Gabi Grecko, a professional self-aggrandizer, recently escaped a criminal conviction for perhaps the most bizarre case of indecent exposure in contemporary Australian history. In 2014, Grecko, the Southern belle of geriatric businessman Geoffrey Edelsten, had walked down Melbourne’s bustling Bourke Street at night, sans all clothes bar a veil (which soon fell off) and a hairpiece.

Rather than being a quick prank which surprised bystanders captured with their smartphones, Grecko had brought along two friends armed with both a camera and video camera to meticulously document her stroll.

Only weeks ago during sentencing, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic evidently pitied the flamboyantly dressed Grecko. After all, if she convicted the “socially ambitious” young woman, how could she ever commute between Australia and her native America for work? The poor diddums! Although found responsible, Grecko was accordingly redirected to a diversion program, preventing the conviction that would hamstring her budding career.

Grecko making a mockery of the court system and decision after being “sentenced”. Her now husband Geoffrey Edelsten is in the foreground.

Given the walk occurred in the evening, one might be excused for thinking that her ten minutes of prancing around naked is no big deal. Anyone who has lived in the CBD of Melbourne or Sydney, however, would disagree. At this hour, to boot, Grecko came across hundreds of people. New York is not the only city that never sleeps.

And if Melbourne does indeed sleep sometimes, it certainly wasn’t at the hour Grecko chose. The police understandably received a flurry of complaints about her. Plus, if I could see her vajayjay on my smartphone as clear as day, the pedestrians that morning could have landed a plane on it.

Unless we regress to inane debates about male genitalia being more “external” than the female equivalent (and so exposing the former is somehow worse than exposing the latter), Grecko continues the habitual practice of judiciaries making excuses for socially deviant female sex behavior. When carried out by men, these behaviors are routinely castigated and result in life-changing negative consequences for offenders.

For example, many of you have read my piece about the perennial allure of statutory rapist Mary Kay Letourneau. Grecko’s antics are without question less serious, but the paradox of male responsible-rampant female leeway is the same for exposing yourself as it is for more conventional sex felonies.

A walk to make her more “famous”

Grecko had a miscarriage, said she was grieving about it and decided to Instagram the hell out of the situation. Classy (and believable).

Unlike more anonymous pranks involving nudity, Grecko made a crudely calculated move to increase her already overexposed profile (pun intended). Having her two friends tag along to chronicle her “exploits” was nothing but an egregious attempt at attention-seeking, not a spontaneous one. And fleeting nudity is something decidedly different from ten minutes of relaxed ambling, during which time people can see everything without even having to turn their heads and track movement.


Not only did the walk succeed in generating the desired attention, the court failed to appropriately incorporate this flagrant self-promotion, for overall commercial purposes, into its decision. The funny part is that Grecko, wanting a lighter sentence, promised that she was done with walking nude in public, as if a grown adult needs to make such a declaration in the first place.

When you combine her attempts at contrition with her courtroom attire (orange hair, some sort of indie denim combination and a daffodil-colored parasol), you’re left with the impression that the Australian judiciary was “punk’d” by Grecko.

A man doing this would be called a sex offender

Someone died and it’s a funeral, but everything is always about Gabi.

So a big question looms, “How would a male doing the same thing fare before the courts?” If you’ve both long swallowed your red pill and appreciate the need for the nascent philosophy of Neomasculinity, you already know the answer is “badly.”

This hypothetical copycat of Grecko would be called out as an unacceptable risk to children (and probably stripped of visitation and custody rights if he had any himself), pursued as a social deviant and, above all else, punished more severely by the authorities. A magistrate or judge’s sympathy in not ordering a conviction would be very unlikely.

The situation gets worse, though. Because of our society’s reticence to call a spade a spade when it comes to anti-social female sexual behavior, women progressively learn what is and what is not acceptable for them to do, within and outside the law. And the domain of acceptability, expanded by judicial decisions like the soft one involving Grecko, has become ever wider in its embrace of narcissism and attention-seeking.

A woman does not need to go as far as Grecko for massive problems to emerge. A good case study of this is SlutWalk. Its major premise is based on cloaking female attention-seeking with the false veneer of advocacy, whilst ignoring how women slut-shame females as much as (if not more than) men.

Legal pussy passes for women is a tiring circus trick

Our legal system bends over backwards to infantilize and respond to the desires of self-entitled, inveterately selfish women. It correspondingly cultivates their narcissism to the point of mental illness. What’s next? Justifying statutory rape because a woman’s maternal instincts intersected with her libido?

Sites like ROK would become largely redundant if instances like Grecko’s parading around nude for sport were properly addressed by the courts and society. Because they are not, they provide never-ending fodder for commentators like us to ask, “Why is this behavior acceptable? Why is the outcome so radically different when the genders are reversed?”

The answer to both questions is simple: men have responsibility, women receive the pussy pass. Gabi Grecko is just one of many to benefit from the latter.

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