I went to the American Renaissance white nationalist conference last weekend. I thought it would be interesting, since I have expressed Southern nationalist sentiments before. Personally I wasn’t particularly inspired at the event, and I doubt I’ll attend again, but all things considered they are doing a wonderful work. I’m a firm believer that every person has a right to take pride in his own ethnic heritage, and I’m grateful that someone is breaking the echo chamber.

Talking points at this year’s conference included immigration, white self-hatred, and rat utopia experiments, among others. RamZPaul was especially entertaining. The over-arching theme of AmRen is that the white race has the same obligation to self-preservation as every other race, whereas our society and government today does everything it can to sell out the country we have built to outsiders and degenerates. Often there are neoreactionary and anti-feminist sentiments expressed, but they were minimal this year and appear to not be essential beliefs of AmRen.


There was this one moron in my circle very much fitting Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man.” At one point he basically called me a traitor to the race since I watch college football and black people make up half the players. I argued how college football—unlike the NFL—is about a community uniting together to prove that their masculinity is greater than the next region over and that statehood is just as important as nationhood.

After consistently beating his arguments to a pulp, he finishes with a red herring, “You’re not even white,” since I have an olive complexion despite my largely Scottish background. The defeatism in his fallacy was so transparent that Helen Keller could see it. Notice he holds the common leftist misconception that race is merely an aesthetic quality and culture is only an ancillary feature.

The event speakers, however, were excellent, even if my short attention span couldn’t quite hold on. Most of them had a kind of C.S. Lewis vibe, if C.S. Lewis wrote about race instead of religion. They definitely made a greater impression on me than the obnoxious kids who think they have the world figured out in their early twenties.



Another thing I appreciate about AmRen is the diversity in opinion, which shows that it is a conversation and not a dogma. One may notice that ROK writers have a variety of slightly different views on the sexes, and it is for this same reason. I don’t agree with some of AmRen’s minor points, but I respect them for saying the things that others are terrified to say.

A great picture of this mild diversity was a public debate they had. They divided four of the speakers into two teams to debate whether the current political system can undo the political correctness hell we live in. Both sides were very articulate, rational, and well-researched. I was actually just a little disappointed in the side I agree with, as the opposing team was a bit better than them.

We in the red pill assume that the leftists have won the culture war, but they have not converted the minds of the people. The left has won the mass’s terror but lost their hearts. And while AmRen sometimes over-simplifies and over-idealizes some isseus, I’m very appreciative that someone is speaking up. Even if they are slightly wrong in the short-term, it may spark a consciousness about race realism in the long-term.

For the record, when I met the famous RamZPaul, he told me he enjoys ROK and later gave us a shout-out in his speech (which will later be posted on YouTube).



Montgomery Bell State Park

The event was held at Montgomery Bell State Park outside Nashville, Tennessee, which was absolutely gorgeous and had plenty of outdoor activities. I tried to get Matt Forney to play me in golf, but apparently he’s too young and hip for a contest of masculine self-mastery, dismissing it as “an old man’s game.” Then again, my friends have always said I was born old and cranky.

The protesters showed up later in the day despite being in the middle of the woods. At first there was just two. One laid on the grass holding his sign, and the other leaned on a handrail with his sign dangling. Pathetic. Later on there were about twenty in all silently instructing us on how black lives matter.

Oddly all but just one of them were white, because liberals think it is the white man’s burden to save the “coloreds” from all the dangers in the world. I have enough respect for other races to believe they can handle their own problems without us treating them like defenseless children.

The state troopers amped up security on the off-chance some young gluten-free vegan decided to get violent, which I thanked the troopers for. I realize police hatred is quite vogue right now, occasionally for justifiable though over-simplified reasons, but just because there may or may not be anyone to watch the watchmen does not mean the watchmen are not needed.


The troopers also asked us to go inside and not give the protesters attention, which frankly I had been saying the whole time. If you feed the geese, they’re just going to breed and shit everywhere. It’s not like there’s any third party observers watching them; they just want the validation of being a good person.

And they’re aren’t terribly interesting either. Most self-described colorblind people live in nice safe white flight parts of town and rarely interact with blacks outside of TV and HuffPo.


