A few weeks ago a girl I’d been fucking for a while dropped this little nugget on me:

“I feel like we need to make this thing of ours official or we’re going to have to stop seeing each other.”

Having been in the game for a while, my red pill programming kicked into auto-pilot. I carelessly shrugged my shoulders, stood up, matter-of-factly said “cool babe” with a small smile, and left her apartment without another word.

During the half hour drive back to my place I replayed the last few weeks of my interactions with her and realized that she would have been well within her hypergamous bill of rights to drop me like the bad habit I am, and I would have nobody to blame but myself.

Though hitting the dread game button straightened her ass out (she was blowing up my phone not five minutes after I left and hasn’t broached the subject since I put her back in the starting lineup), the fact remains that my game had fallen off and I didn’t even realize it until she deployed that shit test. I’ll bet the farm that plenty of you are on the verge of losing frame with your girl(s) and are as ignorant of it as I was.

If I didn’t handle that situation accordingly, given the rules of modern dating I would deserve to have been nexted. Same goes for you. If you don’t deal with things like this accordingly, your girl can and should cheat on you, next you etc. without delay. Here are 12 reasons why:

12. You’ve stopped lifting weights

If you let yourself go like this, you deserve that female shitstorm

Before you met your girl you were always in the gym squatting, deadlifting, and benching until you puked. But now that you’re getting regular sex, your drive to keep your physical edge has dwindled and your diet’s gone to shit. Keep it up and your girl will be blowing someone who looks like you used to.

11. Your hygiene has slipped

Don’t expect any makeout sessions with bad breath

When you approached your woman your breath was minty fresh, your facial hair was neat and trimmed, and your clean masculine scent always prompted compliments from her. Since then, you’ve gotten lazy and slacked off of your daily hygiene regimen. Girls are flaky by nature so they’re always looking for a reason to switch cocks. Chronic bad breath and body odor are, these days, both very good reasons for her to jump ship.

10. You pay less attention to your threads

This was one I was guilty of with my fuck buddy. The more comfortable I got with her, the less care I took in my appearance when I went to see her, which was reflected in my attitude. Dress like a rock star and you’ll act like one. This isn’t to say you should dress to the nines all the time, but if you stop trying altogether, your girl will notice and start to explore greener pastures.

9. You watch too much porn


Porn has its place, but whacking off to it too much depletes your testosterone and drastically reduces your sex drive. If you’re not fucking your woman because you can’t keep the chicken-choking in front of a screen to a minimum, she’s going to find a cock more willing than yours.

8. You’ve stopped approaching

Once again, I was guilty of slipping in this department. My FWB had been providing me with sex so frequently that I didn’t feel the need to go out and add other chicks to my roster anymore. Chateau’s seventh commandment of poon states:

Always keep two in the kitty

Having a backup chick or three creates that all-important abundance mentality which is paramount to your overall game. Don’t let one good pussy keep you from the acquisition of others because the moment you do, your leverage is out the door and the shit tests are sure to follow.

7. Your frame has weakened

On the verge of losing frame

When your woman threw a fit because you didn’t remember your “two week anniversary” you laughed at her and treated her like the petulant two-year-old she was acting like. These days you feed into her shenanigans more than you used to, which means she’s got her foot in the door to emotionally manipulate you. She may start banging a dude on the side who doesn’t give a shit about her tears or caves into her tantrums.

6. You don’t dominate her in bed

If you don’t, Christian will

As far as sex is concerned, different girls have different preferences at different times. But one thing they all have in common is that they want to be physically dominated sexually. The need to be taken by a man in this way is firmly encoded in their DNA.


There’s a time and place to “make sweet love” to her, but a woman doesn’t feel like a woman if she’s not being ravaged by a dominant man. This is what she wants and needs. If you’re not giving it to her, don’t be surprised if she finds someone else who will pull her hair and smack her ass.

5. You spend too much money on her

Don’t give her gifts, give her tingles

This was a big one for me back in the day. I’d meet a girl, we’d start having sex and I’d start buying her shit—a lot of shit. Big fucking mistake. Rewarding women with money or extravagant gifts will place her value above yours and it’s all downhill from there.

Nobody’s suggesting you shouldn’t buy anything for her if she’s a good woman, but the best reward you can give a woman is your time and attention. Let the government, white knights, and her orbiters pick up the tab or she’ll bounce like a bad check.

4. You talk shit about other men

Nothing says beta like saying “He’s an idiot for spending that much on a car” or “All those tatts make him look stupid” or “He’s such a douche bag.” Hating on other guys in the presence of your woman is a feminine trait and screams lack of confidence. Keep trashing these dudes if you want to, but I can guarantee your girl is fantasizing about blowing him in that fancy car of his—which she should be if you’re acting like a female.

3. You never tell her “no”


Your girl has every right to cheat on you if you’re not man enough put your foot down and tell her you’re not taking her to see the latest rom com or that you will not be going with her to hang out with her girlfriends to squawk about bullshit and drink cosmopolitans all night.

A woman wants and needs a man who keeps her in line by not catering to her every whim. If your spineless ass isn’t cutting it, don’t be surprised when she fucks a man who puts her in her place but keeps you around to satisfy all of her other non-sexual needs.

2. You fail too many shit tests

When you first hooked up, you’d swat away shit tests like pesky flies. But a little time has passed and you’re getting comfortable so you let your guard down a little. Perfectly natural. We’re all human.

But little by little she starts shit testing you with increasing frequency, and before you know it you’re sniveling mess begging her not to leave and coming up with reasons the two of you don’t need to “take a break” like she suggested. She’s about to walk right out that door to teach your weak-minded ass a lesson.

1. You’re a closet white knight

At least men who openly white knight are keeping it 100

Despite frequenting neomasculine websites and commenting on articles and message boards, you’re still secretly holding on to concepts like NAWALT, that your woman “should love me for me,” or any other ridiculous notion you claim to have seen the light on.

No matter how well you think you hide it, your girl will eventually sniff it out (females have a supernatural ability to quickly detect incongruity) and when that happens she’ll step out on you if she doesn’t leave altogether. White knights, closet or public, don’t deserve the affections of a woman—period.


While it’s important to understand that occasional slip ups in game are inevitable, it is more important to drill this one unshakable truth about today’s sexual marketplace:

The game never ever ends…ever.

I understand as well as anybody here that it can be a grind to never let your guard down around your woman. But we were born men, which means we’re equipped to deal with it and even thrive in these situations. We can bitch and moan about how easy women have it and how difficult it is for us out here but personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hardship, pain, and strife are all things we are built to overcome.

Point blank, if your girl cheats on you it is your fault. It is your responsibility as a man to keep your woman in check because she is ill-equipped, nor can she be trusted to keep herself together.

Stop watching porn and eating junk food, get your ass to the gym, and learn game. From here on out when you see signs of your woman stepping out of line remember that you are a man. Grab your Y-chromosome and handle it, or someone else will.

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