Training women, especially indirectly and without them ever suspecting it, should become the cornerstone of how you interact with the opposite sex. Like a missile homing in on its target, your mind must constantly reorient itself to the task of bending a particular woman to your indomitable will.

I don’t pretend that strategies and tactics like these will ameliorate the excesses of every girl or every female-related situation. The silver bullet does not exist. But game is about mindset and framing. So start to view and frame it in the way that serves you, and translate that to the girl or girls you spend your time with sexually or romantically.

1. Make her respect your time

This is the most important “external” resource you will ever have at your disposal. How you spend it will be the source of either unimaginable horror or supreme satisfaction when you inevitably die. Make her value your time or you’re nothing but dust.

Make use of your “dead time” to contact her

You’re waiting for a taxi, bus, or walking through your city. This is the time to call her. You’re going somewhere. You’re doing something. You’re communicating to her that you’re busy and have priorities. You’re contacting her when it suits you, in the time you have available.

True enough, you will need to carve out some space in your days to speak to her more one-on-one, tied to the passing moment. But you have the sort of life that requires you to choose people and activities wisely. Communicate that to her, albeit implicitly.

Make her wait when she’s late for a date or meeting

If it’s more than five minutes and she hasn’t shown up, turn around and take a stroll somewhere else where she won’t find you. Whip out your phone and call someone else.

She’ll arrive, realize you’re not there and then start to search for or text you. You can respond back while you’re on the phone, saying you left to make a call when you noticed she wasn’t there. Or you can leave her not knowing. Your choice. If she bails entirely, you can always say you waited and she didn’t show up.

2. Force her to take responsibility for her emotional blow-ups

She’ll have them. No one, man or woman, is perfect. But there are, as you must now know, some fundamental differences between how men and women generally react under strain. You need to be prepared for them with your girl(s).

Respond to her tantrums by doing your own thing

Not all the time (if only that were possible!), but often enough for her to get the picture: you’re not a doormat and if she wants to behave in that fashion, you’ll go somewhere else. You can’t walk away from every problem in life. Yet you’d be surprised how rewarding it can be, in the initial stages of a relationship or FWB arrangement (or when things get a tad stale), to blow off a girl and head to the gym for a weights session. Or go for a walk. Or call a friend and get a bite to eat. Instead of doing it vindictively, do it calmly or make it seem pre-planned. Unconsciously, she’ll get the picture.

Give her a perfectly selfish reason to stop it

People are, after all, selfish. Make your statement here oblique but undeniable: blow-ups cost her. The language and non-verbal responses I use with girls go along this line, a combination of both guilt and a call for her to preserve her own happiness.


Many men seeking answers with girls have presumed that being unaffected means casually ignoring everything negative a girl does. Far from it. It’s about how you do it, preferably matter-of-factly, without the typical smugness. “We were having such a great time this weekend, is this how you want to end it? With tears and red eyes?” “We were going to go the movies tonight, I guess you’re not in the mood now.”

Save retaliation for when you really need it and use this kind of positive manipulation for the majority of times.

3. Give her cues to support you and your goals

Tell her about your positive interactions with other people, especially those that got you something

I tell girls about the positive things other people do or have done for me. Firstly, its part of who I am. I like being the raconteur with the stories of opportunity and serendipitous events. On the other hand, it redirects her mind to what she can do for you and unleashes the slightest tinge of jealousy. Focus is reality.

Just as you imagine a series of seemingly unrelated positive memories when you think of the first rosy one, she thinks of ways to support and do things for you when you mention what others have done or simply remind her of what she has done for you previously.

Reward good behavior, but not every time

Easier said than done. A girl shouldn’t do something for you with the expectation of an immediate or constant reward. Ideally, she needs to be also doing these things for you even when, for example, she’s pissed off at you or as tired as a fat person treading water.

Rewarding her each and every time ruins the prospect of that. Make it a mystery as to when, where and with what you will give her an experiential or material trinket of approval.

Emotionalize both the rewards and the signaling of your expectations

When you kiss her during that glorious Tuscan sunset, on the harbour cruise in Vancouver or after you’ve moved in together, make your expectations known, directly or otherwise. “I would love to see you cooking breakfast in your underwear tomorrow at our apartment.”

It doesn’t even need to be about what you really want in the long-term. The point is that you’re priming her to behave in ways that please you. Likewise, give her a veritable bank of mental happiness by providing rewards she can remember for a lifetime. It will make her more pliable in the future.

Female training is about outlook and flexibility


You need to be capable of making new side-paths and tangents from what I have shared here. Adapt to your own circumstances. So long as you’re coding her brain for good, in the same sense that “attraction is not a choice,” you’re installing emotional and mental programs that she feels compelled to follow.

To a degree, it will always be a matter of trial and error. But mere consistency is a feat most men never achieve with their women, so you’ll be in esteemed company by getting even this far.

Tally-ho, gentlemen. It’s time to put her leash on.

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