Here are six female politicians who actively accelerate the decline of Western civilization. This list begs the question: are female corruption and ugliness correlated? You be the judge.

1. Susan Rice – (D)

Rice blatantly lied about the State Department failure to prevent the Benghazi Massacre. Yet this utterly incompetent and deceptive female is still the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations.


2. Kathleen Sebelius – (D)

She is guilty of violating the Hatch Act and using her official capacity to help get Obama re-elected. Despite breaking the law, this woman still serves as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.


3. Maxine Waters – (D)

This Congresswoman funneled millions of dollars to a bank in which she and her husband held shares. The House Ethics Committee made the controversial decision to clear Waters of wrongdoing (no surprise that corruption and scandal plagued the investigation). Of course, she is now a ranking member of the Committee on Financial Services, which oversees the banking industry.

Maxine Waters

4. Janet Napolitano – (D)

Most Americans support border control. They believe it is the government’s duty to prevent illegal immigration. The United States Secretary of Homeland thinks differently. Last year she gave blanket amnesty to almost one million illegal immigrants with one stroke of her pen.



5. Nancy Pelosi – (D)

The current Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives has profited from her power. She was involved in various insider-trading scandals. She used her position to benefit friends and family. Pelosi routinely used military aircraft for personal flights when she was House Majority Leader.


6. Cristina Kirchner

She is our bonus foreign corrupt politician. Kirchner is the president of Argentina and queen of “crony capitalism.” Wealthy before taking office, she used her power to amass a fortune. She took cash from foreign leaders. Kirchner also succeeded in plundering the Argentine pension system.


Of course, corruption cuts across all political parties, sexes, and countries. Being a female does not make one more corrupt, but so much for the myth that women make better leaders.

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