Did you know that you have two mothers? One is your biological mom, and the other is human resources. A guy on Reddit recently found this out when he tried to hit on a girl at work.

Now I think it’s common sense to avoid dipping your pen in company ink, but the chat he had with her clearly shows that she actively encouraged him. Not only was she responding with enthusiasm but she used exclamation points to display her interest. See the entrapment for yourself.

When she was satisfied that she hooked his interest, she went straight to HR to complain…


I get a call from HR a couple minutes ago telling me to stop.

I’m guessing they also told him to cease and desist all non-professional communications with the female victim.

“Sexual harassment” was just the beginning. Now you won’t even be able to ask a girl to lunch—after she tells you how great of an idea that would be—without putting your job at risk. I can’t help but think of how pitiful a man must feel to voluntarily put himself in that type of environment.

Personally, I rather be a poor English teacher in Ukraine. At least I can flirt with my students.

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