It is a guarantee that if you do not espouse the views deemed appropriate by society, government, academia, and the media you will be attacked. Unfortunately, their “politically-approved” views they want you to believe are not based in reality, and exist to advance a narrative or agenda that benefits these select groups of people at the expense of all others.

Naturally, being independent-minded, most people here refuse to believe the lies and instead insist on living a life based in reality, giving said thought-lords the proverbial finger. However, just because you decided to take the moral and correct route, it doesn’t change the fact that you will be in for a life-long uphill battle, full of insults, slander, mockery, accusations, and outright lies. For in refusing to conform to what the aforementioned powers-that-be said, you are a threat to them. And so they will do whatever is necessary to silence you.


While their assault will be a wide one, assailing everything from your political beliefs, your religion, your beliefs on family and culture, the most ferocious and focused attacks will be on your beliefs and relations with women. This is only to be expected because no matter how much we may not like it, both men’s and women’s primary focus in life is the opposite sex. That’s the way we’ve been programmed.

The point is that the majority of flak you’re going to catch for daring to adhere to reality, traditionalism, and truth is going to come from your beliefs, thoughts and principles on women. And not only is it going to be the majority of flak, it’s going to be the most visceral and ferocious, as you are speaking directly to what has been the primary motivator in all of humankind’s existence. You are addressing women at their psychological core.

Sadly, despite the supreme importance of this topic, the attacks you are going to receive are not going to be cogent, logical, reasoned, or empirical. They’re going to be quite irrational, unreasonable, and simplistic as they are coming from emotion and a fear one’s precious ego might get shattered. And these attacks, pathetically, can be summarized in six simple groups or categories:

1.  You Live With Your Mother (Basement Dweller)
2.  You’re a Loser (Employment)
3.  You’re Ignorant (Education / intelligence)
4.  You’re Lonely (Social)
5.  You Can’t Get Laid (Sexual)
6.  Name Calling (Jerk, Nazi, “Ist,” etc.)

The problem with these attacks is that they disproportionately affect and are pertinent to younger men. When you are just starting out in life you aren’t rich, you haven’t fully developed your personality or mental facilities, you are saddled with college and the debt that comes with it, which is all further burdened with the worst economy for young people since the Great Depression.

So what’s a man to do?

Enter Cary Grant.

Who is Cary Grant?


Cary Grant was the George Clooney of the 1930’s-1960’s. Starting as a pretty boy when film was in its infancy days, he aged like the finest of scotches, easily being the most handsome and charming man in Hollywood well into his 60’s.

He was so incredibly debonair and polished that when paired with the latest 20-something starlet as his love interest in a film, it wasn’t unrealistic to imagine the 62 year old Grant couldn’t hit that (and probably was). You, me, and nearly every other reader in the primest of our primes couldn’t hold a candle to an aging, gray haired Cary Grant.

And even Cary Grant admitted saying, “Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant” as the actor himself knew he could never live up to his Hollywood persona. In short, it was impossible for anybody to be Cary Grant….and that’s precisely what every man has to do – the impossible.  We all need to become the Hollywood incarnation of Cary Grant.

“Achieving Grant”

cary grant

Now, many people will complain that this task is impossible. And certainly the VirginTOW’s will claim we’re all “pussy-pedestalers” for daring to “waste our lives” improving ourselves for women. However, in becoming the Hollywood version of Cary Grant a great and many benefits come with it, making this arduous task worth it in the end.

The first benefit of “Achieving Grant” is that it immediately repudiates the six standard accusations made against men who insist on traditional values and being men.

You Live With Your Mother – No you don’t.  You have your own job, spend within your means, and are a truly independent man.

You’re A Loser – No you’re not, you have a career and purpose in life. You work hard, and you may not be your own boss yet, but you are actively working to achieve that goal. You may not be there at 28, but you will be at 38.

You’re Ignorant Or Uneducated – No you’re not. = You’re actually quite well-read, with a much-better-than-average understanding of economics, politics, history, philosophy and morality. You also actively work to remain so, and never stop your education in these fields.


You’re Lonely Or Have No Friends – Again, no you’re not. You’re not only well-read, but actively pursue interesting hobbies and interests making you a genuinely interesting person. You also hone your skills at being charming, charismatic, and entertaining. People like you, perhaps even gravitate around you—not because you’re the “life of the party,” but because you have put the effort into being a more interesting person and living a more interesting life than those around you.

