The local reactions to Hillary Clinton’s announcement of her candidacy for President of the United States were sharply polarized and emphatic between the two ends of the political spectrum. Listening to people around me discuss this topic was as predictable as a poorly written episode of “Law and Order”.

If there was ever a case to prove the belief in the Calvinist ideal of predestination, it would be this political scenario. While the typical blue pills go over the pros and cons of the candidates’ goals and methods, a truly enlightened man would judge each candidate on their ability to further his own goals. That is why I concluded it would be a good idea to vote for Hillary.


I’m sure your initial reaction was to question why such blasphemy was on Return of Kings. Allow me to explain. The current political and social situation in the United States of America is one hostile to the ideals of most ROK readers. Ending the current paradigm is the best way to end this hostility.

Hillary Clinton stands the best chance of destroying the leftist-marxist coalition’s various power structures that control and direct American society. Her various policies, procedures, and motivations would be far more destructive and faster than anything else the Democrats or Republicans can do.

Sometimes it is better to flush it all away at once, instead of the detritus slowly circling the drain. I personally believe it’s easier to salvage parts of a car that recently crashed than to get parts from cars that were rusting in the woods for twenty years.

How would Hillary Clinton’s destructive policies work faster and be more damaging than any other politician? Because she already has a history of influence through her husband and her time as a senator and Secretary of State. If her past did not dissuade her from this crazy train, nothing in the future will.


Who can forget the great idea of the North American Free Trade agreement? Her jingoism and cheerleading for the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003? Or even better, her 3 AM phone call moment with Benghazi. This last example shows her own ruthlessness and shrewdness and that she is willing to sacrifice one of DC’s own courtesans instead of some kid signing up for college money.


Cruz, Rubio, O’malley, they don’t have a pre-existing system of conspirators and collaborators ready to to hit the ground running from day one. Hillary Clinton does, and so will be able to return to DC politics as usual faster and more effectively than any other candidate.

Business as usual in DC is not conducive to the success of America as we know it. Hillary Clinton’s people know what works from their previous occupation of the White House, so they will be quicker to put that boot in your face in a way that would be very hard for CNN and MSNBC to spin away.

Another reason why shrewd man would vote for Hillary Clinton is that she’s very predictable. She goes with the political wind, and I’m sure the favored donors of the Clinton foundation and other nonprofits will surely find financial success during her term as president. A lot of these donors are publicly traded companies, if you catch my drift. Also the predictability of her foreign policies supporting Sunni “insurgents” against whoever they may be fighting can be useful when making financial investments.

In conclusion, maybe it’s time to start looking out for yourself and give your political and social opponents enough rope to hang themselves. Voting for Hillary Clinton is the best way to do this in 2016. Instead of putting your hopes and in some beta Republican candidate that won’t actually deliver on anything, you might as well speed up the downward spiral.

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