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If you can’t bang the women you bring home, then you won’t get your goals met. You won’t get laid, you won’t approach with confidence, and you definitely won’t get into relationships from a beneficial frame.

Given a postfeminist society which encourages hypergamy at every possible opportunity, even if your goal is to find a woman with whom to start a family and establish your name, then you will still need to know how to close fast—or risk losing the girl forever.

On the other hand, if you have the right mindsets and techniques to consistently close the women you bring home, then a whole world of sexual possibility will open up to you: one night stands, casual or serious relationships, and a sense of confidence and power that will carry you through your days on point and feeling great.

It’s the difference between spending three hours with a girl just for it all to go to waste, or spending those same hours and taking her as your newest lover. The time commitment is the same–only the results are different.

Since sleeping with attractive girls and potentially having children with them are the primary (some would say “only”) purposes of your genetic potential, it’s tempting to assume that you would already know how to do this.

So why don’t you?

Fed a steady diet of misinformation from a young age, many young men grow up completely unable to understand women. Whether it’s your parents, your teachers or Disney movies….society has been lying to you. You already know this, because you’ve been trying what you’re told “should” work….and it doesn’t.

In fact, it can sometimes even seem like the harder you try, the further away the girl gets pushed, while she throws herself at a guy who “gets it.”

It’s a lonely, confusing, painful way to live, and so I will share with you the top three things that men absolutely MUST know about women if they hope to stay afloat and alive in today’s dating arena.

1. Women Slot Men Into One Of Three Categories


When a woman meets a new man, within a short amount of time, she will have categorized him into one of three “romance potential” categories: either a Loser, a Provider, or a Lover.

A Loser is someone who neither has the potential to provide for her, nor the potential to be a great lover.

A Provider is someone who has more Provider potential than Lover potential—i.e., he is more likely to provide for and protect her with marriage and a house, than he is to seduce her and sweep her off her feet.

A Lover is someone who has more Lover potential than Provider potential—i.e., he is more likely to make her feel charmed and seduce her than he is likely to marry her and give her a family.

She will base her decision on which category to put you in, based on your behavioral cues like the walk you talk, walk, and carry yourself.

2. Women Have Three Distinct “Sexual Personalities”



Due to the shaming nature of society’s attitude towards sex, women end up with “fractured” sexual personalities. There is who she REALLY is, who she PRETENDS to be when she wants something, and who she PRETENDS to be when she wants nothing. I will clarify.

The first personality is “The Prude.” When she is playing this character, a woman will behave and speak as if she has never or rarely had sex, thinks it is very special, and is possibly saving it for marriage.

The second personality is “The Hypocrite.” When she is playing this character, she is trying to convince you she is a Prude while acting like a Free Lover.

The third is “the Free Lover,” a woman who loves and enjoys sex for the inherent pleasure it brings. When in this character, she is acting out her wildest and most secret sexual fantasies.

3. Women Base Which Personality They Show You On Which Category You’re In


This is the real revelation for many of the men who have benefited from my teachings: that the woman will predictably and repeatedly show different sides of herself depending on her interpretation of what type of man she is dealing with.

Since she bases her decision on his behavioral cues, men can deliberately put themselves into specific categories in her MIND–which, again, determines which personality he sees.

She will generally show her Prude side to a Loser, her Hypocrite side to a Provider, and her Free Lover side to a Lover. Logically, if you want to start getting laid faster and drawing out the wild and animalistic side of a woman–which is to say, unleashing her Free Lover–then you need to know how to stop acting like a Loser or a Provider and how to become a Lover instead.

Even if you wish to eventually be her Provider, you will still need to know how to initially engage in Lover behavior in order to sleep with her and build the bond necessary to take the relationship further.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my book, Straight To Sex.

I named it Straight To Sex because, armed with the mindsets and techniques I will teach you, that is exactly what your seduction will look like.

No begging.

No dates.

No extreme financial investment of any kind (that’s for the kind of guy who has to earn each and every scrap of her sexuality).

All it takes is getting your behavioral cues dialed down to trigger the proper emotions and behavior from her. Once she’s yours, you can develop the relationship in whichever direction you choose.

Learn the skills today and buy the book right here.


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