Paul Nungesser, the Columbia student who has been accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz as part of her “Carry That Weight” project, is finally striking back. Nungesser is suing Columbia University over Sulkowicz’s project, stating that the university did nothing to protect him from her campaign of harassment and defamation against him, and indeed allowed her to do it as part of her coursework.

In a particularly cruel irony, Nungesser’s suit is rooted in Title IX, the federal statute that bans gender-based discrimination in universities:

This is an action for damages, injunctive relief and declaratory relief against Defendants Columbia University, the Trustees of Columbia University, Columbia University’s President Lee C. Bollinger and Columbia University’s Visual Arts Professor Jon Kessler (hereinafter sometimes collectively referred to as “Defendants”), for their acts and omissions with regard to Paul Nungesser in violation of both federal and state law which have significantly damaged, if not effectively destroyed Paul Nungesser’s college experience, his reputation, his emotional well-being and his future career prospects. This case exemplifies the types of student-on-student and teacher-on-student gender based harassment and misconduct that the Supreme Court has held is prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 86 Stat. 373, as amended, 20 U.S.C. § 1681 etseq. (“Title IX”).

For those who’ve forgotten, Emma Sulkowicz is the Columbia student who became notorious last autumn when she announced that she would be carrying her mattress around campus until either she graduated or until her rapist—Nungesser—was expelled, whichever came first. This is despite the fact that Columbia’s campus tribunal cleared Nungesser of the rape charges that Sulkowicz leveled against him, under the lowest standard of proof.

While Sulkowicz has been careful not to name Nungesser—likely because doing so would have opened her up to a lawsuit—her campaigning made it easy for other Columbia students to identify him. According to his lawsuit, since Sulkowicz began her project, Nungesser’s college experience has been “effectively destroyed,” since he can no longer participate in campus life without being jeered at or physically attacked for being a “rapist.”

Despite the transparently bogus nature of Sulkowicz’s accusations, she became a darling of the feminist media, receiving glowing coverage in major publications such as New York Magazine. Additionally, she was invited to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Nungesser’s lawsuit—and the additional details he’s revealed about his relationship with Sulkowicz—confirms that everyone who supported her was complicit in harassment and fraud.

Sulkowicz To Nungesser: “Fuck Me In The Butt”


Nungesser’s suit against Columbia (which can be read in its entirety here) includes transcripts of text conversations he had with Sulkowicz when they were hooking up. Far from the sinister rapist that Sulkowicz has painted him as, their conversations show that she was the aggressor in their relationship. They also show that she had an odd fixation with anal sex:

Emma: fuck me in the butt
Paul: eehm
maybe not?
I miss your face tho
Emma: hahahah
you don’t miss my lopsided ass?
Paul: ido.
just not that much
good I am actually too tired to choose a movie
also to tired to spell apparently

Additionally, Sulkowicz also complained to Nungesser about another of her boyfriends (referred to as “John Doe” for legal reasons”) not using condoms when he slept with other women:

Emma: John Doe and i are all cool – hahahah – i was excited.
Paul: oh thanks god good to hear – so wats da nuse
Emma: he and i went to an art opening and tacos tonight – and we
talked it out – like im not gonna force him to be exclusive
but i was like “just use condoms with other girls” – so
yeah – he’ll use condoms if he fucks other girls.
Paul: . . . its just i mean im glad you talked it out and stuff and im
not the one trying to kill the boner here but how are you gonna
have any idea whether he actually uses a condom with other girls
or not
Emma: yeah i realize that’s true – i mean there’s a lot of faith involved
i feel like he needs another boy to tell him to use condoms
can you, in like your next bro talk, just be like yo, use condoms
when you luck other girls
Paul: i have tried to talk to him – thats why i talked to you in the first
place cause i felt i wasn’t gettin anywhere
Emma: oh forrealz? – goddamnit – yeah he’s totally not gonna do it then
Paul: :S
Emma: why can’t he just only love me

Finally, Nungesser’s lawsuit also contains other conversations in which Sulkowicz revealed she had slept around with other men and was a heavy drug user:

Emma further communicated to Paul stories and allegations of sexual abuse that she had experienced from other sexual partners. She stated: “i’ve officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends…—did lotsa drugs —jk —just got very drunk—well anyways—now i have an std— i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke—don’t put your unprotected dick into her… I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious—i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind… i was literally blackout… like i puked all over the place.”


