Historically, marches have served as a means for oppressed people to get their voices heard. For example, the marches Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers engaged in lead to drastic changes in civil rights.

Gay Pride parades take a different approach. It is not people walking throughout the city, dressed in pressed pants and dresses, marching silently side by side in solidarity. Rather, it is comprised of people wearing revealing clothes (if any at all), dancing, yelling, and engaging in utter debauchery.

In fact, if you or I did what many people do during gay pride parades we’d probably be sent to jail and registered as a sex offender. Yet, the gay community wonders why their culture is still not completely accepted by society.

Gay Pride: Coming To A City Near You

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We’re tired of being oppressed!

An ironic aspect of Pride events is that they take place in the most docile and “progressive” enclaves in a city. The DC Pride event took place in Dupont Circle—an affluent neighborhood in Northwest DC known for its large gay community.

If the goal of this group is to create awareness and tolerance in the community at large, then why do they choose the locations that are already accepting of gays? Wouldn’t it make sense to host these events in parts of DC where people in the LGBT community have been stabbed and murdered?

Logically, yes. But these events are not governed by logic, but rather by excess and pleasure. They want to choose the trendy spots with all the best bars and restaurants. A place where people can congregate, drink, smoke, and party without having to deal with the realities gay and trans people actually face just a few miles down the road.

Gay people do have it tough around the world, however. ISIS, which is building its caliphate as we speak, is throwing gays off rooftops and beheading them. The LGBT community’s collective response?

“More Jello shots!”

Okay, that’s not completely fair. The LGBT community is busy bugging the Pentagon to change its policies—just not towards ISIS. Rather, they are lecturing the US government on how they can promote gays in the military.

I'm sure Russia and China are shaking in their boots...

I’m sure Russia and China are shaking in their boots…

They Ignore The Real Issues

Another fact check for the yuppy, white LGBT crowds is that the majority of gay and trans people who genuinely do suffer (and not from micro-aggressions) in America are mostly minority. If you look at the list of those who suffered significant beatings or murders because of their sexual identity, they are disproportionately black and Hispanic—the same goes for the perpetrators of these crimes.

But that’s an inconvenient truth for most white liberals, who prefer to reside in wealthy, gentrified neighborhoods and not mingle with people who can’t buy designer jeans and afford $50 brunches. In fact, gay pride parades are virtually exclusive to white people. Gay white men complain about suffering from prejudice, yet gay black men are marginalized at these events—so much for discrimination.


Just as liberals have let homicides skyrocket and cities burn at the expense of promoting their delusional ideologies, they will continue to let fellow gay minorities and trans people suffer.

The Efficacy Of Pride Parades

In whatever events and activities you engage in, you should always be monitoring the results. When it comes to Pride parades they need to ask: Are they accomplishing their goals?

The answer is a resounding no.

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Why would any culture embrace this?

What sane society would tolerate people prancing through the streets in their underwear performing mock BDSM acts in broad daylight?

None, but if you remotely question their behavior like I am, you are immediately labeled a homophobe. That is why the gay-lobby in America has to be ruthless in shoving their agenda down the throats of Americans.

They have gone so far as to drive a small pizza shop out of business for saying they would not supply pizza to an imaginary gay wedding (and who the hell orders pizza for a wedding?).

If gays really wanted to assimilate into societies around the world, they wouldn’t have pride parades, or at least they would be exponentially more civil about it.

The only reason gay people garner attention is because they choose to embrace their own “culture,” which consists of engaging in socially deviant behavior. But to hell with social norms, right? That’s just a product of white patriarchy trying to keep people down. Social norms have never accomplished anything, or so the refrain goes.

We know that multiculturalism doesn’t work, and has been an abysmal failure in every country it has been promoted. So why do we continue to promote LGBT culture, one that is in stark contrast to the Judeo-Christian culture upon which American and Western civilization has been built?

The Future Of Gay Pride And Activism

Any culture that goes out of its way to promulgate excessive sexuality and hedonism in any form (including heterosexuality), is setting itself up for disaster. Nonetheless, pride parades will continue to grow.

These events are going more mainstream every year. They now have corporate sponsors like Marriott vying to show how much they love the LGBT community. In reality, these companies are just trying to make a quick buck off wealthy gays. They’re also being touted as “family events.”

Many LGBT rights groups have failed to show maturity and respect towards existing cultures. Instead, they adopt the “We’re here. We’re queer. Get Used to it!” mentality.

I, for one, will not get used to it. I will not sit idly by and say that such debauchery should be accepted, let alone encouraged in our society. And nor should gay people themselves.

Most cultural events feature music, dance, history and more featuring the best aspects of their culture, but gay cultural events feature irresponsible and deviant behavior. It is the duty of gays to make the changes they want to see. The LGBT community should come together to put an end to these parades, which only tarnish their reputation.

Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. Politicians, professors, college students, Tumblr “bloggers” and crew will continue to cheer such nonsense on, enabling them to continue their self-destructive behavior.

Someone has to put their foot down. The question is, who will and when?

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