I believe it is safe to say that recently America has begun a “get fit” campaign thanks to constant media attention regarding our countries obesity rate. With the new craze towards fitness, attention has gone from the basic idea of join a gym, and evolved to a point where the manosphere has begun putting out pretty good information related to it. The one part that I believe the manosphere has not fully covered yet however, is the fact that working out is now tipping dating in favor of men.

That’s right, any woman thinking men working out benefits them is completely wrong. I’ve heard the following quote far too many times.


The best part about it though, is that men can now shove it back in women’s faces. This is all because men really are starting to get in that good of shape.

You see, women had long been in control of the dating spectrum. They contemplated what they wanted us to look like, and they always put men in a position where we were honored to have their presence. (Temporarily restrain your game comments, this post is about physique’s role in game). As men’s physiques quickly faded during their first year of college, it became a game of getting the hottest woman you could and holding on for dear life knowing that the following one would probably be less attractive. Women were always upgrading, and men were always downgrading. The single most annoying thing for a woman is to be left for a woman who is more attractive than her.

Thanks to the manosphere’s influence on working out, this may become ancient history. Initially the concept of working out was to be in shape to get a woman’s attention. That standard is quickly altering though. No longer will it be, I must be in shape to get a woman’s attention. The new standard will be taking over what women had. By getting to a certain level with your physique you will be able to set the standard for women whom wish to approach you.

The standard has basically always been, the more attractive you are the more attractive your partner will be. And while women controlled this forever with impossible standards, men reluctantly fell into a disturbing slump that caused the average male to finally look like this:



But now the average man is beginning to look like this.


In retrospect, we have seen women go from this.


To this!


Women have told me they prefer me not to lift so they would not need to try and compete, and they would need to go to the gym to make sure I didn’t end up with other women. This isn’t a joke, their tone is always reflecting the idea that they are threatened. As I evolve my physique, I level up. The more attractive I become, the more opportunities are presented. And while the manosphere focuses on other traits of game beyond looks, it’s a well known fact that a more attractive person can have worse game and better results in the majority of instances.

The biggest advantage for men though, is this will actually revolutionize women’s behaviors. As men gear back towards physical fitness, women have an obligation to be in shape for men. So where men in the 1990’s did whatever was necessary to get a woman’s attention, women will now have to travel. At this rate, fashion and physique will be determined by what men desire, rather than women. Ultimately, sex will still be up to women, but men will once again be put in the power position of their forefathers, a place they haven’t been since the early 20th century.

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