You Can’t Get Laid Or Have A Small Penis – Well, your penis size is outside of your control. But barring that anomaly that affects less than 1% of men, you hit the gym regularly. You run, you eat right, you diet. You commit to that mandatory life-long part time job of staying in physical shape. You then combine that physique with the courage to approach women and get your ass shot down to the point you nail at least nine women. Why nine?  Because that is the average number of sexual partners a man has. You hit 9+ you are in the top 50% of men and therefore can “indeed get laid.”

Name Calling –  If you commit the effort to live a life that refutes the above five accusations, then being called a “misogynist” or a “loser” or “jerk” or what have you doesn’t matter. You won the debate and now your assailant has to resort to name calling because they’re 100% wrong about you. You are empirical proof, standing right in front of them that they, their ideology, and their belief system is wrong.

Naturally, turning yourself into the man where the above accusations are just not true takes time. You’re not going to be running a business the day after you graduate from college with $50,000 in student loans and a shitty job offer on the table while bench pressing 150% your weight, while also having a detailed knowledge of Austrian economics, while actively pursuing your new-found passion of sky diving.

But if you put your mind to it and eschew day time TV, getting hammered at the bar, and can avoid knocking up a girl, this is all attainable by your mid thirties.  And then you can refute these guaranteed, standard accusations with the simplest and most effective argument,

“It’s not true.”

Finding the confidence

The second advantage that comes with “Achieving Grant” is sanity and confidence.

When I was a bit younger I walked into what was then “The Times Cafe” in Minneapolis. This was my favorite haunt to hang out at because they served good martinis, had a nice dance floor, and 6 out of 7 nights had jazz or salsa.

After a long day at work  I went to The Times to get myself a martini and read The Economist.  Thankfully, Vic Volare and His Volare Lounge Orchestra was playing which was one of the more danceable and fun bands in the Twin Cities. Coming straight from the office, I was in one of my “power-banker suits” and thought I’d get a little dancing in to supplement my booze and economics.

The first girl said no.

The second said she was “tired.”

The third girl participated in a dancing phenomenon where she giggled and pointed to her friend across the table and said, “no you dance with him.” Which then resulted in an insulting ping-pong version where the other girls said, “no you” “no you” “tee hee” “no you!”  I walked away and I don’t think they realized I removed the offer from the table.

The fourth said no, as well as the fifth, to the point that I then decided I would ask every obviously un-spoken-for female at The Times to dance.

After 31 rejections, not one said yes.

To most normal men, they would have taken this personally. Did they stink? Were they ugly? Were their flies open? And they would likely never approach women again (certainly abandon ballroom dancing altogether).

Not me. And I didn’t take it personally because I knew better. I “Achieved Grant.” I was successfully employed. I made more money than any girl I asked to dance did. I was dressed in a sharp looking suit. I was in shape. Oh, and there was that whole minor thing about being an accomplished ballroom dancer.

But the irony is, despite all the rejection, those 31 girls all turned down what was likely the best offer in terms of a man that they had received all year.  And I say that not out of arrogance, but supreme and total confidence. I left not one stone unturned in terms of my own self-improvement and I was hand’s down an outstanding catch.

In other words, if you “Achieve Grant” you know for a fact you’re the prize to be won. And if you’re shot down you have the sanity and knowledge knowing there was nothing wrong with you, but something wrong with them.

The third and final benefit of becoming Cary Grant is you’re just going to be a better man. I can certainly appreciate staying in doors, vegging on Grand Theft Auto V, getting hammered, and maybe gaining seven pounds over a gluttonous weekend. And I can certainly understand ignoring women and doing your own thing.

But you become Cary Grant not just because of the sanity and confidence that comes with it, nor the ability to conveniently dismiss criticism from your haters as simply “false.” You do it because being an interesting man, pursuing intellectual and interesting things, disciplining yourself through diet and working out, and increasing your wisdom through study and thought makes for a better life, a better mind, and a better man.

You enjoy your life more, you enjoy more important things, and you have life-experiences that the average (and genuine) basement VirginTOW dweller will never have.  So while the path to “Cary Grant” is a difficult one, realize you are going to die. You can live a life aiming to be Cary Grant, or one that will be wasted like nearly 98% of most people’s lives.

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