Recently, I was visited by my cousin, his wife and their two-year-old son. Let’s call them Bob, Jane, and Damien. To the outside world, their family looks idyllic and like something out of a generic child’s drawing. Bob seems to be an especially involved father and constantly posts selfies with Damien that generate massive outbursts of feels, emoticons, and stickers from bored housewives. However, to the discerning eye, not all is well in Bob’s and Jane’s household.

Cracks in the armor


Bob is the least fit security guard I’ve seen in my life, lugging around a bulging gut, and unsurprisingly, he is struggling to find any employment in that industry. Not just that, but he seems completely resigned to his fate of never advancing his career in any way.

On the other hand, Jane works in a local furniture manufacturing plant and easily earns three times the amount Bob does, when he finally does bring home a paycheck. This setup causes Jane to exhibit massive amounts of thinly veiled bitterness and resentment towards Bob, regardless of the company they are in. I was privy to one such occasion, but I wish I hadn’t been.

The first thing Jane said when she entered my home with Bob and Damien was: “I want a divorce.” To my surprise, Bob didn’t even bat an eye to this, which means he is hearing it on a daily basis. Indeed, during their two-hour stay at my place, Jane kept saying the same threat over and over again, though worded differently.

And frankly, why should she tolerate Bob? She has a healthy son, can earn enough money for both of them, and has the government fully on her side if any altercations happen. Her behavior clearly showed that she considers Bob just a feeble leech that’s done its part of donating sperm. This is, in a nutshell, everything that’s wrong with the modern state of marriage.

Turn back the clock



Originally, marriage was a convergence point of male and female natural urges. Women wanted to satisfy their maternal instincts, today also known as “biological clock,” while men wanted regular sexual access to a (relatively) undefiled woman. Both parties got what they wanted with minimal fuss and drama through marriage.

This was exactly the most valuable benefit marriage contributed to the society – removing drama. Today, with the entire institution of marriage turned into a horrible parody of itself that no sane men is willing to submit himself to, you should logically expect an upsurge in the amount of drama relating to the natural biological urges of men and women. And this is exactly what we’re witnessing.

According to the mainstream media, rape is everywhere, in fact, all women are being raped all day long. To get instant recognition, a modern empowered woman simply has to whisper the magical words: “I was raped” and all doors swing open right away. The more renowned and richer man she was raped by, the better.

Conversely, paternity fraud is rampant to the point of France outlawing paternity tests “to preserve the peace in society,” while in Germany a paternity test requires consent of the mother.

Note how I mentioned traditional marriage, where the man is clearly in charge. Today, even if you do end up married, you will suffer Bob’s fate if your wife happens to be in any way superior to you. Seeing how the modern liberal society promotes women, with the EU going so far as to mandate gender quotas in boardrooms (PDF), it’s no wonder their entitlement is running at historically unprecedented levels.

This all began once women were let out of the kitchen. Sadly, at this point there is no turning back and, no matter whether you decide to marry or stay single, you’re bound to come under the assault of this widespread hysteria sooner or later. Your every word and action will be examined with a microscope and you will be found guilty one way or another.

The drama is consuming us all and there is no escape from it. The best thing you can do is develop a thick skin to endure the spotlight and react to all outrageous accusations with an air of slight amusement.

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