Of all the secrets and mysteries of the world, the roles of the two sexes in the act and upkeep of reproduction is remarkably simple by comparison to larger questions in the field of evolution. Males gather resources, attain status, exert dominance, display fitness, and the women come flooring into his arms.

Women… well women are born and… well they, they just stand there and men come bearing what they have to offer. Or, occasionally, a man will tire of the courtship process and just take a woman and do what he will with her.

Stockholm syndrome exists for a reason, but I digress. Both the two sexes are wired exclusively towards two natural, existential ends, reproduction and flourishing, and all the factors that these come accompanied with.

Which is to say, a woman’s nature is fit to bring up children and raise them well and provide a comfortable domestic life, which partly explains why women are better suited to a more passive role and low-stress, air-conditioned, indoor jobs in the many sectors of industry.

Women at her best: loving, caring, joyful, and graceful. Things feminists are not.

Whenever these two ends cannot be met or sustained in any of the two sexes, a formidable substitute must be employed in order to delude the human psyche into believing it is fulfilling its own natural ends.

Whether it be promiscuity to replace reproduction, social policing to replace child-rearing, or an intricate virtual reality replete with false achievements, meek challenges, and short-lived victories to replace real triumph.

Feminism merely trades one brand of motherhood for another

The new outlet for 21st century motherhood, everyone else. And you can bet they’re as rabid as a bear whose cubs have been snatched away.

The contemporary presence of these substitutes or illusions in our society has led directly to the resurgence of weak men and disagreeable, wretched women.

Feminism itself is an elaborate illusion designed to obscure a woman’s natural ends and replace them with momentary and perishing ones, for meaningful reproduction and graceful flourishing cannot be achieved without a man to whom she must lovingly submit and cling to.

But women cannot escape instinct, and the more they put off motherhood the more they struggle to find an outlet to express their inborn disposition for concern, care, and intrusiveness; an opportunity to actually be motherly, as terrifying as it may be for them to admit it.

Instead, they move on ahead and simply cast an appropriate illusion to fill out the large shadow emitted by their rebelliousness and disdain for femininity.

As weaker men display their pathetic attempts of modern chivalry and bravery to the world by attempting to rescue hoes, enabling absurd feminist narratives, and inflating women’s egos to the point of narcissistic obesity with their gratuitous validation, so we have that feminists involve themselves in public policy as if they were exercising their motherly role over all of society.


When the whole world becomes their child

Feminists have made their endgame clear: the destruction of the family and traditional values.

Their obsessive attempts to treat civilization like it was a child of their own, protecting the pale, meek, and freckled, “oppressed” little boy from those bigger meanies with so-called privilege and a “background” of being the playground racial and sexist bullies, have turned the realm of politics from a matter of providing sound governance and economic prosperity to being an overpaid nanny looking to punish the boys for playing rough.

This has directly led to the erosion of male spaces, the destruction of free-speech (because if it’s not nice you shouldn’t say it at all!), the quackery that the soft sciences have become in the halls of universities ruled by upper-class white women (women’s studies and feminist biology, anyone?), the dissolution of marriage and the traditional family (got to sow those wild oats, right?), and the huge government budget deficits wrought by the woman-voting demographic who favor excessive spending instead of due austerity.

Social justice is their twisted version of motherhood

Only women now have the right to speak aggressively, limit the speech and thought of others, and get away with it: all in the name of justice.

In short, the haggard witches known as feminists have waved their wands, stuck a broom stick up their skirts, and their spawn has since appeared: social fucking justice. And no men confident in his masculinity would dare give one of these shrews a proper child so that they can mind their own business.

Why would he? What child could endure such obnoxious zealotry and overreaching pedantry? What husband could have the frame to handle one of these rambunctious, delusional, and licentious libertines?

Not only would they make for unfit mothers, but they already make for terrible step-mothers and sisters to their friends, family, and to men everywhere who have to suffer through a lecture every time they want to spread their legs on a bus or go shoot the shit with their male companions for a good while, or deal in the realm of hard, cold facts.

And as more women choose to put off or opt-out of motherhood completely, expect matters to get worse for all of us, as they go on ahead to make everyone’s private business their own little maternity project.

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