You’ve probably seen her at the grocery store, hair dyed to hide the grey, designer sunglasses to disguise the wrinkles around her eyes, boob job, and skin-tight yoga pants worn without underwear. A man can be fooled from afar. But up close you realize she’s just another sexually aggressive aging female.

What is the sexually aggressive aging female? It first rose to the forefront of the public consciousness about ten years ago when Demi Moore shockingly nabbed Ashton Kutcher, who is fifteen years her junior, as her boyfriend and eventually her husband. Feminists touted this as a victory for womankind.

At last, women were free to imitate men and pursue much younger mates. It was the dawn of a glorious new age.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Of course, the relationship lasted only seven years and ended in an awkward divorce. Kutcher started to date his former That 70s Show co-star Mila Kunis even before his divorce was finalized. He eventually ended up marrying Kunis, who happens to be six years younger than he is.

The phenomenon of older women chasing much younger men was dubbed the cougar effect. Feminists celebrate cougars as being strong, confident, empowered, and enlightened women. The reality, though, is that many of these women are just angry divorcees who are desperately trying to regain their confidence by checking their dignity at the door and whoring it up like drunken strippers on spring break.

“Cougar” is really an inappropriate term to describe these women. Real cougars are beautiful and deadly felines. But these women are aggressive, unattractive, and delusional harpies.

Real harpies of New York City


Carole Radziwill

Recently I sat down to watch television with my wife. Even though she is an otherwise decent and intelligent woman, she happened to be watching the Bravo reality show, Real Housewives of New York City. Interestingly enough, the majority of the cast seemed to embody this aggressive aging female archetype. Even my wife was appalled at the shameless behavior of cast.

After ten minutes of watching the show, here’s what I discovered. These aging slags are raunchy. In a conversation between Bethenny Frankel (failed talk show host and Skinny Girl cocktail mogul) and Sonja Morgan (ex-wife of a J.P. Morgan heir), both women boasted about the glories of getting “shit faced and pounded hard,” after a bad divorce.

Morgan added that she only swallows for guys with a Black card. Frankel is in her 40s and Morgan is in her 50s, and both are parents to young girls. Way to set a great example, ladies.


Sonja Morgan – A desperate cry for attention

In another vignette, the women went clubbing at a trendy New York hotspot and managed to land some 23-year-old men. While the men seemed to be of dubious sexual orientation, the implication was that women brought these men home and had sex with them.

In a particularly pathetic conversation, NY housewife and princess Carole Radziwill boasted that she used to be the fit model for Jordache Jeans to the befuddled looks of the young men, who had clearly never heard of the brand that was popular before they were born.

It seems the entire cast of this show is nothing but a bunch of sexually aggressive aging females. In February, the New York Post reported that another NY housewife, Countess Luann de Lesseps, went clubbing with two of her co-stars from the show.


Countess Luann and Carole Radziwill partying with some “lucky” young guy

While at the club, de Lesseps allegedly “met a hot, younger guy.” They must have liked each other because “it turned into 40 minutes of making out and groping.” The Countess was “leaning on him, making out like she was a shark devouring her prey. She was a foot taller than he was.” Supposedly, she left with him later and engaged in more making out outside the club.

You may have noticed that some of these women have titles of nobility. Why would an otherwise cultured woman debase herself in this way?

Science-denying progressives


Screeching as usual

The whole sexually aggressive aging female phenomenon exists because feminists refuse to accept a basic fact of human biology: sex is designed for the propagation of the species and a woman’s sexual market value (SMV) is dependent on her fertility.

Feminists want you to believe that women reach their “sexual peak” (whatever that is) at age 36, and that they only get better after that. The truth is that by age 36, a woman’s SMV will start declining quickly as her fertility begins to drop off precipitously.

Women reach their peak fertility in their early twenties. Not surprisingly, the average age of a Playboy playmate is 22 because that is what men find most attractive. As a woman’s looks slowly start to decline in her late twenties, she will gradually become less appealing to men.

The uncomfortable corollary to a woman’s SMV being based on her fertility is that most men will no longer find postmenopausal women sexually appealing. You can think of menopause as “the wall,” although some women hit the wall sooner.

Of course, I am not implying that postmenopausal women have no value whatsoever, only that they will not stir a man’s libido as they did while they were in their twenties or thirties. This is true even for women who stay fit and take care of themselves.

The women of the Real Housewives of New York City have been duped into believing the feminist lie that biology is infinitely malleable—we can be whatever we want to be. A 50-year-old woman can be just as sexually attractive to men as a 22-year-old woman if she thinks she is sexy. She just needs to be confident and aggressive!

How a healthy society works


Ozzie and Harriet

The interesting thing about the phenomenon is that nobody except feminist theorists and media liberals really want it. Men don’t want to bone old women. Children don’t want their mother (or grandmother) talking about how she likes to get shitfaced and pounded hard by random men. And surveys show that even women themselves would prefer to date a man who is a few years older than they are.

By acting like old whores, they are simply trying to conform themselves to the diktats of our SJW masters. If we lived in a healthy society, we would not have the problem of women of a certain age hanging around bars trying to pick up young guys, and the Housewives of New York would not have to engage in degrading behavior.

In a traditional society, women would marry in their early twenties while they were still at the top of their game so that they could attract the best possible man. They wouldn’t ride the cock carousel throughout their twenties and early thirties only to find out that they’ve become unmarriageable due to low SMV.

Marriage would be “till death do us part” except for extreme circumstances. Divorce would be frowned upon by society and difficult to obtain. There would be no such thing as “no fault divorce.”

This would solve the problem of wives being dumped by their husbands once they hit the wall. It would also solve the problem of men being divorced and stuck with child support because their aging wives have lost their minds after reading Eat, Pray, Fuck.

I think the current order will eventually collapse, and a healthy society will rise from the rubble. Until that happens, don’t be surprised if somebody’s grandma hits on you in the grocery store.

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