I discovered ROK while working in Thailand and, upon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area during the semester break, I discovered that changes in my way of thinking had rendered my hometown an alien abyss.

My mother is a feminist but can’t explain why. My brother is marrying a feminist teacher who takes public transportation and gets home later than him, so he does all the cooking in addition to paying the mortgage. Now I have a brother-in-law who is a Women’s Rights lawyer, and my uncle told me, “Some things are better left unsaid,” when I brought up the problems with feminism.

One friend is living with a single mother with three kids from three different dads, of which he is the second. Another friend got a DUI and a DV charge a week before when his girlfriend called the cops during a spat in the car.

Yet, even after spending a night in jail, he all but covered his ears while shouting, “I don’t care!” when I mentioned that taking the red pill would give him knowledge about the nature of women so he could prevent this situation from happening again.

Sounds like I’m ghetto trash, right? No, that’s just it. I’m an upper-middle class, private-schooled kid who enjoyed ski boats, dirt bikes, horseback riding, and European vacations. I say this not to brag, but rather to let you know how deep the rot really is.

We are truly living in the Age Of Unreason.

How did this come to be?

Couple not talking

Traditionally, men and women inhabited different spheres with different specializations and realms of influence. Men did business primarily with other men, went to men’s clubs where they spoke freely with other men, and women let them do it because they had their own sphere and enough sense to know that this practice was necessary for a healthy society.

The core principle at work here is that when men have a conversation with other men, all topics are fair game, logic and reason take precedence over feelings, and anyone too soft to handle the conversation needs to get lost.

The industrial revolution happened because men were:

1. Open to hearing information that clashed with their current beliefs.

2.  Willing to change their beliefs based on that information.

3.  Able to create and implement solutions with that new knowledge.

How about now? Be honest. How many men do you know who operate at this level?

The slave effect


One of the key practices of slavery was to torture or kill the alpha males in front of the women to scare the heck out of them and show them who’s boss. Then you tell the women that they are the moral enforcers, and if they don’t maintain order, there will be more killings, possibly even them and their children.

Once this pattern is established, you give the women a few perks to establish them as the privileged class, ensuring that the cycle perpetuates itself.

This is what is happening in our current social order. Men are emasculated and bossed around by women, who act as moral enforcers for the state because they get perks like assets and children after divorce, preferential treatment at schools, affirmative action, constant pats on the back by the media, etc.

Women will work against their own interests out of self-preservation if men are not around to guide them. Imagine three concentric circles; children in the center, women in the second circle, and men on the outside. In a healthy society, this is how the layers of security are ordered. Helpless children are protected by women, who in turn are protected and guided by men.

In a slave society, the outer two circles are reversed and misery ensues. Which begs the question, why do women need men’s guidance?


It’s a man’s world

the boss

As mentioned above, the innovations that created almost all of our technology were created by men who were open to hearing new ideas, could change their beliefs based on new information, and implement that information in their line of work.

We may call this the scientific method, logic, or not being beholden to feelings, but the result is the same. By and large, men are more capable of talking about and resolving problems than women. After all, how many women understand how things work? Public policy is being dictated by sensitive creatures who do not understand the system they are trying to fix.

Many of the problems in our new social order arise from women insisting on taking part in every aspect of society, and that men must cater to their feelings. This is what flips the outer two circles and turns society into a slave fest. Feelings trump reason instead of the other way around.

It’s a sad conclusion to make, but it seems that our ancestors were right: tough decisions that affect the whole of society must be made without the presence of women. After all, if a conversation about solving black crime gets stopped two sentences in with cries of racism, that problem can never be adequately addressed.

It is commonly understood that free speech was created to protect us from government tyranny. But we are now experiencing a secondary intention of our founding fathers: free speech protects us from women. The first amendment gives men the ability to say, “Sorry, honey. I can say that, actually. It’s right there in the constitution.”

In all my travels, I have never seen a culture where women do not try to act as the gatekeepers of what is acceptable to do or say. In a healthy society, women do this in moderation, and men are still able to have the difficult but necessary conversations without their presence. Without this ability, we are sitting ducks in front of a firing squad of government totalitarianism.



We on ROK commonly make lists of people such as feminists, white knights, and manginas as deluded groups who attack our civil liberties. I propose a word to label them all as one category: Weaklings.

After all, it perfectly describes what they are: people too weak to comprehend reality or make wise decisions. These are the people who would be dead if not for modern medicine and low infant mortality. And they know it.

That’s why they run to the government like schoolyard tattletales. They can’t defend themselves or their ideas on their own, so they seek the protection of their beloved father figure, not realizing that he is the slave master who is keeping them down.


In this day and age, finding a fellow man who can discuss ideas without letting his emotions get in the way is worth his weight in gold. Learn from my mistake so you don’t make it yourself. Don’t waste your time trying to convert anyone to the red pill who is not:

1. Open to hearing information that clashes with their current beliefs.

2. Willing to change their beliefs based on that information.

3. Able to create and implement solutions with that new knowledge.

This way you can separate the weak from the strong. In the Age of Unreason, there are many ways to waste your time. Don’t waste it dealing with Weaklings.

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