Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely didn’t manufacture the massive rape hoax on her own—she had a full-fledged media organization to aid her, including editors, fact-checkers, and sympathetic journalists in the establishment. One of the fact-checkers of the story was Elizabeth Garber-Paul, a salaried worker with an impressive resume listing The Nation and numerous other publications. Sabrina Erdely was the main swindler in this hoax, but Elizabeth Garber-Paul was the enigmatic collaborator who allowed this massive fraud to become reality.


Fact-checking requires actual work

A fact-checker for a media organization like the Rolling Stone has multiple tasks to achieve besides seeing that “X” really is “X”. These professionals are meant to protect their employers by limiting their liability to libel lawsuits. Garber-Paul didn’t just act incompetently with the rape hoax story, she was also a co-conspirator. Her lack of journalistic integrity has damaged the Rolling Stone and UVA, and added to the rape hysteria stigma that all male college students wrongly face today.

According to the Federalist, Garber-Paul tried to set up an appointment with UVA about two weeks before the article was published on November 19, 2014. Those emails for the appointment only talk about UVA’s sexual assault procedures. None of the questions Garber-Paul had sent was to verify the identity of Jackie, the “victim” whose “story” was being written about by Erdely as main theme for proving that rape culture exists.

Elisabeth Garber-Paul reached out to U-Va. on Nov. 7 to set up an appointment to fact check the story. Her questions were limited to procedures regarding sexual assault complaints. Nowhere in the correspondence did Garber-Paul ask for any type of verification of the story about “Jackie” and her claim of horrific gang-rape by a particular fraternity.

Garber-Paul spent the time to ask about the sexual assault policy of the campus, perhaps attempting to poke holes in it, instead of doing her job of fact-checking. The only concern she showed to UVA was asking an administrator if the Rolling Stone article will impact people coming forward with reporting additional sexual assault.


Credit to Federalist

Art school doesn’t teach ethics

Garber-Paul used her position to amplify the rape culture propaganda instead of fact check. If she was a professional, she would have forced Erdely to completely nix the “Jacky” story and focus solely on college universities sexual assault response. Garber-Paul either didn’t want to do her job or wanted Erdely to follow in the footsteps of Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, or Janet Cooke. All of those journalists were media fabricators like Erdely, who gained fame from writing lies before losing their jobs for it.

Here are Garber-Paul’s own words about fact checking that she seems to have forgotten when reviewing the entirely fictional story that Rolling Stone published:

masthead interview

Garber-Paul wanted the story “to be as accurate as possible” only after it conformed to her agenda as strongly as possible. If Garber-Paul let the UVA rape hoax through, what other stories has she not properly fact-checked and which still remain on various media sites? Why is it that her agenda was allowed to interfere with the “facts”? These questions must be asked before she eagerly brags about the perks from not doing her job. Expectantly, she’s getting criticized on Twitter for her prominent role in the hoax.

Actual re-tweet from her account.

Actual re-tweet from her account.

How does she still have her job?

Garber-Paul is still an employee of Rolling Stone as of this writing. She has opened up Rolling Stone to civil lawsuits through her incompetence or negligence (or both) to further her far-left agenda. The UVA rape hoax story will forever be imprinted on Garber-Paul’s legacy, and it’s our advice that she look for a new line of work that doesn’t deal in uncomfortable facts that she is blind to noticing.

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