UVA president Teresa A. Sullivan has recently said of the Rolling Stone hoax, “Irresponsible journalism unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and the University of Virginia.” Her statement is dripping with irony and hypocrisy.

Sullivan’s Own Irresponsibility

Sullivan has yet to apologize for punishing the entire fraternity system for a false story that could have easily been verified had she, for example, checked to see if the fraternity in question even had a party that night. Nor has she apologized for the vandalism caused to that fraternity by militant leftists under the belief that it is the patriarchy that is violent and unjust.



Even today, there are still harsher rules on the UVA entire fraternity system because of the story, despite Sullivan herself admitting that there was no basis for the allegations.

The South Gets Shafted Again

Why did Rolling Stone and Erdely choose the University of Virginia instead of more famous in-crowd schools like Harvard or more famous party schools like Ohio State? Because Charlottesville, Virginia is in the South. And not just in the South, but only an hour drive from Richmond, the capitol of the old Confederacy.

Northerners have always hated the South ever since there’s been a South. We have always had a more defined social order and hence a deeper sense of culture. Furthermore, calling us racist for two hundred years makes it easier for the yankees to turn a blind eye to their own abuses of the other races. Same reason critics love to hate all over country music—both new and old—yet fawn over hip-hop retards like Kanye and Beyonce. 

Uncle Tom’s University Admin Office

Sullivan sold out—and continues to sell out—her own fellow Virginians in the name of popular activism, not uncommon today in the world of academia. But now that the heat is against said activism, she’s suddenly pretending to switch sides.

Yet she still isn’t changing anything that she’s put into place. She’ll do whatever it takes to preserve her name and rise in the ranks, so there is no way she will apologize or loosen the restrictions on the fraternities unless she’s cornered into it. What she wants more than anything is to appear like a competent administrator so that the the media and her colleagues will pat her on the head.


This is not unlike the novel To Kill A Mockingbird still being force-fed down Southern children’s throats in high school English class. It was written by a Southerner hoping to win the favor of the Ivy League powers-that-be.

Granted, Sullivan’s actually from Illinois and went to school in Michigan, so perhaps the better criticism is that she’s an outsider herself infiltrating a Southern establishment to uproot its identity. Still, in moving here—putting aside any arguments over whether north Virginia is still part of the South—she has taken a certain implicit moral responsibility to assimilate, which is true for any region in the world. No one likes an angsty immigrant.

Of course I’m not suggesting that Southerners should never criticize our own, but neither should they go out of their way to crucify the South merely to appease their white guilt or to gain social points with establishments like the Pulitzer Prize that are prestigious just because we are told they are important without any kind of citation to why these prizes and accolades are so valuable.

What traitors to the nation like Harper Lee or the authorities today in Oxford, Mississippi never realize is that the Yankees will never truly accept them. The only way for a Southerner to be accepted by the outsiders is to move away to somewhere like Manhattan and contrive a victim status. Today that involves becoming a homosexual and telling blatant lies like, “I would have never had survived if I had stayed in the South.”

The North and West will always hate us. I’ve quit caring about outsiders’ opinions. Southerners going their own way.


But fighting against the legacy she has been entrusted with isn’t the main reason Sullivan should be fired. Sullivan should be fired because she is completely incompetent at her job. She punished innocent men without evidence or trial and refused to remove the punishment once they were shown to be innocent. If that’s what leftists mean by human rights, then I don’t want my rights.

Sullivan allowed these innocent men to be terrorized by activists who are literally fascists in their actions. Bricks through a window could have easily killed someone. As far as I have been able to discern, there has been little to no investigation by the university into who committed this highly illegal action. The cops have been equally worthless. HotAir wrote,

Oddly enough, cops haven’t made any arrests for the window-breaking even though a Times reporter apparently had no trouble tracking down the ringleader, who admitted his role in it on the condition that the paper not reveal his name. […] Asked whether he felt at all bad about attacking the wrong fraternity, he showed no remorse and justified the attack on the broader woes of “social injustice.”

Had there been any other issue at hand other than college rape, or had this been any other work environment than a university, Sullivan would have been fired months ago. I’m going to give my vote for equality and say Sullivan should be making french fries and living on food stamps. That’s true social justice.

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