It’s easy to look at the surface of the major issues we see around us and deal with personally. However, it’s much harder, yet so much more effective, to look at the actual, deeper source of the problems in order to find truly effective, long lasting solutions.

Here are just three random, but universally important issues that we see come up over and over either in our lives or in our culture:

1. A Deeper Approach To Racism Among Cops


It’s easy to accuse the cops who shoot Blacks of being racist, but it takes a deeper and more candid look to recognize that their behavior is a natural, albeit inexcusable, response to a specific experience. If cops weren’t put in an environment where they see the worst of the worst of one single race day in and day out, they might not be in such a hurry to pull a gun on them.

Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of every race.

2. A Deeper Approach To Losing Weight

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You can’t tell yourself or anyone else who wants to lose weight to simply stop overeating. It’s way easier said than done, and it’s just not going to work. A far more fundamental question that they need to address in order to start eating less is discovering the true reason they are compelled to overeat is in the first place.

Are you overeating because you stuck in suburbia and bored to death, having your life hobbies reduced to pot, Facebook, and junk food? Or are you overeating because you think that you have to finish every huge pile of food you’re served at a restaurant?

Maybe, you are struggling with losing weight because you underestimate the effort and the time it takes to shed those pounds, and it’s time to stop expecting to lose a pound every time you run on a treadmill for 15 minutes. Losing weight and building a more attractive body requires exploring the reasons behind poor nutrition and lack of exercise.


3. A Deeper Approach To Game


Meeting girls and game in general is no different. We all know how ineffective that “just be yourself” and “fake it till you make it” advice is when it comes to confidence in general, and confidence with women specifically. It’s almost like saying “don’t do anything at all, and things will just fall in their place on their own” is if that kind of miracle ever happens. This kind of generic, superficial advice has never actually helped any guy approach a girl, talk to her, ask her out, or otherwise make a move when the time and place are right.

A longer but far more effective road toward real confidence with girls is asking yourself what it is that’s missing from your life—that is, your personality and your accomplishments that would make you proud of who you are. It’s true – making tons of money, getting a good degree, getting ripped, and buying new clothes are not going to turn a true beta into a true alpha, but it surely will put you way ahead in the right direction.

Making excuses for why you don’t have that degree, or that good job, or a fitter body, however valid your excuses might be, is not going to change the bottom line of what what you see in the mirror and others see when they look at you.

There is plenty of advice out there in just about every men’s magazine about how to dress to attract women. However, that nice watch and those matching shoes are going to do little if you don’t feel like you have the personality and lifestyle to back that up with.

Superficial pick-up and dating advice is tempting to follow because it’s seems to be so specific and easy to follow. “Just say this or do that and she will be yours.” However, there are no quick fixes to real life problems and challenges—in you and in anyone or anything else around you. It takes courage to get to the source of the problem, but that’s an essential part of every effective solution.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to always ask yourself when you confront any real life problem—what is the other deeper reason for the issue that you see or are dealing with that no one else is talking about?

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