Race realism is a common theme in red pill thought, even if only a minor one. Granted, the AmRen people aren’t 100% in agreement with us, but there’s still a lot of overlap between our camps. At the least, we are fighting against the same enemies. AmRen wants the political correctness fascism to die just as strongly as we do. They are on the right path, even if they aren’t as potent as one would hope.

One fear I have is that more angsty idiots like the one above will become involved and give the movement a bad name. Race is by definition a lineage, sure, but the cultural aspect is what makes the social realities so present.

After all, any first year sociology class will teach you that a society will be chaotic without a clear culture. I’m not quite a white separatist, but at the same time I don’t want to force either whites or blacks to abandon their heritage in favor of another. The left seems to want to ridicule or marginalize all surface-level white culture while assimilating the coloreds into a white mentality.

Despite a few minor ideological differences, I’m in support of AmRen and its race realism, even though I probably won’t return. Never eat the right-wing.

For the record

Some people are telling a story about me getting drunk at AmRen. Personally I don’t know why they found a story about a drunk guy acting stupid at a conference so interesting, since it is nothing unusual. Perhaps they have boring lives and are looking for drama. Their fixation on gossip is in stark contrast to the scholarly impression I got of the organizers. But the Kings Media team thought it would be best if I gave my side of the story, even though very few of them are upset at me.

I was hoping we could all leave it behind, since it looks bad on the whole AmRen organization as well as ROK. But since AmRen’s own people have decided to tell the world embarrassing stories about the conference, I decided I should do some clarification for my own sake. Matt Parrot and others may not have any sense of shame in keeping a good face on their own movement (which is already controversial by virtue of existing), but I at least care about my own name and the name of Kings Media.

Matt Parrot is greatly distorting the facts, perhaps unintentionally since he seems like a good guy. I don’t know whether he was drunk that night or not, but either way memories cloud easily in such events. So here is what happened. And yes, I actually do remember all of it, despite my extreme inebriation.

On the first night, I got very drunk. If I were wise, I would have gone to bed after the speakers, but instead I went to a nearby bar with the other guys. I went around asking girls to dance, because I wanted to use the swing lessons I had taken. All of them rejected me, because no girl likes an obnoxious wasted guy.

A few young girls were being especially snarky. I knew they wouldn’t dance with me, but I decided to ruin their night anyway. I go up to them and say, “You’re fat, and I’m balding. Let’s dance.” They kept saying no, and I kept asking them, just to piss them off. One pushed me, and I pushed her back, and then the bouncer literally threw me out of the bar. Someone led me up to sit by the curb.

We kept him off of the property and got him back to the conference safely, then spent the next hour or so effusively apologizing for him, buying the girls drinks right and left, and promising the locals we would avenge their girl in short order.

That first part I’m very thankful for them doing, but the rest of it is pathetic, and I don’t feel guilty for them wasting money. Oh, and each time Heimbach kept half-jokingly threatening to fight me, I invited the fat weasel to indulge, but he always grew silent.

He was sitting there in the grass explaining how the girl…had no right to reject his advances…Reportedly, Forney privately handled the situation, which I trust he did, and by all accounts from the locals, the ladies, and my fellow attendees, the matter is now resolved.

Every single word of that is a lie. Sitting in the grass, I apologized profusely to the AmRen people around me and continued to repeat, “The is at least half my fault,” in an annoying drunken humility. I certainly didn’t say the fat girl was entitled to waltz with me, and Parrot’s claim of that makes me wonder if he’s trying to slander ROK as being everything the feminists claim it is.

And Forney didn’t do anything in private except tease me about it, and if it were resolved, then Parrot wouldn’t be telling the world the embarrassing qualities of AmRen’s attendees, although it appears telling such stories on blogs is weirdly the norm for the many conference attendees. I’m hoping this is just an errant memory of his and not him trying to smear the red pill movement.

The next night the same group of people got drunk and went out to party some more. It didn’t end well for some of them, but I won’t go into details. However, still upset over what I had done, I had decided to go to bed right after the final speaker around 9pm. Suffice it to say that I was very glad the next morning.

Whether it is ethical to push a girl after she first pushes you is up for debate (it’s not that she was actually hurt), but I got drunk and annoyed an entire bar for at least an hour. They were just wanting to have a good time on a Friday night, and I stole that from them. That was the truly shameful thing for me.

That and embarrassing the whole Kings Media team, for which I’ve apologized to them personally. I wasn’t acting like a king. I was acting like a spoiled prince.

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