Canada’s Ontario province already had a bad reputation as hosting the worst city in North America for men. Obesity, entitlement, and bitchiness coupled with extreme political correctness makes it difficult to have any success with talking to girls or finding partners worthy of more than just a pump-and-dump.

However, you thought this generation of men had it tough? You haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for a whole new level of “social justice.”

The new Ontario sex-ed curriculum, aimed at grades 1-12, comprises approximately 500 pages of seemingly innocent material. How to do physical exercise, interact with each other respectfully, care about safety and so on. Oh, and among these useful tips we have casual discussions of what anal and oral sex are, fat acceptance, that only females can be victims of gender violence, how to fight hetero-normative sexism and to stir up trouble via social media if we want change.

All of this and much more, taught to kids in elementary school.

Kathleen Wynne

“All your kids are belong to us” – Kathleen Wynne

So how did Ontario actually end up in this sad state of affairs, where its sex-ed curriculum sounds like something from a dystopian science fiction movie? It all started in 2010, with then-Premier Dalton McGinty and his gay sidekick Kathleen Wynne, who was his education minister.

They promised an update to the sex-ed curriculum which was last modified in 1998. But when parents realized what was actually in the curriculum, they scuttled it and forced McGinty to put it on the backburner indefinitely. SJW media lamented this turn of events and labelled the dissenting parents as a “minority group of religious parents.”

As soon as Kathleen Wynne was elected Premier, she started working on the new sex-ed curriculum with her minister of education, Liz Sandals. And oh boy, did the two of them deliver. The curriculum is the SJW gender studies professor’s wet dream.

Liz Sandals

Liz Sandals, about to lunge at a straight white male

Colleges in the US have already started pushing for the “yes means yes” consent law on campuses, which essentially means that you ought to ask the female for every sexual action you want to do to her and wait for her to say “yes” before you carry on, effectively outing yourself as a total imbecile who can’t read body language.

In the Ontario sex-ed curriculum, children are taught “yes means yes,” showing that SJWs have a unified agenda that stretches across the entire North American continent:

yes means yes

Without men and women having sex, there is no next generation. But according to Ontario SJWs, this is heterosexist and an actual sign of discrimination. One lesson contains the definition of “heterosexism,” how it affects the language and to always challenge such assumptions in others, thus turning the children into unwitting LGBT rights advocates:


To change the social environment and challenge the heterosexist norms, kids are encouraged to use social media. This is unbelievably insidious, as it makes children into the generators of outrage on social media onto which actual SJWs can latch on as proof that their claims are legitimate:

use social media 3


To hammer the point about the sexual consent home, it is repeated a few times more in the curriculum. This time around, there is an added bonus of “enthusiastic consent” and how drunk women cannot consent to sex. Of course, this only applies to women.

drunk consent is no consent

Challenging stereotypes is how SJWs shame others into accepting their insane ideas until they become the norm. In this lesson, children are taught fat acceptance. Note the wording – it’s not fair to label fat people as lazy:

lazy fat people

Violence against boys does not exist. Only females are the victims. Presumably, boys are protected by their white straight privilege:

violence against boys

If a man wants to retain even a degree of independence in his relationship with a woman, this is seen as “uneven balance of power” and is a potential sign of danger. Let’s face it, SJWs see all men as rapists, it’s just that the following lesson doesn’t label them as such:

uneven balance of power

Have you had enough consent lessons drilled into your head at this point? Here is another one, just to reinforce your role of being a total wimp and never taking initiative with sex:

again more consent

And finally, we have perhaps the sole legitimate lesson regarding sexual education, though aimed at first graders. When I was in first grade, I learned to how to tie my shoelaces. Ontario kids will learn what a clitoris and penis are:

genitalia lessons

Besides these apparently obvious SJW lessons, there is a thin layer of 1984 throughout the curriculum. Namely, teachers are encouraged to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust and safety with pupils. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? However, at the same time children are encouraged to talk about their problems, including their parents’ intimate problems, with the person they trust (a.k.a. the teacher). Then, of course, the teacher can call the police or whichever authority is deemed necessary.

One example in the curriculum is how kids should constantly be challenging the stereotypes, such as that mental illness is bad. In the example, an adult (parent) says that someone is “nuts” and the child is supposed to silence the parent and then report this event to the trusted adult (teacher). This nightmarish scenario effectively turns children into spies of the state and rips the family unit to shreds, as nobody can trust anyone else.

Kathleen Wynne promised that this curriculum will be in Ontario classrooms in September 2015. Happy studying.

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