Still left wondering how the preposterous “Rape Culture” hysteria began? It’s okay, you weren’t supposed to know.

On September 9, 1973, two black prisoners of Lorton, Virginia founded the group, Prisoners Against Rape (P.A.R) (Source). Inmate on inmate, guard on inmate, all sorts of rape going on in the prison systems was left unchecked. Out of desperation, this growing group was reaching out to other alleged victims in an attempt to bring more attention to the issue, and possibly get sympathy.

Guess who they sought as an ally? Answer: feminists. After all, they’ve been crying out about rape and domestic violence for years, shouldn’t they be perfect for the cause? They had no idea who they were dealing with.

The Term Was Hijacked

Influenced by P.A.R, the movie producer, Margaret Lazarus, released the Cambridge documentary film, Rape Culture (video below), in 1975, discussing the prison rape issue. Guess what happened the same year of its release? Feminists redefined the term as the ever-present, systematic, patriarchal sexual oppression of women, leaving P.A.R. in the dust.

The black prisoners’ plight was just a vehicle used to further the agenda of the female imperative. This was the very first sign that rape hysteria was never about saving people from rape, but about retaining exclusive victimhood status for women. 1975 was the official start of all future feminist laws and political correctness. Just take a look at this timeline. After 1975, the cancer of feminism exploded.



It is no coincidence that this happened after 1974. Starting from the beginning of WWII in 1942, to the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, there were too many real simultaneous or back-to-back issues at hand: the Civil Rights Movement (~1940-1970), the Cold War (1947-1991), Korean War (1950-1955), and the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

Only after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and two wars, could women’s cries even be considered. Once the dust of battle and unrest settled, betas and white knights in the casual sex market could turn their focus on pleasing and supplicating to women at any cost.

The Mindset Of Our Opposition


Here are some quotes from the 1973 Feminist Alliance Against Rape (FAAR) newsletter, by Larry Cannon and William Fuller…

Men Are Taught to Rape By Society

RAPE, like all other crimes, arises out of our social environment, from ideas we learn from our relations with institutions and from people as we grow into adults. In other words, RAPE is culturally America, that is, RAPE is the product of the racist and repressive ills tied into the American way of life which is ingrained into the masses from the cradle.

When deciphering the statements of SJW’s and women, replace their buzzword terms with the definition (e.g. Rape). Translation: Starting from the cradle, America teaches men to force their penis into women’s vaginas against their will. Sounds ridiculous right?


Rape Culture Is An Airborne Virus

In my last post, New York Has Adopted Yes Means Yes, I described New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s reasoning for passing the Affirmative Consent Resolution as follows…

The almighty, ever-present rape culture lingers in the air. Every breathing female, especially those in university, are at great risk of sexual assault. In fact, 1 in 4 women who draw breath from the patriarchy become infected with rape.

This is by no means a caricature of the prevalent beliefs of rape culture as proven below…

Society in general, and individuals in particular, believe that dehumanizing tactics such as castration, prison, and the like would prevent RAPE. This is a total myth. It attacks only the effect. The cause is still at large with the potentiality to strike any woman as would a cold.

Rape Is Profitable

Why was slavery institutionalized in American society, then rendered extinct? Wasn’t it a social custom? We could go on and on in describing extinct social norms from language to child-rearing. Why hasn’t this society applied itself to RAPE in a similar vain? Because crime, that is, certain crime has a monopoly on dividends and RAPE is a major source of political and economical revenue or capital. It is a great “law and order” slogan. It’s an asset to man’s rule and male supremacy as opposed to a liability.

Oh yeah, they went there. Feminists tried to conflate the horrors of black slavery with the conjured concept of Rape Culture.

What if Brad Pitt Did It?


To refute to the Rape Culture narrative, simply conduct a basic thought experiment. Every time a woman or mangina claims a specific situation to be the result of Rape Culture, ask yourself, if the “perpetrator” were Brad Pitt, would a woman mind?

Take the NYC Street “Harassment” video, for example. What if instead of middle and lower class minorities hitting on her, it was Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Tupac, and Jon Hamm? Do you think any woman in question would cry sexual harassment or Rape Culture?

How about 50 Shades of Grey? Why isn’t that considered a source of Rape Culture? Again, let’s look at the “perpetrator” to determine why this isn’t the case… Oh, what do you know, the “perpetrator” is a handsome billionaire. This is classic a case of “Watch what they do, not what they say.”

The Rape Culture narrative only applies to the bottom 80% of men. All anti-male legislation from family law (mandatory) to affirmative consent originate from the woman’s need to separate men into two categories: sperm donors (top 20%) and providers (bottom 80%), without being held accountable for their actions.


Rape Culture is a false narrative perpetuated for the purposes of retaining victimhood status, the entitlements that come with it, and optimizing the female imperative in a time where technology and societal structure has virtually removed all needed effort to survive and thrive.

As a matter of fact, the more prosperous a nation is, the stronger its feminist ideals. By what other means besides indoctrination and lies could women convince society that they are helpless victims when they have more rights, privileges, and social leniency (read: pussy pass) than any man, combined with the fact that we live in the most safe and luxurious time in history?

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