What is it with British women and glassing men over the last several years? In arguably the worst example of these deplorable crimes, late in 2014 Yasmin Thomas had her female criminal privilege card stamped for the 18th time. Even with 17 previous convictions for assault and battery, Judge John Harrow just couldn’t bring himself to incarcerate delicate little Yasmin for glassing Ronnie Lee.

Ronnie’s “crime”? He didn’t say thank you when her friend stole Lee’s business partner’s e-cigarette and threw it to the ground, and Thomas rudely insisted that Lee praise her for picking it up. When his words weren’t quick enough, Thomas lashed out at his face with, you guessed it, glass.


A nurse informed Lee that he would have been blinded had the glass struck him mere millimetres away. Rightfully, this victim has pointed out that if the roles were reversed and he, a man, had glassed Yasmin Thomas, a woman, he would have been sent “straight to jail.” Judge Harrow completely vacated his responsibility to the public and to the law when, describing her record as “breathtaking, one of the worst I have ever seen from anyone your age,” he still let Thomas completely off the hook.

Yasmin Thomas has thus joined Lucie Slater and Sarah McKenzie-Ayres in the pantheon of the Pussy Pass Hall of Fame (Glassing Men Division).

But wait, it gets worse…

Yasmin Thomas breached her 12 month suspended jail term by failing to follow, three times in two months, the terms of her “compliance sessions.” Despite promising earlier in the year to imprison her if she returned to the courts, white knight Judge Harrow freed her again:

However Judge John Harrow, who sentenced her four months ago, said he was prepared to give Thomas ‘a chance’ and allow her to walk free from court.

A chance? I wish I could condense all my household chores or work assignments in the same way Judge Harrow has condensed a violent criminal record, which reads as long as Tolstoy’s War and Peace, so that Yasmin Thomas gets her desperately needed “chance.”

Male victim of violent crime? You don’t matter

A man can be glassed in the United Kingdom without repercussions for a female perpetrator (Community service? Please!). But if he defends himself? Probably jail.

Ronnie Lee is discovering the hard way that his physical injuries and feelings in the aftermath of the attack fundamentally do not matter to the legal system or the other powers that be. The anxiety he has described, and the likelihood from the outset that he would experience it, as most victims of violent crime do, has been flagrantly ignored.


Yasmin Thomas mattered more to the court, as she would have in most other courts, than the dignity of Ronnie Lee and the rights of the community to be both protected and to have proven serial offenders removed from society.

Aside from her appalling record, the other discombobulating aspect of this case was Judge Harrow’s extreme indulgence of Thomas:

He also said he would not reveal details about Thomas’s past in open court in case she found them embarrassing.

I find this more than amusing. Somehow the privacy allocated to Thomas’ past outweighs the obligation for justice to the victim, who has nothing to do with any unfortunate happenings in the same past. Welcome to 21st century Western justice. This same “past” has evidently allowed Thomas to get away with 18 separate assaults and presumably a trove of others that were not prosecuted or not even investigated.

I do not know what sort of world we are living in, one where suddenly someone’s past can explain away 18 convictions for physically threatening and harming someone. Not one, two, three, four or five, but 18. Under this standard, Roman Polanski should never be jailed for statutorily raping a 13-year-old girl because he’s a Holocaust survivor. Is this really the standard of justice we want? Permitting gratuitously selfish crimes involving third-party victims because some people had hard experiences in life?

It’s out of control

Yasmin Thomas after her most recent pussy pass was issued, probably contemplating suing the patriarchy for photographing her outside a court.

Those of you familiar with my other articles will remember that I cited US (female) academic Sonja Starr. Starr, from the University of Michigan Law School, found in 2012 that men sentenced federally in the United States received 60% longer sentences than women. Women were also twice as likely to avoid jail entirely, or not even have charges laid against them after an investigation.

These figures would hold true for the United Kingdom and other Western jurisdictions as well. Both male and female judges are excusing horrendously violent behavior from females under the pretext that their backgrounds “forced” them to do it or because we live in a “patriarchy” in which “systemic oppression” makes women criminal automatons.

Ronnie Lee is just one of many victims. Their plights are underreported to begin with, as many of the female cretins assaulting them are never pursued, let alone convicted in open court. The harrowing reality is that Lee and others like him face a choice between two potentially ruined futures: being permanently maimed by being attacked without provocation, or facing a lifetime of stigma and criminal association if they seek to legitimately defend themselves against women. The excuses being delivered to female offenders absolve them of close to all responsibility.

Things must change.

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