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Hey man,

It’s Mike Chang and today I’m going over the 5 most advanced fat loss tactics for getting six pack abs. Now, even though many people know me as one of the top fat loss trainers out there for six pack abs… there are a lot of guys out there who are looking to get even more ripped… like, as ripped as a physique competitor.

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And to be honest, I could get you there. But wouldn’t it be better to hear it from someone who’s been there and is actually that ripped right now?

Well, that’s why I asked my trusted trainer and Six Pack Shortcuts fat loss expert, Jonny, to personally tell you what he does to get into that ultra ripped condition for his competitions. By the way, that’s him the the photo above!

Jonny really knows his stuff… in fact, he’s my personal go-to guy when I need advice to get ready for photo shoots or TV appearances. Because sometimes I need to look a little bit more ripped or lose some belly fat as fast as possible to look my best.

Now I know you’re probably dying to know exactly what Jonny does to get ripped for each competition, so here are his top 5 advanced fat burning tricks to get ultra shredded when time matters.

So let me hand it off to Jonny and let him break it all down for you. Take it away Jonny:


What’s up y’all,

Jonny here, and first I’d like to thank Mike for having me share some of my inside fat loss info with you today!
Let’s not waste any time and jump right into these fat shedding tricks:

1. Pack On That Muscle

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The truth is that muscle is a major fat burner. You see, muscles are active cells that burn calories even when you’re just relaxing or sleeping. So the more muscle you pack on, the more fat you will burn off of your body. And that’s due to the fact that the calories that would normally turn into fat will be burned off or used as fuel by your muscles. This means that every single extra pound of muscle you put on will increase the amount of fat you burn off every single day.

2. Do High Intensity Workouts At The Optimal Fat Burning Time


What is the optimal fat burning time? Right before breakfast first thing in the morning… And if you work out the right way (which I’ll explain more about in tactic #5), you will keep burn calories for hours long after you stop working out.


You see, when you work out right before breakfast, your body is burning pure fat because your body is depleted, or out of, sugar/energy from “fasting” while you were sleeping. However, if you were to eat first and then workout in the morning, you would have refueled your body and prevented the most amount of fat from being burned during your morning workout.

3. Eat Slow Releasing Protein Before Bed


I know the “popular belief” is that you should NEVER eat before bed if you want to get ripped. However, if you want to build muscle and keep that muscle to burn more fat, a slow releasing protein source or a supplement can help to feed your body’s muscle growth. On top of that, because this protein digests slowly, it will not turn into fat or stop your body from burning fat why you’re asleep. Actually, doing this can help you burn more fat as well because your body’s digestion process burns calories too.

4. Eat More Throughout The Day

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Your goal should be to eat about every three hours if you want to burn the most amount of fat. Why? Well because this will keep your digestive system, and thus your metabolism, working all day to digest that food. And, as I mentioned in tactic #3, will keep burning those calories. Now, when you starting eating every three hours you will activate what I call your body’s “fat burning furnace,” which triggers your body to keep shedding fat.

Picture a fireplace burning wood… what if that fire was your fat burning metabolism and it was burning all day? Don’t you need enough logs to keep that fire going all day? Well of course you do, so picture food as your “logs.” All you have to do is feed your fat burning furnace a reasonable amount of food throughout the day and it will continue to burn fat because your digestion is constantly going.

5. Activate The Afterburn Effect (Burns Fat For Up To 48 Hours)

Here’s what is happening when you activate the Afterburn Effect with Afterburn Training:

  • Your body uses oxygen from your muscles.
  • Your body then replenishes your muscle’s oxygen.

** This process of replenishing your muscle’s oxygen can take up to 48 hours, so you are burning fat that entire time**

Now I broke this down for you to sound as simple as possible, however don’t underestimate how effective the Afterburn Effect is… You see, this is the exact technique that men from all around the world have used to get rid of their belly fat and get six pack abs fast. And it’s the same training I use before I step on stage to compete with the top fitness competitors in the world.

So if you want to get rid of all your unwanted fat, or even if you’re trying to get as ripped as a fitness competitor… check this out to learn exactly how you can Burn Fat For 48 Hours after every workout.




Well man, I hope you enjoyed these killer tips from Jonny, they’re proven to get you the ripped body you want fast!

So make sure you learn How To Activate The Afterburn Effect today.

Mike Chang

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