The year was 2008 and Scott Eckern had everything he needed in life. He was the director at a top theater company. He had a lovely family and home. But then social justice warriors discovered a small sum Eckern had donated in opposition to gay marriage. Eckern soon found himself without a job, his family harassed and threatened, and his name smeared all over the news.

This was just the beginning. This kind of social oppression has grown, and it is most commonly seen from another movement: feminism.

A homosexual redefinition of marriage gives feminists ammunition to push their own agenda, using dishonestly, hatred, and indoctrination. Justify a government-takeover of marriage for the sake of sexual equality, and that opens all sorts of doors for how they can dictate your life. A woman who supports gay marriage in popular culture does not respect the value of natural roles, and will end up monopolizing your relationship.

Gay Marriage Encourages Feminism

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In 2012, a European feminist group used anti-Christian displays to protest in favor of gay marriage. Most feminists despise the gay movement. So why did these feminists push gay rights? Don’t think for a second that feminists actually care about gays. Listen carefully and you will see that it is all just a rapacious attack on religion, and men.

Patriarchy is what distinguishes marriage from civil unions. The original idea behind marriage was that women “multiply and replenish the earth,” rear children at home, and that men work to provide a living. This arrangement means men are dominant. But feminists can’t handle being subservient, so they tear down the religious basis for marriage and the family any way they can. Soon after her excommunication, feminist Kate Kelly lashed out at “small-minded religious paradigms” about homosexuality. It is no coincidence that feminists pressure us to redefine marriage.

Gay marriage gives women an excuse to avoid personal responsibility. If feminists equate all civil unions under the term “marriage,” then a person can’t say a mother of seven children is any more successful than the woman who lazes at her boyfriend’s apartment all day.

If the government dictates what the word marriage means, it reduces the man’s leadership position and elevates the woman’s control. It allows government to further control your relationships. This trickles down to society’s definition of romantic relationships in general. A woman that accepts a government’s definition of marriage does not respect your definition of relationships, nor your rights. She is more concerned with popularity and fitting in.

Gay Marriage Leads To Censorship

In 2009, discussions were often civil. I had some positive, uplifting dialogue with gay activists. But times have changed. Today, if they discover that you have ever uttered a sentiment against gay marriage, don’t expect to keep your job. Don’t expect to have any kind of job in journalism, on TV, or as a CEO. Expect companies to be shamed by Huffington Post until they proclaim the gay marriage message.

Feminists have taken hold of this censorship power to further their own agenda. This censorship campaign is not just at school or in the media; it seeps into our daily lives. This is why the terms “husband” and “wife” are disappearing from our language. Now all you have is a “partner.”

Gay Marriage Destroys Fatherhood


Leftists often say, “it takes a village to raise a child.” I actually agree. Society has a responsibility for the children. But leftists have twisted this to mean that it is society that raises a child, not parents.


Feminists display a weird distaste for raising their children because the center of attention is distracted away from them. Social acceptance for gay parents helps them take the focus away from children. The children of gay couples are necessarily adopted or created with involving a third person, so marriage is no longer about two people having children. Children are an accessory that garnishes their marriage; marriage is not about resulting in children.

Feminists turn the focus onto themselves by inserting themselves into every aspect of the child’s life. They tear down or completely remove the father’s role in the child’s life, and thus more easily dictate the child’s life. It is therefore no surprise when they trumpet “studies” that claim children don’t need a traditional family arrangement. Forbes recently claimed that a study shows it doesn’t matter how much time mothers spend with children. But actually that study proved something very different:

“Family time appears a more beneficial type of time for adolescents; more accessible family time is associated with better self-concept and decreased drug use and more engaged family time is associated with fewer behavioral problems and better self-concept and math performance….

During adolescence, time may become more important. The mother time analysis shows a strong relationship between engaged mother time and risky behavior (Table 5), and family time, not necessarily just mother time, appears linked to other adolescent outcomes, including better self-concept and academic performance.”

The crusade against motherhood hurts children, ironically resulting in the kind of man who abuses women. Feminism is thus directly to blame for abusive men. Not only that, study after study finds that children need their fathers. A gay marriage arrangement where a father or mother is missing helps feminists achieve their demonic goal. Cases are abundant that show non-traditional families are destructive for children.

We Should Have Stopped Feminists At Gay Marriage


According to polls, acceptance of gay marriage has skyrocketed. Many people seem to think the propaganda that pervades film, music, television, churches, and the education system doesn’t affect their lives. They don’t understand that the homosexual marriages do affect them, and that it enables the feminists who make this world a nightmare.

If it were just about respecting gay people, they would be satisfied calling them “civil unions.” But they want to force you to consider gay unions equal to traditional marriages. That is the problem. A watered-down definition of marriage allows women to assume the role of power.

Delve into the gay marriage movement and you find that most gays themselves don’t want what is happening. Sure, they want respect, but they don’t need the government, churches, and other organizations to redefine the word marriage. Many recognize that the “village” model of childrearing is destructive, that children need both a man and woman in the home. Once people get past the circular arguments, appeal to emotion, and sheer propaganda, they don’t want it.

This is why men must avoid girls who support gay marriage, particularly those who have really thought about it. It indicates they don’t want to accept the discipline and hard work that goes into a successful relationship. A woman who accepts gay marriage in society will will reject your role as a father, telling you that fatherhood does not raise a child, and that she is somehow equal or better than you in every way.

Really, she will care more about herself than anyone else in the family.

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