I firmly believe that immigrating to the province of Ontario is a bad choice for men who are considered successful and ambitious in their home countries. My main focus will be on the topic of immigration to major cities in Ontario such as Toronto, because at least 100,000 people move to Toronto on an annual basis searching for a better life.

Feminism in Toronto

Feminism in Toronto creates paranoia.

Feminism in Toronto creates paranoia.

It is already known that Toronto is a highly feminist society, and using Roosh’s DEFCOCK scale, Toronto might be at the DEFCOCK 1.5 level. In his Youtube video response “A message to the people who love Toronto,” Roosh claims that the responses he received from Torontonians ranged from name-calling to personal attacks on his character.

What was interesting was that he pointed out that any criticism of Toronto is faced with a risk of getting disproportionately bashed and shamed. This suggests that there is a brainwashing campaign afoot in Toronto, where any form of criticism against Toronto (especially the women) is considered “offensive,” despite being rooted in the many subjective experiences of countless men.

Propaganda hides the inconvenient truth about Toronto

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It appears that the Toronto residents who disagree with ROK’s stance are doing so partly because of the message that the media, government, and academic institutions are constantly feeding them about their home. One must understand that good PR campaigns about Toronto are vital for its immigration industry.

It is known that prospective immigrants have to carry a certain amount of money in savings in order to immigrate to Ontario, roughly $10,000 Canadian dollars. This means that immigrants bring money into the province, which will be used to stimulate the stagnant economy of Ontario, where manufacturing once thrived before the 2008 economic recession.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Therefore, articles and newspapers that discuss about the poor state of dating and social life in Toronto are topics that usually get censored. Negative publicity about Canada will affect the immigration industry because if a prospective male immigrant from a foreign country reads the truth about Toronto’s women, he will certainly think twice before booking that flight to Canada.


The censorship of politically incorrect statements

There also appears to be a form of censorship going on behind the scenes. One instance of negative publicity occurred when the NotCanada.com website was formed to warn potential immigrants to Canada that skilled people ended up working in low wage jobs because their credentials were not recognized. In addition, the NotCanada website contained testimonies and complaints from immigrants that Canada is not the paradise as it advertises itself on the media.

However, the NotCanada.com website was mysteriously taken down after a news agency made a documentary about the plight of immigrants to Canada. One of its articles can be found here, but the website is not even available on internet archives — it is “excluded” from the Wayback Machine. It can be safely said that any website which criticizes the feminist movement in Toronto will continue to be the target of SJW blowback.

In a healthy democracy, opposing topics such as the poor state of the dating market in Toronto, the rude behaviour of women in Toronto, and the insanity of feminism in Toronto must be allowed for discussion. However, it appears that these types of opposing viewpoints are not tolerated. At many universities in Toronto, criticism of feminism is viewed as hate speech, yet feminists are allowed to assemble and cause disruptions to Men’s Rights meetings as they did back in 2012.

The high cost of living and boring culture

Many Canadian employers do not recognize foreign work experience.

Many Canadian employers do not recognize foreign work experience.

The cost of living is so high in Toronto that it will be very difficult to save money on a minimum wage. There is currently a housing bubble in Toronto which makes housing and accommodation costs very expensive as compared to other cities around the world.

Additionally, Toronto is known by many immigrants as a boring city because of a lack of identity and culture. In other words, a man will have his status degraded, forced to work menial jobs, and live a boring life, all under the watch of man-hating feminists. Where can we sign up?

Closing Remarks

Men really need to avoid Toronto at all costs. This is why I’m planning to get out from Toronto and live somewhere else at the earliest opportunity. There is something very wrong with Toronto, and it will only continue to get worse for men.

Trust me; you don’t want to experience the feminist tyranny in Toronto. You will be glad you avoided moving to this city.

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