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It is my strong assertion that any woman of interest that a single heterosexual man approaches in today’s dating scene is going to ultimately fall into one of four categories:

1. Reciprocators


A woman who is a genuine Reciprocator is never going to attempt to mislead a man or engage in any sort of “manipulative head games.” She is going to be upfront and straightforward about whether she is interested in sharing that man’s company in a romantic or sexual manner. May every man be so lucky as to meet and converse with a woman who is a genuine Reciprocator type.

2. Rejecters


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Similar to a Reciprocator, a woman who is a genuine Rejecter is never going to attempt to mislead a man. Once a man is bold and confident enough to express his desire to share her company, this type of woman is going to be upfront about not feeling the same way.

If she is married, engaged, or currently has a long-term male companion that she has no interest in cheating on, she will let a man know this quickly, straightforwardly, and without unnecessary theatrics.

Abrupt rejection may be hard for some men to swallow, and it may leave a man’s ego a wee bit bruised in the short run, but in the long run, all men will learn to appreciate the non-manipulative ways of the genuine Rejecter types. If nothing else, these type of women will never waste your precious time.


3. Manipulative Timewasters


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Women who operate as Manipulative Timewasters are those women who will initially, temporarily, or even indefinitely seek to give a man the misleading impression that she is a genuine Reciprocator. However, deep-down that woman is nothing more than a Rejecter displaying the disingenuous façade of an enthusiastic Reciprocator.

Women who are Manipulative Timewaster types love to socially interact with men in order to be flattered, entertained, and “wined and dined.” They will maintain a number of platonic male friends who will empathetically listen to their problems, disappointments, and frustrations.

Unlike a woman who is a genuine Rejecter, these women will never be forthright with men about their lack of sexual interest in them, sine this would ruin their “game.” They want men to always believe in the possibility of sex so that they can continue to mine the time and attention of their “friends.”


4. Wholesome Pretenders


The woman who is arguably the most challenging for men to figure out is the woman who operates as a Wholesome Pretender. If a Reciprocator is a “Definite Yes” woman, a Rejecter is a “Quick No” woman, and a Manipulative Timewaster is a “Slow No” woman, then a Wholesome Pretender type is the closest thing to a “Maybe Yes, Maybe No” woman.

Depending on how powerful and effective a man’s interpersonal communication skills are (i.e., his level of “verbal game”), women who are Wholesome Pretender types can either transition into becoming a Reciprocator, a Rejecter, or a Manipulative Timewaster over a period of minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Initially, all women who operate as Wholesome Pretender types want to publicly give men the impression that they are innocent, wholesome, prudish (or at least, semi-prudish), and very much monogamy-oriented.


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During their first conversation with a man, the Wholesome Pretender types always want men to believe that they will only engage in sexual relations within the context of marriage, or at minimum, only within the context of a long-term, emotionally profound, monogamous relationship.

If a man’s verbal game is strong, seductive, and pleasantly persistent – and he has mastered the fine art of “erotic dirty talk” – then this man will be able to provoke the woman who is operating as a Wholesome Pretender to eventually reveal that she actually has a more open-minded, free-spirited, and erotically uninhibited side to her personality

Even more importantly, the man will unlock the secret that that she is highly willing to engage in one or more episodes of short-term or non-monogamous “casual” sex with a man of interest. Nothing exposes and excites a woman who is a Wholesome Pretender more than a man with exceptional verbal seduction skills.

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