A month ago I caught a post on Matt Forney’s blog called How To Rape Women And Get Away With It [now removed]. Here were a couple excerpts:

2. When you’re done raping your victim, kill her. Also self-explanatory. Dead men don’t tell tales, and dead women don’t file police reports. But because this generation is completely wussified, modern rapists can’t even work up the nerve to slap their victims across the face after they’re done.


You might be tempted to just shove the body in the trunk of your 1992 Ford Festiva and dump it in the nearest body of water, but the problem with lakes and rivers is that it’ll eventually wash ashore, and then people will start asking questions. You’d have to live near the ocean and be willing to motorboat out into international waters for this to have a chance of working.

Matt has put out some fine writing, but I didn’t find this piece to be especially funny or powerful. Yet regardless of its distasteful quality, it was obvious he didn’t sincerely advocate rape. He used his imagination not unlike the authors of 50 Shades Of Gray or The Story of O, popular books where female characters are put through abusive situations by men.

As you can imagine, Matt’s post went viral within the feminist sphere, particular on Tumblr and Twitter. Here are some sample tweets:

Threat to destroy his employment: check.

Prayer to have him killed: check.

Threat to report him to governmental authority: check.

Tone deaf obliviousness to satire: check.

Desire to physically harm him: check.

Involvement of Anonymous: che… wait, what?

Matt later confirmed that he was indeed attacked by Anonymous:

For the record, Anonymous did pull off a DDoS attack on my blog. I couldn’t care less if they attacked me and me alone (the address/phone number that feminist trolls got off my domain’s WHOIS profile are both out of date, the former by about six years), but they did me in when they announced that they were going to dox and harass my family members. They actually gave me the names of my parents and my little sister (I have two sisters, they missed one).

The irony of course is that Anonymous makes itself out to be a collective that protects free speech against the state, but here we have them squelching one man’s legal free speech. Either you believe in free speech or you don’t, and while I didn’t care for Matt’s article, he has a right to publish it and for its contents to be read. Is Anonymous also attacking those who disseminate the Anarchist Cookbook, which teaches readers how to kill people with bombs? I doubt it.

It’s troubling that fat feminists can whine on Tumblr and Anonymous members swiftly white knight for them by threatening writers who didn’t break any laws. Any type of work you publish must now be approved by feminists or else they could order Anonymous to attack you. It’s no surprise that this attack came from the UK branch of Anonymous, where that government has full leeway to put people in jail for “provoking hatred.” I wonder if American Anonymous members approve of the UK branch censoring an American writer.

It’s a sad day when men attack other men to protect the “honor” of unattractive women, especially when those women aren’t looking after the interests of the males who participated in the attack. I know a lot of people are rooting for Anonymous’ brand of vigilante justice, but I wonder how they’ll feel when Anonymous decides to come after them for merely hurting the feelings of a few women.

Postscript: As you can see from the failed tweet excerpt above, the Anonymous UK account has since deleted tweets that threatened Matt.

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