In 2003 Norway became the first country mandating that women must make up at least 40% of board members on major companies. This trend has swept around the world, with countries including Belgium, Italy, Spain and Malaysia following suit.

Even in parliaments, nearly half of all countries now have some form of legal or voluntary gender quota. In Ireland parties stand to lose state funding unless 40% of their candidates are of either gender, while France has upped this to 50%.

For decades we’ve been hearing of the need to eliminate inequalities between the sexes. As we have seen, many have tried to carry out this crusade against sexism by legislating these differences away. We in the manosphere think this movement is fundamentally unfair, however. Why should one privileged gender receive equal reward, mandated by law, without enduring equal risks or responsibilities?

1. Workplace & Road Accidents


Every year, over 5,000 deaths occur in workplaces in America, 92% of which are suffered by men.

To make right this imbalance, every year another 4,900 women must experience a terminal workplace injury of some kind. A lottery will assign various forms of death, including being burned, poisoned, suffocated, impaled, sliced in half, falling from a great height or being crushed by a heavy object. Hundreds of thousands more will suffer minor injuries, from a blood nose up to and including amputations and permanent brain damage.

The federal government will implement this program each year on the taxpayer dime, ensuring that by every December 31st, equality of workplace risk has been reached, regardless of the occupations of the two genders.

As for the road toll, 23,000 men died on America’s roads in 2013, compared to only 9,000 women. Thus, before the year is out, we should have a national lottery in which another 14,000 women are randomly selected and lain down on major interstates before peak hour traffic. Any driver who refuses to run over such chosen women will be deemed sexist, anti-equality, and be stripped of their driving license and shamed on national television.

2. Suicides


40,000 individuals die by suicide in the US every year, and approximately 78% of these are men. There is a deficit between the genders of about 22,400. As such, congress must immediately pass legislation to create a “Department of Women’s Misery.”

The purpose of the DWM is to ruin the lives of as many women as possible so as to address this imbalance. Women should be in turn bullied, shunned, undervalued, disenfranchised, and otherwise psychologically destroyed as far as possible. Women who complain about this behavior should be sent to talk to ineffectual councilors who will diagnose them with six-syllable mental illnesses which have remained undiscovered before the last decade.

Pamphlets advising on the best ways for one to slit one’s wrists, asphyxiate oneself with a car exhaust, or where on the body to shoot oneself in order to cause instant death should be handed out to female high school students.

In the event that, come the end of the year, an insufficient number of women have taken their own lives to meet the quota, the remaining difference must again be selected by lottery and the winners forcefully pushed off the nearest bridge.

3. Military Casualties

Arlington Cemetery

At least 1.3 million Americans have died in wars since 1776, the vast majority of them men, while women have been forced to remain at home cooking, knitting, cleaning, and undertaking various other “oppressive” peacetime activities.

For the most part, men themselves cannot be entirely to blame for this tragic statistic. Since 1920 at least, women have had equal right to vote, making them equally culpable in the actions of elected government.

To right this imbalance, women should not only be allowed to enter the military, but must become casualties in equal numbers. Averaging the historical total over the 239 year history of the union, this translates into approximately 5,500 combat deaths per year.


As such, a number of women at least that great must be parachuted deep into North Korea or Islamic State territory each year, with no weapons or supplies, in order to bravely sacrifice themselves for their country, until the discrepancy is met.

In the event America enters another major war, all units from frontline platoons to army headquarters must be made up of a 50:50 ratio of men and women. Special commissars will operate behind the lines to ensure an even casualty ratio by promptly executing those whose unit is experiencing a gender disparity in their favour.

4. Jail Time


Men make up 91% of the prison population. It is true that about 76% of all offenders are male, but clearly a bias exists here. By comparison, women commit 24% of all crimes and make up just 9% of the prison population. Furthermore, women on average will receive a sentence approximately 40% less than a man for the same crime. It is time the law began treating women as responsible adults.

Through simple arithmetic, we can conclude that roughly 1,960,000 female criminals have never been caught and are currently at large. Any women caught littering, shoplifting, speeding, jaywalking or otherwise infringing the law in any way will receive an automatic life sentence until we have eliminated this gap.

Government agents will then ensure that whenever a man is sentenced to a term of imprisonment, the next woman to appear before the judge is given an equal punishment, regardless of her crime. Let us also not forget that of the 20,000-odd people executed in the US (or the American colonies) since the 1600s, only 3% have been women.

5. Homelessness


Figures vary, but surveys put the percentage of the chronically homeless who are male at about 75%. Furthermore, in England, the number of men dying whilst homeless is nine times higher than the number of women.

As there are more than 600,000 homeless people, we must immediately kick some 400,000 women out of their homes onto the streets. These women will be forbidden from sleeping under a roof until an equal number of men have been so housed.

Even all this is just the beginning. Why does no one comment on how the “oppressive” sex in our society lives five years less than the “oppressed one” and that this difference holds true all the way back to the late middle ages? Why is it that by age forty 85% of women have had a child compared to just 76% of men despite an even number of both genders wanting to have kids? To close this ten point procreation gap, why not draft 200,000 wives every year and force them to bear and raise their husband’s children?

Why should we only have a “Minister for Women” given the vastly greater sacrifices made for our society by men? Why should my local gym have a women’s section, into which I dare not stray, without a male-only section in the next room? And finally, why is it that by merely asking these questions, people in the “civilized” world will look at you like you’ve gone mad? How can we be living in a “patriarchy” when the matriarchy immediately silences any opposing thought?

But all is not lost. If all of this is implemented at once, then by the year 2020 little girls growing up in America should have achieved total equality with boys. They will be as statistically likely to not only earn as much money, become a corporate board member, and serve in parliament, but also to die on America’s roads or in the workplace, to kill themselves, go to jail, be executed, have children, end up homeless or die bravely for their country.

We can therefore move forwards in our glorious androgynous society, where men are no longer automatically the disposable sex, while the rest of the world applauds our efforts and surely rushes to follow suit.

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