Just like every other bastion of tradition and masculinity, the military is under attack by the forces of progressivism. The military is by its very nature masculine, hierarchical, and undemocratic, as it must be to succeed in its core business of engaging with and killing the enemy. This also makes it a target.

Of all our institutions, the military is the one which has best resisted progressivism, in large part because of the nature of the job. One does not simply turn up and demand equality in the military. Incoming does not discriminate.

However the military is ultimately a servant of the political classes, and this is where the pressure to bow to feminism originates. Everywhere they go women moan, demand special treatment, and undermine hierarchy. This has happened to the military and sadly there is not enough will remaining today to resist it, as we have seen with the recent humiliating sight of soldiers walking in high heels.

Unless there is some change in leadership this can only get worse.

The Obvious Problems

female soldier with styr aug

Sensible, sane women take one of the many other options they have in life before they pursue a career in the military. We have to question what sort of women our society is creating that they would seriously consider a career in combat, and what sort of a society we are that allows them to follow through such a bizarre and catastrophic decision.

What would make a woman want a low paid job they cannot physically do, while surrounded twenty-four hours a day by dangerous jerks that treat them like shit? Unsurprisingly, for those who know the nature of women it is exactly that. Most of them have daddy issues, are mentally damaged, or the losers of the sexual market who cannot secure a man and have no other career options to fall back on.

The most obvious problem with women in the military is that they are simply not good enough. Even with the reduced physical requirements for the non-combat roles they are eligible for now, many of them still fail to make the grade. They cannot even meet their own specially lowered standards for a job stacking blankets but still draw the same pay as real soldiers who have to work even harder to pick up the slack.

The Human Cost


Jessica Lynch became famous and scored a book deal after she was captured in Iraq in 2003. Her supply convoy, being driven by another female soldier, got lost and was ambushed in Nasiriyah, a militia stronghold that they were ordered to avoid. Lynch was heralded as a hero at the time by the media, portrayed as fighting to the last bullet.

In reality she had not fired a single round from her weapon. She had only joined the Army to save up money for college. The driver of the lead vehicle, Shoshana Johnson, joined the Army but never intended to go into combat. Like most women she just wanted the fun, fun, fun parts of being in the military, but not the actual, you know, military part of it. The oath they take means nothing to them.

Marines who were supposed to be securing bridges across the Euphrates for the invasion now had to be re-tasked to rescue this clusterfuck. Eleven soldiers died in the ambush. Six more, like Jessica Lynch, were captured. Another eighteen Marines died whilst desperately fighting through entrenched enemy positions in a hostile city to get to them in time.


Men, real men, real soldiers, then had to go in and rescue a scared nineteen-year-old girl from behind enemy lines because of progressives’ insistence that we are all the same and that women should be in the military despite all the obvious evidence that they shouldn’t.


I can’t tell this story without mentioning the real hero of that convoy. Sergeant Donald Walters was the blonde-haired American whose actions were misattributed to Jessica Lynch. Sergeant Walters’ vehicle became bogged down in sand. While the rest of his convoy made their escape, evidence suggests that he provided covering fire from his stranded vehicle.

He was abandoned alone, fifteen miles behind enemy lines and surrounded. He never made it out. He fought until he ran out of ammunition, and then he fought hand to hand. Eventually he was overcome, captured and then executed by the Shiite militia. While everybody has heard of Jessica Lynch, you have probably never heard of Sergeant Walters. If anybody deserves to be remembered from that day, it is him.

I don’t blame the women. They don’t know what they want. I blame the system that lies to women that they can be soldiers when it should be protecting them from themselves and their childish decisions. They should have been told, politely but firmly, no thanks—for their own safety and for that of the men serving alongside them. We do not allow children to serve in the military, so why would we allow women?

Women don’t actually want to be in combat. Their silly demands to be included are like a girl wanting to ride your motorcycle. It’s dangerous, exciting and looks fun so they want it, but when they get there they find they can’t handle it and they drop it. Women just like to push boundaries. The correct response is to pat these girls on the head, tell them to leave this to the grown ups and ride off.

Women In The Military Are Not Patriots


There is a more serious problem than women being too feeble, fat and slow, and generally the worst soldiers known to mankind. It is more serious than them sleeping with senior ranks and subverting hierarchy. It is more serious than them getting pregnant on deployments or spreading diseases on base.

It is even more serious than women fucking up and getting good men killed. Even if we lived in the fantasy world of feminists where women really were just as capable as men, there are more deadly consequences of sending women to war.

We can afford to lose men in war. As long as there are healthy women back home having children the nation will live to fight another day. The presence of women in the military foreshadows a society’s downfall.

Look at the Peshmerga in Iraq, or the final days of Nazi Germany. These were not strong, independent women or an exercise in equality, they were the last, desperate gasps of a dying society. The Islamic State are marrying off their women and having as many children as possible. The Kurds are sending their women to the front line. Guess what the long term consequences of this is.

The biggest existential threat to the US and Western countries is not rogue states or Islamic terrorists. It is the loss of our individual identities as nations. Every woman that is lured away from the role of wife, mother and homemaker by the modern world leaves behind her a hole which must be filled. If our people cannot or will not fill those holes then they will be filled for us by immigration. A nation must grow or die. A population that cannot sustain itself will be replaced.

If our women are too busy playing soldiers or “leaning in” then the next generation will come from elsewhere and will not be like us. Men’s sacrifice for society was dying in wars and the dangerous jobs. Women’s sacrifice was bearing the next generation. The tradition of the pedestal arose because women carried within themselves the future of our nation.

With the encouragement of government and media they abdicated their responsibilities and with it, their pedestal. Their talk of patriotism is bullshit. If women truly wanted to serve their nation then they would get married, stay married, and have children.

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