Texas, supposedly America’s most patriarchal state, doesn’t believe a woman should be indicted for orally raping a man while he was asleep. She is now a free woman after a grand jury “no billed” the case. Prosecutors had no choice but to dismiss the already weak (relative to the allegations) charges against her.

Megan Rae Davis, who additionally goes by Megan Hoelting and presumably “Walking Pussy Pass,” admitted that she broke into the home of her husband’s friend in the middle of night and wrapped her legs around him in bed. The alleged victim went further, asserting that he felt his penis being put in Davis’ mouth. Considering that Davis gripped her legs around the man, clearly a sexual act, Davis sexually assaulted him from the outset, even if we gave her the benefit of the doubt over the oral rape (which I won’t be doing). When the man came to, he found Davis astride him, only “dressed” in her panties.

Although The Huffington Post carried the original story of Davis’ arrest in October 2014, the situation has been largely or completely ignored by the bigger outlets, especially when the case was thrown out recently. After the feminist and mainstream media outrage which accompanied the thirty day sentence for (male) teacher rapist Stacey Rambold, he was re-sentenced to fifteen years, including five suspended.

It beggars belief, despite the admittedly very serious nature of Rambold’s crime, that Davis’ free ride in the justice system should be incongruently kept out of the major media spotlight. A victim is a victim. Unless you’re a man, I suppose.

But when a man is accused?


Beneath every self-entitled new bride like Megan Rae Davis lies a meth addict-looking woman waiting to jump out from all the make-up.

Men are regularly tried and convicted with no evidence other than the testimony of the woman alleging rape or sexual assault. Many times both parties are agreed that the defendant or pre-trial accused was not trespassing when the alleged crime took place. Contrasting this, Megan Rae Davis has admitted that she illegally forced her way into the home of the man.

By itself, this is more concrete evidence or overall context than the majority of sexual assault cases leveled against male accused, yet Davis still gets her pussy pass. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I guess that now includes sexually assaulting your husband’s friend when you get the “sexual munchies.”

Davis is also a living embodiment of criminal dysfunction. In the same month she sexually assaulted the man, she had three other encounters with police. Once again, the justice system enables such women to get away with obvious contraventions of the law. Any time spent “languishing” in the county lock-up is just the “pause button” before they’re released and can re-ingrain themselves back to their “normal” life of playing the gender card.


As the evidentiary standards for men accused of sexual crimes in both colleges and courts continue to be watered-down, women like Davis avoid even the specter of actual sexual assault charges. When finally confronted by the law over the break-in, the charges she faced included attempted sexual assault.

What threshold does a woman have to cross to be accused of a sexual assault, rather than its attempt? As you might have read in past weeks, women like braindead “comedienne” Farah Brook are excused for sexual assault and harassment by kissing while men are arrested and convicted for trying it.

Praise be to the Internet

I hope Megan Rae Davis is putting these REAL photos of herself on Tinder, along with the moniker “Texan Sexual Deviant Girl”.

The glory of our technological age is that we can make examples of these women. There are undoubtedly many people, in Davis’ own community to boot, who will make excuses for her, fail to reevaluate any good opinions they previously had of her, and all-round rationalize what she did (“it wasn’t really sexual assault anyway”).

Yet large swathes of others, both nearby and far away from her, will gossip about her, chide her actions, mock and exclude her. This is what we want. Although a far cry from true justice, the exposure of terrible, sociopathic human beings like Davis is creating waves.

Importantly, women like Davis are highly superficial, unintelligent and vacuous. Her booking photos, which make her look like a meth addict, are probably to her the worst things to come out of this case. It certainly isn’t the dignity, wellbeing, and rights of her victim, or the feelings of her cuckolded husband. To the internet, Davis’ actions have announced, “I’m a sexual deviant slut.” And now we know that, sans make-up, she looks like one, too.

Where art thou, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand?

“I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, Senator Gillibrand.”

I will presume professional superheroes like New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand utilize a pre-1845 map of America which does not include Texas. Once they finally figure out that Texas is indeed a state within the Union, they’ll surely arrive on the scene in the interest of fairness to all sexual assault victims. Davis’ victim will be invited to the State of the Union address next year as Gillibrand’s guest and she’ll spend countless hours advocating on his and other men’s behalf.

Or not.

The massive let off for Megan Rae Davis underscores that all men within our special community must contribute to the outing, shaming, and misery of women who escape proper legal sanction via the gender card. Every time, era, and epoch has its builders and protectors of justice. We, my friends, are those men, wearing today’s clothes.

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