The year is ending in a bloodbath, with many sites closing (read more about it on Donlak and Private Man). It comes down to three problems:

1. Having a manosphere blog could get you fired from work. A lot of guys are closing because they feel their privacy was compromised. Any type of red pill content will be a warning flag to female-dominated human resource departments. You’re obviously not a team player if you question the status quo.

2. It’s hard to maintain a blog for over a year. It takes a freakish mind to write hundreds of posts on one or two topics.


3. Blogging remains a hobby for most, not a job. Most guys don’t get income from blogs like I do, taking away incentive to plow through the inevitable creative cold streaks.

When it rain, it pours, and what we’re seeing now is a natural withdrawal of hobbyist bloggers. Those who are committed to the topic matter will remain. There is no organized attack on the manosphere that I know of.

While it’s sad to see so many comrades fall, it’s just another day at the office for me.

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