There are even more revelations in the brief, such as the fact that Sulkowicz grew so attached to Nungesser she repeatedly messaged him while he was overseas telling him how much she missed him. For her part, Sulkowicz attempted to defend herself in a now-deleted post on her Facebook page:

Back in freshman year, I used to say the phrase “Fuck me in the butt” to mean “OMG, that’s sooo annoying.” We all said stupid shit freshman year. Over time, I worked that kink out of my lexicon, but now and then I still say stupid things. We all say stupid things! For example, I hear people say things like, “That test raped me” or “I raped that test,” when they don’t actually mean that a rape occurred. I’m not condoning this speech; rather, I’m pointing out that it happens a lot. When I’m stressed, I might say, “OMG kill me!” or when something’s awesome, I might say, “Wow, that slayed me.” In neither of these situations would anyone think that I’m asking to be murdered or that I’d been slayed.

So, look at the full conversation between me and Paul, which I have posted here. Did Paul, in this situation, actually think I wanted him to fuck me in the butt when all I was doing was complaining about the fact that I had to wake up soon? If he did, then he is terrible at reading signs from women, and takes the things we say as sexual invitations, even when most people would understand that they aren’t. If, on the other hand, he understood that I wasn’t propositioning him, which is indicated by the fact that he said, “jk,” then it is clear that he is now intentionally cropping the phrase from its context in order to mislead people. He doesn’t want you to know that I wasn’t asking to be fucked in the butt.

Sulkowicz made this argument despite the blatantly sexual nature of her conversation with Nungesser and other segments in the lawsuit that showed her unusual interest in anal sex.

All the evidence in Nungesser’s lawsuit blows Sulkowicz’s accusations to pieces. Not only that, suing the university and not Sulkowicz herself is a genius move, because it will allow him to restore his reputation (and expose her as a deranged liar) while avoiding accusations that he is “bullying” her.

Why College Rape Tribunals Should Be Abolished


Between the implosion of Sulkowicz’s story and the recent Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax, the tide appears to be turning against false rape accusers. But despite the evidence presented in Nungesser’s lawsuit, feminists are still defending Sulkowicz’s harassment campaign as “free speech,” despite the fact that no free speech statute on Earth—including the U.S. Constitution—considers spreading defamatory lies about someone to be a protected form of speech.

Beyond the general rape hysteria gripping American society, where any man accused of rape is immediately presumed guilty and strung up by a virtual lynch mob, Sulkowicz’s campaign also exposes the problem with campus rape cases being handled by internal courts. Because college rape tribunals use a lower standard of evidence than actual courts—in part due to the Obama administration’s pressure on colleges to increase rape convictions—they are easily abused by jilted lovers like Sulkowicz.

Studies by the Department of Justice have shown that despite the rape hysteria pushed by the media, college students have a much lower chance of being raped than the general population. Knowing this, there is zero reason why tribunals such as the one that cleared Nungesser should exist.

College girls who have been legitimately raped should go to the same place that other rape victims go: the police. As ROK publisher Roosh stated some time ago, any woman who claims to have been raped but won’t go to the police is probably lying.

While rape hysterics continue to grip the media and government, the rapid-fire collapse of popular narratives such as Sulkowicz’s show that merely crying rape isn’t enough anymore. Step by step, women who falsely accuse men of rape are being exposed and their supporters are being humiliated.

Here’s hoping that Paul Nungesser takes Columbia for every dime they’re worth.

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