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Damn man, the job market is hard.

You’ve got to contend with hordes of losers applying for the same job as you. You’ve got to wait long weeks just to hear back, “Sorry, we’re not interested.” You’ve got to deal with a boss who treats you like a fool even though you’re much smarter than him.

What if there were a better way? A way to get paid a real salary and not simply eat dirt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You’re smart, you already know the answer is, “Yes, a way does exist.” It’s called building a business, and dumber people than you are doing it every day.

When you work for a boss, you’re not going to make good money. That’s because unless your labor makes them more money than they pay you they’d be foolish to hire you. This is true of every single position anywhere. From scraping toilets to C-level executives. You’ll never get paid what you’re worth…

Unless you become an entrepreneur.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you know for a fact that three things are true.

1. You can work as much as you want

blue collar worker

You want to work more hours to bring in business faster? Go ahead. Try suggesting overtime to your boss at work and it’s more likely you’ll get turned down. He doesn’t want to pay a premium for you.

Or how about if you’d like to work less hours and reserve more time for yourself to go to the gym, prepare meals, or read great books? See how well that goes down. Tell your boss, “I want to work less hours and get paid less.”

Most likely you’ll see yourself working zero hours in a hurry.

2. You can work as smart as you want

Artificial intelligence running the world

If you are smart, you’ll begin to see holes in every business around you.

  • Maybe their marketing sucks and nobody’s coming in through the door.
  • Maybe their product is terrible and you know a way to make it more appealing.
  • Maybe their logistics are bad and you can see ways to speed up the supply chain.

A critical eye turned to any business will show thousands of tiny improvements that you can make. But let’s say you suggest a few of these ideas to your boss. The business sees a 25% bump in revenue.

Do you see any of that increase? NO. At best, you see a tiny token bonus as a thank you. Not nearly as much as you actually earned for them.

But how about if the result of your efforts to improve and tweak a business directly resulted in more cash in your pocket? That would be nicer, yeah? All you need is to offer something valuable.


3. You can work on exactly what you want


When you own a business, you call all the shots. You’re the big kahuna. You’re the guy everyone looks up to. And that means that everything is up to you.

  • The look, up to you.
  • The product, up to you.
  • The voice, up to you.

This is a powerful feeling. One of the best feelings about working for yourself is that of being a self-determined man, all day, every day.

In fact, self-determination correlates with overall happiness. When you work for yourself, you aren’t being told what to do, you decide what to do, which leads to greater fulfillment.

4. (Optional) You can work wherever you want

brazil beach

Most businesses require inventory. They require your presence managing employees. And they require renting a space to sell from. But my favorite kind of business allows you to make deals from anywhere.

You don’t need inventory to start an online business. And you don’t need anywhere besides your kitchen table to run it from. Powerful software tools exist that let you manage a team of employees doing all your dirty work for you, wherever you are in the world.

From stocking warehouses, to delivering seminars, to running your customer service, getting things done through your computer has never been easier or cheaper.

But they all require a home base – your website.

The best way to get started is with a powerful website platform such as WordPress. WordPress is free software that makes it easy for anyone to build a website and get it looking exactly how you want.

More than 23% of all the websites on the internet run with a backbone of WordPress, so you know you’re in good hands. But you don’t need to know the tech to get started. In fact, we’ll even install WordPress for you, so you can get started building right away.

Just head over to BADNET, get yourself a free domain, and get started.

You’ll get a professionally set up website ready for you to use as your canvas. Make art, start a business, get paid.

And start making what you’re really worth.

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