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Want to know the best kept secret about fat loss? It’s leptin… that’s the bottom line.

So what is leptin and why should you care about it if you want to burn fat, get ripped six pack abs, and not have to worry about shedding the MAX amount of stubborn fat?

Well, first of all this powerful hormone is the #1 most important fat burning hormone.

And you may have heard of another hormone named insulin that is responsible for fat gain – or as the “flab king” that packs on extra pounds. But how are the two related? Well, they are actually complete opposites.

You see, insulin is released in your body when you eat food, particularly ones that are high in sugar… and insulin turns that food into fat.

On the other hand, leptin allows your body to actually use energy from the fat you already have on your body. Here are three things you need to know about leptin that have been proven by science:

1. The more fat you have on your body, the more leptin that will be available so you can burn off that fat

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“Plasma leptin was found to be highly correlated with body mass index (BMI) in rodents and in 87 lean and obese humans. In humans, there was variability in plasma leptin at each BMI suggesting that there are differences in its secretion rate from fat. Weight loss due to food restriction was associated with a decrease in plasma leptin in samples from mice and obese humans.”

This research also suggests that, when you get skinnier, lower leptin levels make it harder to keep losing weight

As you begin to burn off fat, your leptin decreases… so it becomes harder to burn off unwanted body fat and you start storing more fat as your leptin levels decrease.

Bottom line: as you lose more fat, your leptin goes down and makes it more difficult for you to shed the fat. On top of that, lower leptin levels also make you feel sluggish and unmotivated – or lazy.

2. When you overeat, you reduce the effectiveness of leptin

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Chowing down on your meals? You may be hurting yourself more than you realize.


In common forms of obesity, hyperphagia, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperleptinemia coexist. Here, we demonstrate rapid induction of insulin and leptin resistance by short-term overfeeding. After 3 and 7 days on the assigned diet regimen, rats were tested for their biological responses to acute elevations in plasma insulin and leptin concentrations. Severe resistance to the metabolic effects of both leptin and insulin ensued after just 3 days of overfeeding. During the insulin clamp studies, glucose production was decreased by approximately 70% in control rats and 28-53% in overfed rats. Similarly, leptin infusion doubled the contribution of gluconeogenesis to glucose output in control rats but failed to modify gluconeogenesis in overfed animals. These findings demonstrate a paradoxical and rapid collapse of the leptin system in response to nutrient excess. This partial failure is tightly coupled with the onset of insulin resistance

This research means that both diet and exercise will be huge components of you controlling your leptin levels and getting them to work for you. However, you can boost your LEPTIN levels today with this: Do THIS 2x Daily For Accelerated Fat Loss.

3. Sugar may be especially bad for keeping your leptin effective


Subsequent exposure of the fructose-mediated, leptin-resistant rats to a high-fat diet led to exacerbated weight gain (50.2 ± 2 g) compared with correspondingly fed leptin-responsive animals that were pretreated with the fructose-free diet (30.4 ± 5.8 g, P = 0.012). Our data indicate that chronic fructose consumption induces leptin resistance prior to body weight, adiposity, serum leptin, insulin, or glucose increases, and this fructose-induced leptin resistance accelerates high-fat induced obesity. [PUBMED]

We all know that rats and humans are not the same, but this is pretty convincing evidence that if you’re suffering from a bad diet already, you’re hurting yourself even more by consuming extra sugar.

Now, I say suffering from a bad diet, because it’s very, very hard to maintain a perfect diet. And dieting is hard… even if you have been dieting but not seeing results fast enough – it could simply be because your leptin levels are too low.

However, this 2x Daily For Accelerated Fat Loss technique can reignite your leptin and kick your body back into fat burning mode in no time.

So if you have hit a wall and you’re ready to kick your fat loss into high gear, THIS could put you back on track to getting the body you want.

Shed the fat,

Mike Chang

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