Women are designed to suck resources out of men, both materially and immaterially. This is all well and good in a traditionalist nuclear family, but in a feminist-saturated society, women turn into absolute beasts. Women have to have the guiding hand of the patriarchy to give them boundaries, so I must agree with them when they complain, “Where have all the good men gone?”

We men have always been the builders of society, and most of the good men have turned into enablers. Women crave the real men of old, but feminism has taught them to be terrified of all that that implies.

I’ve touched on this before, but here are four more things a few select men have built that enable women to suck the immaterial wealth of avoiding personal responsibility for their actions.

1. Girly Drinks

The drink of choice for women and queers ever since James Bond replaced the gin in martinis with vodka.

The drink of choice for women and queers ever since James Bond replaced the gin in martinis with vodka.

There’s a great line in the movie Crazy. Stupid. Love. Alpha playboy Ryan Gosling sees recently separated father Steve Carrell in an upscale urban night club drinking himself stupid and loudly complaining about his cheating wife. Gosling comes over to give him the red pill treatment, telling him,

“You’re sitting there with a Supercuts hair cut, you’re getting drunk on watered Vodka Cranberries like a fourteen year old girl and you’re wearing a forty four when you should be wearing a forty two regular. Honestly, I don’t know if I should help you or I should euthanize you.”

Carrell’s character drinks like my father. Women love vodka because by definition it is supposed to be flavorless. While personally I respect a girl who has the earthiness to drink something whiskey-based, vodka is only for the cool girls and the wannabes.

Water down alcohol with tonic and give it a little fruit flavor, and suddenly girls think they can drink like the big boys. Smirnoff’s is like potato chips; you cannot have just one. Girlie drinks are so light that you can chug them more easily than most beers. And of course, the more alcohol one drinks, the more one craves.

So women are getting wasted on fruity drinks as though it’s just lemonade. Obviously this makes it much easier for a woman to cheat on her man, as women cannot hold their booze at all. To quote the movie The Break-Up,

“Apple martinis. That normally does the trick. But just two. Three, she’ll get sloppy and you’ll become a baby-sitter.”

But even if her man is watching her the whole time, she can still easily lose all social tact. Men become more warm-hearted and generous when drunk, and women become vicious and horny. Alcohol is the great androgynizer.


That being said, girls with no sense of personal shame are not always a bad thing. Later on in the movie, Gosling goes on to give Carrell such wisdom as,

“The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.”

2. That Stupid Fucking Carrie Underwood Song

Several years ago on the Naso family cruise, most of my extended family was in the karaoke lounge, since attention whoring runs in the family genes. Sheila decides that out of all the thousands of songs available to sing, she wants to sing “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, written by men Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear.

It’s a less than charming ballad of a woman who destroys her man’s car because she has a suspicion that he’s cheating. Women sing it together as an anthem of girl empowerment to compensate for the lack of control they have over their own miserable lives.

So already I have a problem with women singing this song. But that night Sheila showed us the true nature of the female rationalization hamster. Sheila had left her first husband to marry my father shortly before asking Jesus to forgive her. The reason? Because her first husband was infertile.

So she’s literally the family whore, and she’s getting up on stage in front of the whole extended family without any self-awareness or shame and singing about what she would do if my father ever did what she did to her own spouse.


3. Award-Winning Dramas That Are Secretly Horror Films

Namely Forrest Gump and Titanic.

In the movie Forrest Gump, a woman named Jenny just a few steps short of mental retardation has decades-long oneitis for a man named Forrest who was friendly to her when they were children. He spends his youth sleeping with bad girls and taking hard drugs, contracting HIV in the process. Decades later he sleeps with her one night but leaves before she wakes up.

Just kidding. That’s what the film would have been had they switched the sexes. The actual film had the woman be the terrible human being to a borderline retarded man, so everyone just thought it was a sweet love story.

During that one night stand, Jenny gets pregnant and doesn’t tell Forrest until the child is five years old and she’s near death. She marries Forrest so he can take care of her during her last few months of life.

They wouldn't celebrate so hard if they knew what was really going on.

They wouldn’t celebrate so hard if they knew what was really going on.

Titanic is little better. A young woman named Rose decides to marry a wealthy man whom she is completely uninterested in and spends all her time pouting so she can passive-aggressively ruin everyone else’s mood. While on the cruise ship, street rat Jack comes along and takes her virginity. Then when they are floating in the cold north Atlantic, Jack freezes to death in the water while Rose sits on a door singing to herself.

Eighty years later, treasure hunters invite her onto their ship so she can explain where a diamond necklace is. For the first time in her life, she tells the story of Jack to these complete strangers after hiding it her whole life from her late husband whom the viewer never sees. I’m assuming she was a flapper chick, because she had to have some explanation for why she should get a diamond without a hymen.

no hymen

So after spending three hours telling her life story, the treasure hunters have a change of heart for no explained reason and decide to give up exploration. Then it turns out that Rose has had the diamond necklace in her pocket this whole time. Instead of selling it to feed all of India, she drops it into the ocean out of memory for this sweaty fucking she got nearly a century ago, perfectly demonstrating that women have no sense of the internal value of things.

I don’t know why women find those two films so inspiring. To me, they’re horror films. But I suppose “that’s just a man’s opinion.”

4. Credit Cards

Credits quickly and simply isolated on white

Credit cards are like knives and power tools. They can be very useful when needed for things like repairs, but they are deadly when not handled with the highest concern for safety. Do you let your wife use your metal grinder or Sawzall? If the answer is no, then why in hell did you give her the family credit card?

But I’m being too hard on the husbands in this one. A woman doesn’t even need a hard-working man to spend herself into crushing debt. The credit card companies are ready and willing to send her colorful letters with percentage rates and abbreviations she doesn’t care to understand.

Credit card companies, like nearly everything that makes money, are run by men. You and I didn’t create Visa, but some man did. It’s easy to slut-shame and fat-shame girls, but credit cards are so private that we cannot easily cast stones at women who piss away money they’ll never have.

But then again, can we really feel sorry for these women? They know their own tendencies to spend without concern, and they choose to stay single or find a beta provider who will never challenge them.

Fathers, marry off your daughters when they are young and debt-free. You don’t give an alcoholic a drink, and you don’t give a woman a credit card.

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