Though the use of social media is at an all time high, there’s no shortage of detractors who get on their high horses and preach about how it’s leading the demise of our culture (and then, of course, posting a selfie). While there is a lot of truth in what they point out, social media does have its uses.

Advertising, promotion, and a host of other uses have made their respective founders extremely wealthy. There is, however, another use for sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook not related to making money that can help a man improve his life:

Red pill truth.

Once a man becomes unplugged and scrolls though his social media feeds, it’s as though the world has been decoded to finally show him what’s lurking between the lines. As a result he sees the world, more specifically the sexual marketplace, for what it really is.

Remember this scene?

I use Twitter mainly to stay up to date on the goings on in the ‘sphere and posting the occasional crimson capsule thought or observation. I use Facebook to occasionally keep up with friends and family but mostly to demonstrate high value and establishing preselection, as most of my pictures are of me engaging in outdoor activities with my buddies, my adventures through travel, and of course, countless pictures with girls.

Over the past few months I’ve collected a series of memes, someecards, and the like to spur ideas for future articles. But instead I’ve decided to put them all in one place to show that similar to the eyes being the window into one’s soul, social media is the window into our degenerate culture.

Each one of these was posted by a Facebook “friend” of mine. You’ll see a mix of confirmations, contradictions, and feminist-inspired wet dreams. The captions will be my own red pill translation (more or less):


Women can’t pair bond after sport fucking her way through her 20s and is admitting she can’t erase the memories of the cock buffet she gorged herself on

awesome fat

No it’s not…and she knows it

bad boy 2

She’ll continue to choose the bad boy until she hits the wall

bad boys

And that, Junior, is where single moms come from


Funny….the illustrated chick is skinny

crazy gaudia

Women absolving themselves of their bad behavior, present and future, and blaming it on men

dad too

A classic example of women not understanding their limitations and the importance of fathers

dick in

This man may at least be starting to break through the matrix

dread game

Dread game works

friend zone

Posted by one of my hard core crimson capsule comrades. The hilarity that ensued in the comments section was quite amusing

fucked and chucked

And when the asshole calls her back, she’ll answer on the first ring

jeremy meeks

The only females who bail betas out of jail are their mothers


I’ve touched on this truth before:

nice guys

Nice guys finish last

no panties day

Sluttiness is glorified.

no tattoes no beard

This one was posted by a woman confirming her insatiable need for bad boys between her legs


A telltale sign of rom com overdose


A woman projecting to the world what she wants and needs in a man

real woman

False: Every woman wants a man who has it all.


A rare occasion where a woman lets slip what she thinks marriage is really all about


Women want it both ways

self esteem

Tell us something we don’t already know

single mom 2

We see this all the time

single mom

Good question Mr. Wonka


Posted by a friend of mine. I was encouraged that he may be starting to see the light….

not smart

…until he posted this

strong black woman

This question (and subsequent answer) crosses all races


Translation: I’m about to hit the wall and I need to lock a man down quick


Another example of a man who seems to be on the brink of a realization


If this were true, she’d be cheating on him. And where’s her spotter?


no game

That’s fucking scary….

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