Jessica Valenti, a regular contributor to The Guardian with fine articles such as “Feminists don’t hate men but it wouldn’t matter if we did” and “Finally dealing with campus rape means that some men will have it tougher,” simply refuses to give up now that her narrative has lost all relation with objective reality. After the UVA rape case was first reported by the Rolling Stone, Jessica latched onto it with her entire being and exhorted that she believes Jackie:

jessica chooses to believe

Real misery inflicted upon real men doesn’t matter as long as feelings of “Jackie”, the supposed victim and a woman we are not sure even exists as described, are protected. SJWs such as Jessica Valenti are hard at work to propagate their beliefs and change the society according to their dystopian vision where men are second-class citizens at best and their sexuality is controlled by women to the tiniest detail. Their plan is to focus on the college culture and make it as politically correct as possible and then slowly spread the chill effect into the entire education system, down to grade school. Yes, toddlers will be taught what rape culture is.

To do this, Jessica used the soft spot of most men and women—sympathy towards vulnerable women. The very notion of a young, modest, doe-eyed “Jackie” who expected romantic walks on the beach and guitar serenades from a fellow college lifeguard but instead got brutally gang-raped inside the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house is gut wrenching and despicable to everyone with even a modicum of decency. This is exactly why SJWs gleefully accepted the Rolling Stone article, as it generated enough outrage to advance their cause by at least 20 years. But now, the entire tapestry of lies is being unraveled.

Police investigation into the supposed UVA fraternity rape has shown insufficient evidence to support the story presented in Rolling Stone. This didn’t stop Jessica Valenti from saying that this is because “trauma victims often misremember details of their attack“. The editors at Rolling Stone saw where this was going long ago and asked Steve Coll from the Columbia School of Journalism to launch an independent investigation of the case and help them save face. This report is now published on the Rolling Stone website, completely replacing the original UVA rape article. In other words, the lack of facts behind the infamous UVA rape case and the realization that it might all be just a work of fiction has finally started to sink in. And now, the epic backpedaling has begun.


Jessica Valenti’s Twitter feed is chock full of recent tweets in which she swings from trying to indirectly defend Rolling Stone for the greater cause of fighting the “rape culture”:

jessica tweet 1

…to shifting the blame for the scandal onto their shoulders without explicitly denouncing them:

Jessica tweet 2

Judging by Jessica’s tweets, Rolling Stone was somehow guilted or shamed into covering the UVA rape case the way they did and now they are victims as well. At the same time, she admonishes the Rolling Stone for being the victimizer and enabler of the “rape culture”, since its staff is not admitting to their sins fully and are thus harming the SJW cause. Those two statements seem to contradict one another and it seems impossible that Rolling Stone can be both the victim and the victimizer at once, but that’s not the case at all. To fully understand what Jessica Valenti is telling us, one must first grasp the fine art of doublethink.

The culmination of Jessica’s defense of the UVA case comes in the form of her most recent article titled “It wasn’t Jackie’s job to get the details of her rape correct. It was Rolling Stone’s“, which is a masterful display of doublethink and shows the true intentions of SJWs and how they deal with allies that fail them.

In the article, Jessica Valenti criticizes Rolling Stone for harming the credibility of future rape victims by not prostrating themselves enough. Rolling Stone is an ally because it fights the “rape culture” but it is also an enemy because it doesn’t do so with enough zeal and self-sacrifice to overcome the readers’ critical thought. Whether Rolling Stone is more of an ally or an enemy depends solely on how Jessica Valenti deems their efficiency at converting the readers into SJWs (i.e. her mood).

Feelings trumping facts and the notion of changing principles and allies on a daily basis in order to squash the mythical “rape culture” and convincing oneself of that not being the case is how Jessica Valenti operates. The truth is whatever Jessica Valenti wishes truth to be. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Jessica Valenti and her politically correct journalism in a nutshell.

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