It’s common knowledge in these parts that western females are flaky, disloyal, and rarely bring anything of value to a man’s life outside of sex. This makes being friends with them an even less attractive proposition because spending time with a woman without the prospect of fucking her usually isn’t worth the headache.

There are, however, a few things females can bring to the table that can be quite useful if you understand their true nature and how to mitigate their hard-wired deficiencies.

Keep in mind that certain conditions apply here. You have to have game (as is the case with every female you interact with whether sex is involved or not), a bit of social currency, and attractive female accomplices to reap these benefits.

Let’s get to it.

9. They will screen women for you

Don’t let that smile fool you. She’s watching everything.

We all know women hate each other because they know each other. When you bring your flavor of the week around your female acquaintances, they won’t hesitate to alert you of any red flags you may not see. Chicks see things we don’t as a matter of survival so their supernatural ability to pick up on subtle nuances in human behavior comes in handy in these situations.

Granted, they do tend to embellish or hamster things into existence out of thin air on account of their innate disdain for one another. But game will allow you to filter out that particular brand of bullshit and hear what needs to be heard so that you can take the appropriate action(s).

8. They give you instant social proof

When girls see attractive women with or around you it instantly gives you social proof. Good looking girls are much more selective about the people they spend their time with and other women know this. If attractive women trust you enough to be around you, then it’s assumed by other females that you must be trust worthy (read: not a creep, axe murderer, etc.)

Women generally don’t want to be around a man who is labeled a creep or a recluse lest he be a serial rapist! This is why having a chick or two in your physical orbit when hitting on that hot cashier or striking up conversation with the pretty barista works in your favor.

Another advantage to having good looking girls in your midst is…

7. Pre-selection

The following is a text conversation with a girl I approached at the supermarket a while back. I had my on again off again FWB with me, which made arranging a meet up almost too easy, as I used standard text game to close the deal:







A standard tenet of game is that women don’t want a man that other women don’t want. You could be as ugly as homemade sin but if you’ve got an attractive female with you, your SMV always spikes. This will send their hamsters into overdrive wondering if you’re rich, great in the sack, or if you have high social status.

Whether you have these assets or not is irrelevant. The hamster always assumes a man has favorable traits when he’s accompanied by an attractive woman. 

Once again, this is why game is necessary as stated in the intro. Fuck buddies can be acquaintances too if your game is on point. Whether I was fucking the girl I was with or not didn’t matter to Trini. All that mattered is that she thought I might be (and verbalized as much) and that’s what made her ripe for the picking.


6. Transference of their pussy pass

Pussy pass? Yeah we take those!

Personally, this one has paid huge dividends for me. I’ve zoomed to the front of countless night club lines, been given preferential treatment in bars and various other venues, and even been “let off with a warning” on more than one occasion involving traffic violations—all because, and only because, I had a good looking girl with me.

95% of men in this part of the world are pathetic, thirsty white knights. Any time they get a chance to impress even a half decent looking woman they jump at it. Bouncers, cops, butchers, waiters, cashiers, bartenders, or any other male inhabited profession or post all gladly accept the all powerful pussy pass as a form of currency.

Their desire to score “brownie points” with her means that each and every one of them will transfer it’s membership privileges to you simply because she’s with you.

5. They’ll hook you up with their friends

Another huge benefit of being acquainted with good looking females are their friends. Hot girls have hot friends. Period. Women, of all SMVs also take tremendous pride in being a “matchmaker.”

The combination of your game and social currency turns your female friends into your own personal mouth pieces as they won’t hesitate to tell their girlfriends “what an amazing guy” you are.

In these instances pre-selection, social proof, and screening are all taken care of in one fell swoop. Plus, if things go sideways with your acquaintance’s friend(s), she’ll take your side most of the time because a) your game is tight b) she doesn’t want to lose the added social status she gains by being around you and c) girls are always looking for a reason to show their dislike for one another, which further feeds their insatiable need for drama.

4. You can sharpen your teasing skills

Teasing a woman and calling her out on her bullshit are both sure-fire ways to moisten the panties of any given target. Having female friends you can practice on will hone these skills to the point where they become second nature to you.

Because you’re not trying to fuck her (at least not yet), you can tease away without worrying about “offending” her or fucking up the pickup. What’s really happening here is that you’re inadvertently gaming her and she may eventually make a play to fuck you which, of course, leads to the fact that…

3. You can turn them into FWBs

This isn’t to suggest that you turn every one of your attractive female acquaintances into a fuck friend, but it’s an great option to have during dry spells.

Similar to #5, all of the pre-selection, social proof, and screening boxes are checked. Add to the fact that she’s comfortable with you, knows you see through her b.s. and will call her out on it, and that you add social value to her life, it’s only a matter of time before she wants you between her legs.

The obvious drawback to this is that you’ll likely lose her as an acquaintance. Your abundance mentality knows this isn’t a big deal because females really are a dime a dozen in any capacity. However, depending upon how much value she brings to your life you may need to think long and hard about whether letting her go as an asset is worth a few romps in the sack with her.

2. They’ll help you tighten up your thread game

Good looking girls don’t want to be seen with a man who is dressed poorly and if you hang out with them on the regular, they will make damn sure you’re always looking your best—especially if you’re in a social setting (clubs, bars, etc.). And because women know what looks good on a man, this will raise your vestment game.

Take initiative and ask her to go shopping with you and help you pick outfits (she’ll agree 100% of the time). Her solipsism will compel her to ensure that your perceived value is as high as possible because it directly affects her value. This is one of the few instances when you can actually trust a woman not to lead you astray.

1. Consistent neomasculine confirmation

Try as they might, women are unable hide their vapid, slutty, westernized ways. I’ve overheard and been involved in many a conversation with this girl or that about how she’s looking for Mr. Right, then in the same breath talk about the guy who fucked her senseless that weekend.

One good friend of mine has admitted to me that she’s fucked more than 60 guys (which means her count probably exceeds triple digits) but feels she “deserves” a man who has a good job, will take care of her and her son, has a six pack, and fucks her like her baby daddy—her words verbatim.

Another female acquaintance of mine is married to a man who has his own business, has the house, the kid, the white picket fence (yes, their picket fence is white), and even the dog.  So far so good right? Well she recently told me about a torrid affair she had with a regular customer (she’s a cocktail waitress at a local casino) who “swept her off her feet” who she actually contemplated leaving her “American dream” life to be with.

All women are like that, gents, and the more you hang around them, the further your red pill conditioning is drilled into your skull. Female friends will all but ensure that you will never slip back into the beta boy ways that landed you here in the first place.


Most females in our culture are increasingly unable to add much to a man’s life, but these nine benefits have the potential to keep your game and crimson capsule mindset sharp—so long as you stay on your p’s and q’s.

As is the case with all female interactions, keep your wits about you and proceed with caution. Females can and will turn on you at the drop of a hat for no good reason. But if you’re running solid game, trouble and drama shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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