In an age not long ago, today’s faults of the human condition were destined to become tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappings at the local fast food establishment. Unless, of course, you had a nosy neighbor who could be bothered to retrieve your misdeeds from an archived microfiche of government records.

Unfortunately in this decade, anyone’s infractions are forever scorched into the Google mainframe. Unless one employs the services of a reputation management firm (a minimum spend of several thousand dollars—annually) or decides to post all comments on social media as LOLZ CATZ instead of one’s real name, the chances of failings being relegated to page three of Google are somewhat slim.

Recently I was embroiled in a nasty work scandal. While my indiscretions were relatively minor (a few off-handed emails), because they involved a female coworker AND the police were eventually called in, the situation quickly escalated into a “trial by media.” Charges were laid against me but in the end were later dropped once the truth came out and female witnesses recanted their “version” of events (once they had been caught lying).

Unfortunately for me, the details of the case (the woman’s indiscretions of adultery and borderline criminal malpractice) never saw the light of day in the MSM and I was labelled a misogynistic bully by the press. It should come as no surprise to ROK readers that in today’s click-bait driven churnalism of the 24-hour news cycle, the truth is the first sacrifice at the altar of the press.


Self explanatory……

After experiencing firsthand the impact of being named and shamed by the MSM, I have the following advice in case you ever find yourself in these personally hazardous, tabloid waters. ROK has touched on this topic before in a slightly different manner, but I hope you can learn from my personal experience.

1. Immediately close your social media accounts


If you can foresee that your name will be reported on — shut down your social media accounts indefinitely. The media have lowly paid interns whose sole job is to be some aspiring “cub” reporter who will not even think twice about spending their entire weekend(s) trolling through your online presence.

That off hand joke from 2009 about the difference between a woman and a washing machine, it will be dredged up and used against you.

2. Remember that women are pure as the driven mud


In the initial stages of a news story, the press are out to paint a good vs. evil narrative. The aggrieved woman always has the moral high ground, regardless of any called out behavior. Accept that because a woman is involved—you will be the “bad guy”.

Also be prepared to read false media statements with varying levels of “truth” amongst the paragraphs. The media will always side with a woman—especially with the misogyny agenda thrown in for good measure. If you are a privileged white male, then you are fucked from the beginning.

3. Once your name is out there, expect an avalanche of social media hate

Spidey images

Ring Spiderman…..

Once my name was mentioned in the news, it opened up a floodgate of anonymous bile and vomit. You’d better have a thick skin. I enacted a self-imposed media blackout to avoid being caught up in the mental bullshit.

4. Make preparations to walk from your job or have it taken from you


I was suspended on full pay. However, in the end the situation was untenable. I decided to walk instead of dealing with the crap. Granted I had sent off the (private) email—despite the intent behind it (calling out her bullshit), there was no recourse for career progression within the company after that.

Mentally preparing yourself for an exit will lessen the shock if the decision comes down. Spare me the misplaced rhetoric about being a good employee with years of tireless service—HR simply doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Please don’t be pathetic and beg for your job . Only sad, beta orbiters carry on like pussies. If HR have raised the issue with you, it’s only a matter of time before you go. Better to walk out on your own terms with what dignity you have left.

5. ALWAYS have a back up plan


Whether that be a side business, investment portfolio, or a year’s salary in the bank. If you only have your weekly paycheck to fall back on — you’re fucked. In the end, no one owes you a job and don’t expect a company to be looking out for YOUR needs.

If you don’t believe me, swap the word “football player” for “employee” and you’ll see what I mean. The best security is your own business that no one can fire you from. Never be beholden to anyone.

6. Expect to be surprised by who will blacklist you and who will support you

Docility. (I swear this isn't a fetish of mine.)

One of the nuances of the human condition was that I found that supposed supportive colleagues of many years immediately sided with the “aggrieved” female (typical thirsty beta, white knight orbiter bullshit) while hostile business acquaintances from other firms (who I had been in fierce competition with) gladly sat down to hear my side of the story.


You never know who your supporters are and where they will come from. Remember these people and truly thank them (a business dinner out, a nice corporate gift) after the dust settles.

7. Never explain, never complain to the media—you will only look like a pussy


Remember that the media can manipulate a saint into a sinner (and vice versa), so if you are already offsides with the predetermined MSM narrative, any sulks or cries of injustice will be met by more misreporting and bias.

While you can (foolishly) agree to a media interview and bleat away your side of the story (the SJWs only want to see you cry), be prepared to be muted in the final cut while the reporter shit-cans you. Better to soldier on and not give a flying fuck what the journalists are writing about you. Never give them the satisfaction of seeing you sweat.

The only rebuttal to this is if you have far more damaging, irrefutable evidence to give the MSM. It had better be concrete evidence and far more scandalous. To quote Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards, “When you’re fresh meat, kill and throw them something fresher.”

8. Dress well for your court date or any encounters with the media


If you know you are going to be filmed by the media (and you can’t avoid them), you may as well look good. This may be the one time you need to wear that expensive suit. Better to have that one immortalized picture on Google looking dapper as opposed to having your left nut hanging out in your favorite shorts and sporting a “Bros before Hoes” t shirt.

Oh and don’t be a wimp and run away from the media cameras or put your hand in front of your face—it only serves to make you look weak and out of control of the situation. Remember that although the camera crews may call you names or prod you for a response, this will be edited out. The only thing that the viewers will see is any emotional reaction you give them—that’s how the game works, so don’t fall for it.

9. Operation YOYO (You’re On Your Own)

Apart from yourself, don’t be surprised if no one gives a flying fuck about your situation. People have their own shit to deal with and they definitely don’t have time for yours. While close friends and family will be there to listen to your tough times, don’t harp on about it. No one likes a victim past the one day of wearing some bullshit, tokenistic “awareness ribbon.”

Though the outpouring of rage may seems enormous, it is really only 10% of professional outragers that want to leave some troll comment and get back to Jezebel for their latest, daily dose of being pissed off. Sheeple love to be outraged and the MSM feeds that desire. Also going through life as a victim is no way to live. Victims are simply people who cannot deal with tough times.

10. Don’t get into bad habits

rock bottom

Don’t ever let it get this far.

Yes, you may be pissed off and hating the world. Remember, feelings are temporary and only you can choose the narrative going on inside your head. Now is not the time to be angry at the traffic cop, your family, or the world in general. Also don’t try to self medicate by excessively hitting the alcohol or other unsavory vices.

Too many people that get mired in scandal succumb to the “cobra effect” or law of unintended consequences. In summary it means that the tapestry of their life starts to unravel in ways they never thought could happen. Get a mental grip on yourself and take back your life.

11. Realize that life goes on

Happy Alone

After what seemed like an eternity, the event was over and I had arrived somewhere—ten pounds lighter, more educated, and I had landed a new job with a rival firm with great prospects of advancement. There definitely is opportunity in adversity. You just have to see it instead of having a navel-gazing pity party.

The famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl who survived Auschwitz under the most horrible of conditions, noted that there was dignity in suffering. Whilst I would never compare my first world problems to his, his book “Mans Search for Meaning” put my troubles into perspective. Whatever term you use, remember, the sun eventually shines on all of us.


The mainstream media’s caravan of shit will eventually move on to newer stories in their relentless thirst for destroying peoples lives. Don’t ever take it personally and don’t ever give them the satisfaction of seeing your life suffer.

Control your attitudes and habits and learn to ride the wave of adversity to opportunity. When I was ambushed by a roving reporter after the charges were dropped, when asked how I was dealing with the scandal, my (only) sound bite was, “My life is better than ever.”

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