As the fallout from Rolling Stone’s irresponsible and socially destructive “journalism” continues, it unfortunately appears that nothing good will come out of it.

No procedural reforms in Rolling Stone’s “journalistic” practices will result from Columbia’s slap on the wrist, nor will anyone be fired. This was not a surprise to any on this corner of the internet, because this hack job was meant to further the cause of “social justice.” Had a breach of journalistic integrity of this magnitude been related to another topic outside of the prevailing orthodoxy, we know what the outcome would have been.

This, in a few words, is “social justice” privilege. This is because the “social justice” proselytizers are the new priestly class. All civilizations have had a priestly class that was elevated in power – the First Estate. Often, these priestly classes rivaled monarchs in power (such as the priesthood in Ancient Egypt). They maintained the narrative over the paupers, enriching themselves in the process. So it remains.


There’d probably be skrillex hair if this took place today.

Why did this new priestly class emerge in such a seemingly short amount of time? Ten years ago, this would not have occurred. The story would not have been written, and certainly, those involved would have been punished. I could go on, but the most important reason is that the “social justice” borg dominates a lot of space at the present time.

They dominate a lot of space because sensible, normal people keep caving. The demands, insane ramblings, Twitter mobs, and hack pieces by typists (male and female) usually cause their targets to apologize, retract, and kowtow to the Cultural Inquisition, pleading for forgiveness for their sins.

And so the borg becomes more powerful. But what if they didn’t retract? What if they didn’t kowtow? What if they stood?

A few months ago, I wrote a post on my blog about Richard Sharpe, a pauper that rose through the ranks of the British army fighting the hegemon of the day, Napoleonic France. This was an unusual happenstance at the time – most officers were born aristocrats that had their commissions purchased for them, where Sharpe earns his through merit. He earns his rank through speeches and actions such as these:

This place is called Talavera. There’s gonna be a battle here tomorrow. You’ll fight in it, maybe even die in it. But you won’t see it. There’s a lot of smoke in a battle. Our cannon, their cannon. Our shot, their shell. Our volleys, their volleys. You don’t see a battle, you hear it! Black powder blasting by the ton on all sides. Black smoke blinding you and choking you and making you vomit! And the French come out of the smoke – not in a line, but in a column. And they march towards our thin line. Kettle drums hammering like hell and a golden eagle blazing overhead. They march slowly, it takes them a long time to reach you, and you can’t see them in smoke, but you can hear the drums, and they march out of the smoke and you fire a volley, and the front rank of the column falls, and the next rank steps over them with drums hammering, and the column smashes your line like a hammer breaking glass, and Napoleon has won another battle. But if you don’t run, if you stand until you can smell the garlic, and fire volley after volley, three rounds a minute, then they slow down. They stop. And then they run away. All you’ve got to do is stand and fire three rounds a minute! Now you and I know you can fire three rounds a minute, but can you stand?



By apologizing or backtracking to the SJW’s, you are surrendering space and making them more powerful. Those people that kowtow tend to think of the magnifying effect – that one voice represents many others that did not speak. Yet, as Chris Bechtloff’s interview with Erik Larsen on Reaxxion reveals, this isn’t necessarily true.

Most people are actually pretty sick of the endless “social justice” cries. Most women are not feminists. This is because in fact, most people are…normal. It is only the freaks, their white knight orbiters, and enablers in the media that push this nonsense (and even then only because it makes the latter money at the end of the day due to the clickbait).

This is why there is no need to apologize, backtrack, or kowtow. As some of us here at Return of Kings have proven on a number of occasions: “all you need to do is stand and fire three rounds a minute. Then they stop and run away.”

The SJW’s are invariably losers that have no business dictating anything to anybody. By simply pointing this out, by discrediting or mocking them (and it isn’t hard), you will not only shift momentum and expose their own shortcomings; you will be standing and not backing down. You will take space rather than surrender it. It also helps that time is on our side; because it won’t be long until the column full of losers stops its charge because some new outrage on their iPhone feeds told them to march elsewhere.


Normal society is strong. They are weak. Behind their façade of hegemony there is nothing. Unlike Napoleon and his Grande Armee (who I am sad to compare to the manifest loser that is the modern Social Justice Warrior), the SJW’s are weak and are only perceived to be dominant.

By “standing” and seeing them off, this perception – and reality, will be shattered quickly – and I mean very quickly. It is very conceivable that the social justice industrial complex could collapse in less than a year if no one would cooperate with them and rightfully told them to fuck off.

I’ll end this post with perhaps my favorite masculine anthem, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way:”

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

The song’s lyrics, and especially its curtain call, are very pertinent for today’s social environment. Too many men out there are “ones that kneel.” It’s time instead to fire three rounds a minute – and stand.

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