Falling in Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke has become the latest celebrity embroiled in a spurious rape case. Two weeks ago, Radke was accused of raping Salt Lake City resident Kacee Boswell following Falling in Reverse’s performance at the Murray Theater on June 3. Radke is being accused by both Boswell herself as well as her friend Levi Rounds, who alleged that Radke “gang raped” Boswell “with [his] bodyguard as backup” and declared that he was going to “ruin” Radke’s “shit career.”

In response to the accusations, Radke is suing Boswell for defamation. Last week, Boswell gave a lengthy interview with Alternative Press in which she doubled down on her story:

Yeah. He gave me two backstage passes. I still have the other one. He texted me [inviting me to the show] and I was like, “Oh, yeah, just send me some passes.” I have no shortage of girlfriends who are huge fans of his, but I ended up going by myself.

As ROK publisher Roosh stated in a video several months back, any rape victim who makes a public spectacle of being raped is likely lying. Despite the feminist claims that America is a “rape culture,” women who claim to have been raped are given uncritical, fawning treatment by the media, their stories never questioned or investigated.

Society’s obsequious treatment of women who cry rape has helped fuel obvious hoaxes such as the UVA rape case, Emma Sulkowicz’s “Mattress Performance,” the Duke lacrosse rape hoax, and more.

While Boswell’s willingness to go to the police gives her a little more credibility than Sulkowicz, Jackie Coakley and other false rape accusers, her attention-seeking behavior calls her integrity into question. By blabbing to the media, Boswell and Rounds are attempting to crucify Radke in the court of public opinion, and by refusing to criticize her claims, journalists are aiding in the potential defaming of an innocent man.

NOTE: Return of Kings attempted to contact both Radke and Falling in Reverse manager John Youngman prior to publishing this article, but neither responded to our requests for comment.

The Lynching Of Ronnie Radke


Kacee Boswell’s interview, in addition to amplifying her accusations against Radke, is focused on stirring up social media anger against Radke based solely on her word. For example, throughout the interview, Boswell alleges that she’s been on the receiving end of online “harassment” from Falling in Reverse fans:

I didn’t say that. I don’t want to get into explicit detail about what happened with Ronnie and I. My lawyers have told me not to. I’ve been completely barraged by text messages and phone calls saying I should kill myself, saying that I’m too ugly to be raped. I’ve been accused of extorting him for money and all sorts of things. My statement to those people is: “Wait until the rape kit comes back” and the police report gets sorted out with the witness. The witness did say that he was going to talk to the police and tell the truth, which completely contradicts Ronnie’s statement [to AP]. [The witness tells AP he is cooperating with police, but refused to speculate as to whether a crime was committed. He indicated he will decline any future press requests. – Ed.]


Note the misdirection here. Boswell is unwilling to discuss the details of her rape and insists that her detractors wait for the police to investigate, yet she’s continuing to cry rape to the media.

By gallivanting about the Internet accusing Radke of rape, Boswell is fueling both lynch mob anger at Radke as well as any supposed “harassment” she is receiving. Additionally, it’s incredibly unusual for a rape victim to be more concerned with her image online then with the actual rape she suffered.

Additionally, while Boswell is purporting to claim that people shouldn’t rush to judgment, she is also clearly attempting to rally opposition to Radke despite the ongoing police investigation:

They wanted to head to a bar and I was telling them The Woodshed was too far to go to. Where they dropped me off was close to where I was staying, but they literally just pushed me out of the car. All of this is will come out with the police report, but that’s not going to come out for a few days. One in three women have been sexually assaulted and only two percent of rapes get convicted here. So the numbers are definitely not in my favor. Utah is completely [backlogged] with rape kits. I’ve had a rape kit done in Utah before. The last time I was sexually assaulted, the guy was on the sex offender registry [for] having assaulted people twice before. I’m getting so much harassment online. I’ve been getting phone calls from people saying they’re going to find me and kill me. I’ve been harassed to the point where I’m depressed as hell and I’m scared as fuck.

Note also Boswell’s cold, clinical parroting of dubious feminist rape statistics. This would imply that she has an ulterior agenda in accusing Radke.

Finally, Boswell’s story is full of obvious holes. For example, as pointed out by commenters on the article, Boswell’s claims about being pushed out of an Uber car by Radke and his bodyguard are inconsistent. While this in and of itself is not enough to completely discredit her story, it casts doubt on her honesty and integrity.

All Public Rape Accusations Are False


Kacee Boswell’s grandstanding in the media is easily contrasted with the reaction of an actual, verified rape victim: porn star Cytherea. After she was the victim of a home invasion and violent gang rape, Cytherea didn’t take to the media to draw attention to herself, and her few media appearances in the wake of the rape showed her clearly distraught and emotionally shattered.

In comparison, Boswell’s calm, collected recitation is reminiscent of notorious Columbia rape liar Emma Sulkowicz.

While we can’t say for certain whether Boswell’s accusations against Ronnie Radke are false, all signs point to her being a jilted groupie out for revenge. If this story turns out to be yet another false rape hoax, no one should be surprised.

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