When it comes to prescribing what individual men can do to improve their lives, there is wide agreement in the manosphere. There is also a consensus that our current society is broken. But when it comes to deciding what to do about it, we disagree on which strategy to adopt.

Broadly speaking, there are three ways that men approach the crisis we are facing:

1. Nihilistic Approach


Enjoy your dinner on the Titanic

Men who take the nihilistic approach believe that nothing can be done to reverse the descent of our civilization into oblivion. Our civilization is the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It is here for a while longer, but its sinking is now certain. Since no one knows what will follow the present civilization, it is not worthwhile to prepare for it.

These men are resolved to enjoy life as much as possible until the civilizational collapse happens. They might be working on themselves, but their effort is focused solely on improving their own lives—not on the culture as a whole.

In this group you’ll find most (but not all) PUAs and MGTOWs. When it comes to changing the system, the nihilistic approach is largely a passive one.

2. Live To Fight Another Day


The Battle of Helm’s Deep – rule number one is to survive

The “Live to Fight Another Day” approach is similar to the nihilistic approach in that it also assumes that we are stuck with the current set of progressive governments until they inevitably exhaust themselves.

The underlying assumption is that the current order, as degraded as it is, will successfully resist any attempt to change it. That means that our first job as traditional men is to survive—we can’t let the current system destroy us.

Our second task is to prepare ourselves and to wait until some event destabilizes the current order. At that point, we will be able to spring into action to reestablish a more traditional order.

Men who take this approach are working on themselves. They are starting businesses and learning marketable skills. They are lifting weights and learning self-defense. They will find a traditional woman, start a family, and educate their children in traditional values. Their goal is to flourish in the present, but also lay the groundwork for renewing civilization in the future.

Although this approach is more active than the nihilistic approach, it still has passive aspect because it means waiting for some event to happen rather than being a catalyst for change.

3. Active Change


Thomas Jefferson – Time to follow in his footsteps?

Other men believe that we can take action now to change the system for the better. This is a war against the current culture, and there are several fronts in this war.


Supporting Good Candidates

Some men have given up on supporting and voting for good candidates because in practice, things change very little. While it is true that voting for a conservative candidate probably will not make much difference, it is still a good idea. Conservative politicians tend to implement progressive ideas more slowly than progressive politicians do.

And there is always the possibility that every now and then we could elect a true leader who has a spine and who cannot be bought. If that happens, he may even be able to reverse some of the decay that is afflicting us.

I don’t think that electing good candidates will result in victory, but it is an effective way of slowing the enemy down long enough to muster our forces.

Attempting To Influence The Culture

A more direct attack on the culture is to try to spread traditional ideas using the same methods that have been used by the SJWs to spread their progressive ideas. ROK is an example of this approach, since it uses entertaining posts to convey a serious message to a lot of men. Even Roosh’s appearance on Dr. Oz was ultimately a way to get the message out to more people.

This approach is effective. Once one person sticks their neck out and speaks the truth in public, others feel emboldened to follow. But this is a long-term strategy. Progressives have captured virtually every major institution in our civilization: schools, universities, entertainment, news media, and even a good portion of our churches. It is going to take a long time to recapture these institutions.



Ultimately, it may be that the culture is too far gone to salvage. We should at least consider the possibility that we need to start over from scratch.

Starting from scratch has lots of benefits. A country like the US has a lot of baggage such as the legacy of slavery, a virtually all-powerful federal government, and a tax code that makes economic mobility difficult. Any group that wants to start a new country could learn a lot just by observing what went wrong in the US.

The idea of a fresh start is not as radical as it sounds. If you happen to be an American, it is part of your tradition. The founding fathers of the United States put their lives on the line to break from England. The Confederacy unsuccessfully tried to do the same thing almost one hundred years later.

How can an exit happen? Not through violence. The American Civil War proved the futility of violent rebellion. Given the technological superiority of modern armies, any sort of violent uprising would be immediately crushed.

However, the recent Scottish independence referendum shows us one possible path. For Americans, this would mean having one or more states seceding from the US using democratic processes.

Currently, there is no legal method for a state to secede from the US, but that should not deter anyone from seeking this option. At this point, progressives hate traditional men and women because we stand in the way of them building their SJW utopia. If we show them a way to get rid of us by allowing us to secede, they just might go for it.

In order for secession to be realized, the first step would be to build a critical mass of people who think that it is a viable idea. The following step would be to push for a constitutional convention or a constitutional amendment that would allow a nonviolent, democratic referendum.

Yes, this is a long shot, but the Scottish referendum was the result of over ten years of dedicated effort. The longest journey always starts with the first step.


While I understand why some men would want to take the nihilistic approach, I view it as a bit unmanly. Men have a responsibility not just to themselves, but also to their families and their community. That has always been the way of men.

The “Live to Fight Another Day” and “Active Change” strategies are not mutually exclusive. I have chosen to do both to the best of my abilities. We have to do our best to change the culture, but we have to do it in such a way that we do not get crushed in the process.

If traditional men are to be effective as a force for change, we are going to have to support each other and work together to a greater degree than we have up until now.

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