For a while I have been wondering why ROK hasn’t written much about San Francisco and its women. Here are several major reasons why you can safely skip gaming in San Francisco from a nearly 17-year resident of this city:

1. It Is The Epicenter Of Careerist Feminism


You won’t find a place where women sacrifice more time and energy trying to prove that they can do whatever a man can, and that they can achieve the same corporate ranks, make the same amount of money, and have the same lifestyle as men – from sex life to the intensity of work outs. No personal cost is too high.

There is a price to be paid for eighteen-hour work days at the Silicon Valley start-ups, and that price is developing a scarier man-jaw than you would find anywhere else. The highest cost of living in the nation creates a swim-or-sink economy and mentality, where women become as aggressive about their jobs, finances and survival as guys are.

You will see both attractive and extremely unattractive women act like they are God’s gift, because they went to a top school and have good jobs, and they have been brainwashed into believing that being overconfident and acting like a man is the right way to be in order to make it here.

2. Herd Mentality is Rampant 

cows herd mentality

Every girl does the same thing for a living (recruiting or marketing) and wears exactly the same clothes—yoga pants, bright Nike shoes, sunglasses, iPhone in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Lulu Lemon is not fashion here; it’s a clan.

The hobbies among women are also remarkable similar: most girls do yoga, spin classes, run marathons, and go to baseball games not because that’s what they really like to do, but because everyone else is doing it. Standing an hour in line to get a seat at the latest trendy, overrated restaurant, won’t deter anyone, despite how many restaurant options there might be around with no lines.

3. The Land Of Smartphone Drones


The women here are more glued to their smartphones than anywhere else. They literally never look up, even though this is the city where you have all the reasons to look around, due to its pedestrian friendly environment, natural beauty, and plenty of opportunities for people watching.

I am sure that if I sat next to a girl on a bus or metro for a 30 minute ride, she would not be able to identify me in a line-up a minute after I get off. This isn’t that different in coffee shops or restaurants. The girls here have no situational awareness whatsoever.

4. Unprecedented Female Arrogance Driven By Extremely Thirsty, Passive Men


Sometimes I hear conversations between two girls about how they sort through the guys who are interested in them, as if they were models. The moment I look at them, I cringe and wonder if the guys they are talking about are legally blind. But then again—who can blame those women, if they continue receiving attention from handsome, desperate Ivy League grads with seven figure incomes.

5. The Capital of Manly Women

inspiration women empowerment


There has to be extra testosterone in the water, or else would there be so many women in the San Francisco area with low, manly voices who are interested in weight lifting, marathon running, and long hikes. Their eagerness to “prove” themselves and to “challenge” themselves defies the very notion of femininity.

6. Game Is Dead 


No one approaches anyone anymore. Period. Everyone is on OkCupid, Tinder, etc. Guys are out of practice and no longer have what it takes to make a move, and the girls are extremely unfriendly because they are also out of practice of dealing with guys who used to approach.

7. Women Are Too Busy   


Local women have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that being overbooked and being a “challenge” makes them more attractive and desirable. Between very long work and school days, yoga, pilates, hiking, and texting, they simply have no time or energy left for any love or romance, however casual or serious it might be. And, if there is one place, where women follow “The Rules” of playing hard to get, that would be San Francisco.

8. The Land Of Butterflies


Because of the huge selection of single men, so many women never stop going on dates with random ones they meet online. They don’t really like or dislike anyone, so they end up going on a million 20 minute coffee dates expecting to be swept off their feet.

This of course almost never happens, and this arduous process makes those women extremely jaded and unexcited about dating or meeting someone new.

9. You Don’t Know What Flaking Is Until You Come to SF


The combination of #1, #7, #8 – working too hard, meeting too many guys and overbooking leads to fatigue, confusion, and the highest rates of flaking in the Western hemisphere

10. It’s Nothing Like New York City


People like comparing San Francisco to New York. There are some similarities in the way two cities look and feel, but when it comes to women and game, they couldn’t be more different. New York is the land of far friendlier, more approachable, less flaky, and waaaay more attractive women. Between Wall Street and a notorious fast-paced lifestyle, you would expect NY women to be worse, but they aren’t, as has been confirmed by Roosh and many comments.

San Francisco is a great city for many reasons. Dating, women, and game isn’t one of them. But then again—can any city be truly great if it’s lacking in those departments?

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