Rolling Stone has done us the good grace of teaching us how society should view women. Oh, you thought I was referring to their UVA rape hoax decrying men’s entitlement towards women’s sexuality? Not at all.













A Generous Analysis

Is this misogyny of Rolling Stone? No, I’d call it love (or something similar). Rolling Stone is just appreciating fine artwork the way God made it. Why, they’ve even created a new career for aged-out actress Jennifer Aniston.


Wait, my bad. That issue was in 1996. Even Rolling Stone understands the beauty is always a product of youth. I guess we’ll never get to see Valenti on a cover then. The world mourns its loss. Maybe Rolling Stone will give us UVA’s “Jackie” borderline topless on a cover.

I don’t know about you, but my boner was certainly feeling the rape culture Rolling Stone has encouraged, at least until I got to this issue:


Rolling Stone has also fought against the harmful stereotype that black women are bargain bin pussy:


Funny, that’s the most Rolling Stone I have ever read. I guess they have to stay relevant somehow instead of writing content people would want to read. Well, I mean, sure, they tried that in November with the UVA story, but we all saw that go completely tits up.

Suck at life a little more, baby boomers. The dozen or so musical highlights of the 60s unfortunately blind us to how pretentious everything else you’ve ever done is.


Rolling Stone has always been a liberal magazine, but with such images on its covers, they’ve gradually found their way over to the wrong side of historyRolling Stone used the UVA story to regain credit with the liberals, but unfortunately for them, the internet makes all things immortal.

Tits and left wing yellow journalism. Rolling Stone has bought into the lie that a liberal publication can have it all. Bring the impressionable teenage conservatives over with the images (since no one above the age of 15 thinks Rolling Stone is cool) and instruct them in the correct narrative.


Kudos to RooshV Forum member AnonymousBosch for pointing out Rolling Stone‘s double standard. If anyone else has a noteworthy story, please email [email protected].

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