A man’s experience in weight lifting, strength training, and bodybuilding reveal to him certain fundamental truths about the nature of the universe and the reality we live in. Here are three of them.

1. You get out what you put in


Progress and achievement in anything is always directly proportional to the effort one puts in.

Life is like a farmer’s field, where seeds can be planted to later yield a crop. If you plant rotten seeds, or don’t plant any at all, the yield will reflect this.

By contrast, if you plant many seeds and in fertile ground, then your future will be rich with the rewards of your previous efforts.

This concept of “you reap what you sow” is as clear in the gym as anywhere else. Physical changes in your body are directly proportional to the effort you put into your workouts, diet, and overall lifestyle.

If you try to “cheat” by skipping a workout or eating garbage food, you may get short-term pleasure but in the end you are only cheating yourself.

In the gym you will always see bad action reflected in your results, likewise with good action. Everything counts and there is no escaping it.

So it is with everything in life, from making money in a business to being successful with girls and getting laid. It’s an immutable law of the universe that you get out what you put in, and it’s obvious in the gym.

2. There is inherent duality in everything


Everything in the universe is characterized by an underlying duality.

Light and dark, up and down, masculine and feminine, duality is everywhere you look. You can’t have one without the other.


Likewise with building muscle and progress in the gym. In order to make any gains, you need to lift hard and break down your muscles. But equally you need rest, proper nutrition, and recovery. You can’t have one without the other.

If you only lift (biceps everyday YOLO), you’ll end up injuring yourself and won’t make any progress. And if you only rest, you’ll become a sedentary average person with no muscle mass and a poor physique.

An equal balance of aggressive action (forcing things to happen) and passive resting (allowing things to grow on their own) is necessary to build muscle.

You need both elements, and this is where the underlying principle of duality is clear. This is the constant cycle of “back and forth” that is always present; the polarity that characterizes the universe.

3. A valuable result comes only after a difficult, lengthy, and time consuming process

Unless you take steroids right from the start, it takes a long time in the gym to actually start looking “good.”

This can be discouraging for beginners, and it doesn’t help that expectations are often heavily skewed by

  • Misinformation from the mainstream media
  • Ignorance of the general public about fitness and nutrition
  • The fact that most fitness models and celebrities take steroids
  • Internet marketers selling fanciful “30 day transformations”
  • Outrageous claims of progress from the (unregulated) supplement industry

It can be hard to accept that your initial goal for lifting (not too big, I just want to look like Greg Plitt!) may not even be possible without steroids.

But the reality is that it will take many months or even years for your body to (naturally) start to look the way you want it to.


However, a lengthy process preceding the result is the case with everything in life.

If you want to be better than 90-95% of people at anything, you will have to take consistent action, on a daily basis, for at least several years.

Results are nothing but the product of many small efforts over time and all together this is what amounts to (way) more than the average person ever puts in.

Anything worth achieving in life will take a long time and a lot of hard work, and this fundamental truth becomes clear when you strive for success in the gym.

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