. As if they have the right to re-distribute anything that belongs to someone else.

As far as I’m concerned the world doesn’t owe me, you or anyone else a dime. You get paid when you deliver a useful product or service to other people, and those who deliver the most value get paid the most. If your people or your ancestors failed to secure themselves financially, build a decent society or a lineage of wealth for their descendants, tough titty son. Get to work and make something better for the future instead of whining like a bitch.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years here in Asia who have told me that because I’m white, male, and from Europe I have an unfair advantage in life and that I should give back to those less fortunate.

I’ll be teaching my boy from day one not to feel white guilt, not to feel ashamed of having more than others if he has earned it, not to feel guilty about the shots he has in life because someone cared about him enough to give them to him.

To Get A Practical Education

Be somebody by knowing something useful

While we’re on the topic of delivering value and getting paid, I’ll be teaching him to get himself a practical education.

That means becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, mechanic, sparky or entrepreneur. I won’t be encouraging nor bankrolling him to study sociology, gender studies, or philosophy. When it’s time to go to school, it’s time to learn something that’s going to get you paid, son.

He’ll also be learning practical survival skills and how to live in nature in case he ever needs to. This hunting, fishing, camping, and other practical skills is something this generation badly needs. What if the system was to go down? Half the men on this earth would be unable and ill-equipped to feed their own families.

Women Are Not The Same As Men, And He Doesn’t Have To Pretend Otherwise


Let’s tell the truth – women are no the same as men in any way, shape or form.

True, there are lots of reasonably intelligent women out there, but physically and in practically every other way, men rule the roost, plain and simple. If you want to expose this much told lie very quickly, put us all back in the jungle and take away the safety of the society men built, and we will soon see who is relying on who and which gender is taking the lead.

I’ll be teaching him that women are to be treated with decency and not harmed or abused, but that at no time of his life should he give control to, explain himself to, take crucial life advice from, or place a woman above himself.

His Word And His Guts Are All He Has

Man with hand out

A man comes into the world with nothing and leaves it the same way, but what he does have in between no matter what are his word and his courage.


A man’s honesty and word is worth its weight in gold. If you say you are going to do something and you do it every single time, you will always be trusted in life and have the respect of those around you.

As for his guts, what I mean by that is his courage. The guts to try new things, take risks and go on adventures will lead him to many opportunities in life. That can never be taken away from him and will lead him to the top, eventually.

The Value Of Family


In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a war against family raging throughout the world.

You see, governments dislike families because they are a threat to their power and control over the population. The further left you go, the deeper the dislike of family becomes.

I’ll be teaching my boy from day one that family comes first and everybody else comes second. His blood is the most important thing and it is in fact the only thing on this earth that actually matters. When everyone else abandons him, betrays him, shuns him and turns on him, his blood will be there for him, and he should be there for his blood.

I’ll teach him that it’s OK to distance himself from some family members if they are trying to use him or have gone rogue, but that when they come back to the fold and show that they have changed, he should always give them another chance.

Money Is The Key To Almost Everything, But Money Is Not God

Money is damned important, but don’t sell your soul for it

It’s no secret that money makes the world go round.

Money is extremely important and can buy you pretty much anything you want on this earth. A house, clothes, a car, influence, and many other things can be bought with money. It’s extremely important to have your cash right and to be a free man, you need to get money.

However, I will also let him know that the pursuit of money is no excuse for selling his soul and being an immoral, evil bastard. There are lines that a man must never cross in pursuit of cash – killing, con artistry, doing things which prey on the weak and innocent – these are out of bounds in pursuit of profit.

It is possible to make lots of money in legal, respectable ways which benefit both oneself and the society he lives in. Knowing this, and deciding to draw a line in the sand and say “here and no further” in pursuit of wealth is one of the keys to keeping your integrity in life.

Death Is An Illusion And Is Not To Be Feared

Too many hardcore materialists dismiss good evidence of the afterlife out of hand

If you look around you every day you will see that death holds immense power over all creatures. They scream, cry, kick, resist and fear death with all their might.

The only creature powerful enough to meet death with equanimity is a human being. I want to teach my boy early on that he has nothing to fear when the grim reaper comes knocking, and that as long as he has lived a decent life according to his principles he can go in peace when the time comes.

This is something I wish I had been taught as a kid. I was taught heaps of nonsense about hell, the devil, demons and ghosts, and as such I had a deep fear of death for most of my young life.

Later on I was able to overcome that mental fear by reflecting on the writings of some great philosophers like Plato who said:

“Death is either a dreamless sleep or transition to a better world, either way it is nothing to fear.”

and Marcus Aurelius who said:

“Death smiles at all men, all a man can do is smile back.”

We have lost something in Western Culture – the ability to meet death with equanimity and a Stoic calm. We need to get that back, and I’ll be doing my best to teach my boy that while life is for the living and he should respect the gift he has been given, he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything when it’s over.

The Art Of Critical Thinking

You’ve probably already noticed, but most people simply consume content without giving it a second thought.

The news, magazines, even history books are all produced, written and distributed by people with a perspective and an agenda. It is crucial to ask both who the people are and what they want you to believe while reading a text or listening to an argument.

It is also essential to know how to think about what they are saying in a logical, precise way and criticize it. Thinking of any counter examples is a great start, but there’s more to it than that.

We need to teach our boys how to read a newspaper and understand that it was likely written by a communist sympathizer or edited by an ultra-feminist and therefore he is not hearing the true and total story of what happened.

This skill alone can shield a growing boy from the brainwashing that destroyed this generation of men. It is crucial that we both learn it and pass it on.

A Closing Word


An entire generation of men has been laid to waste due to fathers, brothers, and leaders that failed them. I was one of the lucky ones who had a father who I’d say was 80% red pill, so I got a glimpse of what a real man looks like (he didn’t exercise or know much about women, but he was a badass winner wolf and took zero shit).

I for one am not allowing this to stand any longer. I can’t influence every single boy to be born in this generation, but I can influence my own, who will in turn influence his own, and so on.

I hope there are other men out there like me in their late twenties, thirties, and even older who have woken up to the bullshit we were peddled in our youths and who have decided that while we can’t go back, we can make sure our own boys are not fed the same line of lies and false wisdom.

This is the true revolution. This is how we truly turn the tide. We as fathers have the ultimate responsibility to make sure that the travesty that is the millennial generation never takes place again, and that we can, and will, make sure of it.

There is no need for riots, picketing, demonstrations and armed overthrow. All that is required is to be there, at home, raising men.

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